Vassal 40k v5.4 launched!!

Vassal 40k v5.4 is finished!


Make sure the Vassal40k_ext folder is in the same folder as the Vassal40k.vmod (so if you put it into an empty folder, you should see two things, a file called “Vassal40k.vmod” and a folder called “Vassal40k_ext”), otherwise you will not see any models!

Edit: We have had reports of buttons being missing on the map screen. This is because Java is a very poor programming language. šŸ˜¦
If this happens, simply resize the map horizontally and it will re-draw the buttons. We are trying to find why this happens and will fix it asap.

Full information after the cut!

Thank you everyone for being so patient. Remember that this version, sadly, will not connect to the same room as the old module, so make sure to tell your friends and people in the old room to move to the new room! šŸ™‚

Below is a full change-log and list of known issues of what has changed between v5.2 and v5.4.

If you find any bugs in the new armies or any serious mistakes within the module, make sure to leave a comment bellow or send an email to the Vassal40k team (vassal40k{at}mail{dot}ru) or join our IRC channel (Channel “##Vassal40k” on the Freenode network, and yes, the two ## are not a typo) and we will try and fix it asap!

Want to help the Vassal40k project?
The Vassal40k project is currently looking for people to draw sprites! If you want to help contribute sprites, send them via email
We are also looking for anyone who is experienced with Java, as the original person who made the custom Java code we use in the module is unavailable. More reliable mirrors to host the module itself are also welcome. Put the link in the comments below and we will add it to the post here.

Found a bug or mistake? Send us an email or join our IRC channel, ##vassal40k on Freenode or click here for a web irc client.

Thank you all for your patience and we at Vassal40k sincerely hope you have as much fun playing with the module as we did making it!

—-Change-Log Begin—-
The following are the changes found in Version 5.4:
Unfortunately, this version is unable to connect to the same “room” as Version 5.2. However, this is the last time this should happen, and all subsequent versions will connect to the same room. As such, please make sure to get your friends to upgrade to the new version ASAP.

Main Module:
Entire Module restructured into extensions to allow for easier updating.
Maps standardized and default counters cleaned up.
3 additional blood-splatter/kill sprites.
Eight new “hyper-detailed” pre-set maps for your enjoyment.
Many duplicated and/or unused/no longer used sprites removed.
Turn counter now a fixed size, so the buttons won’t jump from under your mouse cursor when rapidly clicking it.
Mission and Deployment Dice Buttons moved to the Dice Pull-down menu to reduce clutter, as they are used only once per game.

Counters and Templates:
A multitude of new text counters with arrows, optional white border and new font.
New number counters to complement the above text counters, with with arrows, optional white border and a “plus” sign.
Scatter Dice updated – It can now move backwards and reports if you hit or missed in the chat area.

Chaos Daemons:
Some Spelling errors corrected.
Khorne Herald overhauled.

Chaos Space Marines:
Added Khorne Chaos Steed.
Added Nurgle Chaos Steed.
Added Slaanesh Lord, Chaos Steed, Terminator Lord, Terminator, Dreadnought, Land Raider, Predator, Vindicator.
Added Tzeentch Lord, Chaos Steed, Terminator Lord, Terminator, Dreadnought, Land Raider, Predator, Vindicator.
Redundant”Armour Facing” layers removed from Land Raiders.

Dark Eldar:
Added Lelith Hesperax.
Fixed Asdrubael Vect.
Fixed Raider and Ravager options and tool-tips.
Note: Due to the impending release of a new Dark Eldar Codex, the Dark Eldar module will not be updated again before then.

Fixed War Walker, Falcon and Wave Serpent options and tool-tips.

Imperial Guard:
All vehicles “Upgrades” menu position fixed.
2″ Disembark radius added to all Chimeras.
Special Weapons no longer separate models. Instead they are an option for a regular model.
All Tanks, Vendetta and Valkyrie overhauled. All Upgrades and Weapons are now represented/tool-tipped/removable.

2″ Disembark radius added to all Chimeras, Sisters of Battle Rhino and Immolator.

“Necron” removed from the front of non Necron units names.
Redundant “Armour Facing” layers removed from Monolith.

Big Mek and Boyz Nob given a “Wargear” Menu and Tool-tips.
Deffkopta Tool-tips and Options fixed.
Battlewagon “Upgrades” and “Weapons” menus added/fixed.
Redundant “Armour Facing” layers removed from Trukk.

Space Marines:
No changes to Codex Chapters, Black Templars and Dark Angels. Sorry! (T_T)
Blood Angels and Space Wolves updated to 5th edition. Essentially a complete rebuild.
Flesh Tearers, as a successor of the Blood Angels, are also updated, as above.

Main changes are:
Special Weapons are now generally an option as opposed to a separate model.
Weapon toggle keys standardized. Ctrl+[ for Left Weapon and Ctrl+] for Right Weapon.
Wargear and Weapons (2 or more options) placed into sub-menus to reduce R-click menu clutter.
All wargear given an option and appropriate tool-tip.
Psychic Powers given a sub-menu and tool-tip.
All vehicle options given an option, tool-tip and placed into a sub-menu.
All vehicle weapons can be individually removed to represent weapon destroyed results.
All Turreted weapons assigned the Ctrl+= hotkey.
Weapon sponsons overhauled. Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] toggle the individual weapons, as detailed above, while Ctrl+- cycles though the weapon type options.
Whirlwind turret made removable.
All tool-tips and options were cleaned up and made more friendly to the eyes.

Duplicate Drone entries removed and consolidated into their own group.
Tau Commander turned into Shas’o and Shas’el entries.
Ethereal entry overhauled.
Shadowsun’s Drone renamed to have the correct name. She keeps her special shield drone in her entry too.
Devilfish moved to the “Transport” group. Pathfinder Devilfish remains inside the Pathfinder entry.
Fire Warrior and Pathfinder entry overhauled.
Broadside Team, Hammerhead and Sky Ray options and tool-tips improved.

Old extension used as a base for this extension.
All weapon and upgrade options integrated and tool-tips corrected.
Weapon toggle keys standardized. Ctrl+[ for Back Arms, Ctrl+] for Front Arms and Ctrl+= for Carapace Weapons.
Hive Tyrant and Tervigon Psychic Powers given tool-tips.
Upgrades and Weapons (2 or more options) placed into sub-menus to reduce R-click menu clutter.
Special Characters and Mycetic Spore added to each Hive Fleet.
Behemoth Mawloc sprite edited to make it look less like the Trygon sprite.
Trygon Prime sprite made slightly larger and given a blue sheen to its arms.

Tons of new terrain added.

Apocalypse Units:
Apocalypse Units added by popular demand! ^(^_^)v
The Ultramarines Thunderhawk, Imperial Navy Marauder Bomber and the Imperial Guard Baneblade and Hellhammer Superheavy tanks added.

Known Issues:
All except Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Tyranids:
Some Wargear or Weapon Options missing.
Sponsons generally unable to be individually removed.
These will be gradually fixed as the project continues.

Blood Angels:
Stormraven Sprite Missing. This is because there is no GW model, so we have no idea what to make it look like.
Hand Flamer missing a unique sprite.
Honour Guards hands still red.

Space Wolves:
Thunderwolf Mount sprite looks poor. A new sprite is needed.
Fixed as of 1 Sept 2010

Mawloc and Trygon are based off the same sprite, albeit edited.
Harpy, Mawloc, Trygon and Trygon Prime not available in non-Behemoth Colours.

—-Change-log End—-

16 Responses to “Vassal 40k v5.4 launched!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great work, guys!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i am having problems loading the bownload page. is this just a case of too many people trying to get it?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    As above, link appears to be down, anyone got a backup???

  4. Vassal40k Says:

    Hi guys. It seems that sendspace’s servers are down.

    We are working on uploading to a second service now.

    Apologies for the delay and remember to tell your friends to move to the new module! šŸ˜€

  5. Hi again everyone!
    The files have been re-uploaded and should be able to be downloaded again!

  6. Zandmar Says:

    O, I see the extension I’ve once melted from two others makes some progress)
    @ Vassal40K – that’s what I was talking about in the second e-mail.

  7. I’ve had missing buttons in my module, and that may be because you’ve edited images/names or, more probably, added new buttons. As Vassal Fantasy Battles (like its ‘father’ made by FightingChaos) uses two additional buttons, I had some problems with them. When I stopped using both images and labels on new buttons, the bug stopped appearing. Maybe it happens when the length of combine buttons (or one button) is more than some fixed value. Still I’m not sure, I’ll try to search on Vassal forums.

  8. To fix the missing buttons, simply resize the map screen horizontally. It will force Java to redraw them. šŸ™‚

  9. Thanks)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Great Job. When I start the complete 5.4, I’ve got the following error when starting:

    Image not found: DH_Dreadnought_Hull.PNG

    PS: let us hope for the titans or somewhen a WHFB module.

  11. Great Job. When I start the complete 5.4, I’ve got the following error when starting:

    Image not found: DH_Dreadnought_Hull.PNG

    PS: let us hope for the titans or somewhen a WHFB module.

  12. Yeah, that Error happens when a model tries to open a sprite that is no longer there. It is completely harmless and won’t affect your game or cause anything to crash. If you can, please send an Email or leave a comment on what model caused the error and what version your extension is so it can be fixed! šŸ˜€

  13. I keep getting an error when trying to downloading from mediafire. The download never loads and it just times out.

  14. Hi guys.

    From what I can see, Mediafire is down for the moment.

    We appologise for that. Since v5.4-A is due for release tomorrow (the 9th), it would be silly to re-upload the old module.

    Look out for the new one sometime on the 9th.

  15. I just downloaded this, but whenever I make a new offline map it has a deployment zone in the top left and one across the bottom. I can’t find a way to remove them. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. Same way that you move terrain around; to move stuff like terrain and deployment templates you have to shift click to select it, just to prevent people from accidentally dragging around terrain and stuff when moving models. Hold shift, click on it, and move it if you need to.

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