Vassal40k Quickfire Guide

Here is a very rough and quick list on the common shortcut keys and some handy tips for Vassal 40k.

Info after the cut!

Quick Tips:
Weapons can be removed by cycling though them until they are gone.
Units can be quickly copied by making them once, selecting them all, pressing Control + C and moving the cloned unit.
Control + D Deletes a unit without leaving a Corpse/Wreck/Crater.
Use Control + I to mark wargear and items the Module doesn’t.
Always, ALWAYS drop the LOS Thread or Range thread as soon as you are done. Leaving it up for extended periods causes it to get stuck and crash vassal.

Common keys:

Control + Number Key

Generally used to add or remove wargear and upgrades. Also used to place the range circle on the Scatter Die.

Control + [ and Control + ]
Non-Vehicles: Cycle left and right weapon. Where only one weapon option is available, it will generally be Control + ]
Vehicles (Old): Varies. Generally used to change a weapon.
Vehicles (Updated): Enables/removes the left and right sponson/mounted weapon.
Note: The [ and ] keys are the ones just to the right of the “P” button on UK and US keyboards.

Control + =
Non-Vehicles: Rarely used. Often used for a miscellaneous or other upgrade.
Vehicles (Old): Varies. Generally used to change/remove a weapon.
Vehicles (Updated): Enables/removes the turret or centrally mounted weapon.

Control + –
Infantry: Rarely used. Often used for a miscellaneous or other upgrade.
Vehicles (Old): Varies. Generally used to change/remove a weapon.
Vehicles (Updated): Enables/removes a hull mounted weapon. On vehicles without a hull mounted weapon, this instead cycles though the sponson weapon options.

Control + Shift + –
Vehicles (Updated): Used to cycle through the sponson options for vehicles with a hull mounted weapon.

Alt + Number Key
Non-Vehicles: Enable/Disable range circles.

Control + Right/Left Arrow key
Rotate the model by 22.5° clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Control + Up/Down Arrow key
Move the model one inch forward or backwards.

Shift + Up/Down Arrow key
Move the model six inches forward or backwards.

Control + K:
Non-vehicle: Kill it!
Vehicle: Make it assplode!

Control + W:
Non-vehicle: Open the wound note dialogue. Good for tracking wounds left.
Vehicle: Wreck it.

Alt + S:
Vehicles: Cycle through the speed markers.

Alt + Z:
Vehicles: Mark as immobilized.

Control + I:
Open the note dialogue. Handy for marking things that the Vassal40k module doesn’t.

And now for two generally un-labeled commands:
Control + X:
Rotate at Random

Control + Z:
Randomize head and/or body.

10 Responses to “Vassal40k Quickfire Guide”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a shortcut to make the flame template re-appear?

    It seems to have gone missing

  2. The Flame template can be found in the “Counters and Templates” section of the model list.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I spectated a game and now when i load a map the LOS Tool and Range Tool and all of that stuff normally across the top of the maps is gone….

  4. Yes, this is a bug, as detailed in the main post.

    The good news is that you can fix it by resizing the map horizontaly and the buttons redraw.

    The BETTER news is that we have found out why, fixed it, and will be included in Vassal40k 5.4-A bundle which includes all the updated extensions within a week!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the quick answers, Now I am fully enjoying playing 😛

  6. Hi

    Just asking is there a way to reset the thread and LOS tool when they are stuck other that reload the map ?


  7. Just hit the Undo button until the threads disappear.

  8. Is there some way to do the Ctrl movement keys on Mac? Whenever I try it changes screens, Mac already has shortcuts assigned to thoses combinations

  9. Ah good to know. I will look into it.

  10. Hey vassal40k,

    Any update on different controls for the mac?

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