Vassal40k v5.4-A released!

After lots of sweat, blood and tears (mostly tears), v5.4-A has been finalised!

Note: You may or may not get a “Please Upgrade to the latest version” error when synchronising with other players. Ignore that. That is Vassal being annoying as usual and will be fixed eventually.

Where do I get it?


Does this module connect to the same room as v5.4?
Yes, indeed it does. Remember to tell any friends who might be using the old module (v5.2) to swap over to this one! 🙂 Tell your friends using 5.4 to swap over too, this one has an OMFGBBQ number of fixes and improvements!

Do I have to download it?
Nope, you don’t have to. You can simply download the updated extensions here:
Sendspace Mirror
Mediafire Mirror

You do NOT need to download this if you downloaded the module linked above.

However, upgrading this way this means you will not get the changes to the main module listed in the change-log below (after the cut), so will still have the missing buttons bug.

So, what’s the plan for the future?
Well, at the moment, we simply plan to bring everything up to date with the current standards, similar to how the Eldar, Space Wolves and Blood Angels are done. However, we want to work on the bits that YOU want first, so leave a comment below telling us what it is you would like to be worked on first.

So, what are the changes?

A txt version of the change-log is included in the download, but it is reproduced here for those who wish to read it NOW.

Main Module
v5.4 -> v5.4-A

  • Missing control buttons on map bug should be fixed.
  • Added a new blank map, “Dirt”.
  • Board renamed to Table.

Counters and Templates
v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02

  • 12″ area added to Green Objective marker.
  • Scatter Die blast radius’ moved into a sub-menu.
  • Hellstorm Template and Apocalyptic Barrage Template added to the “Templates” section. The 7″ and 10″ blast can be found as an option within the Scatter die.

Chaos Space Marines
v5.4.1.00 -> v5.4.1.01

  • Fixed “Bad Data” errors.

v5.4.1.00 -> v5.4.1.01

  • Eldar Module made 100% codex complete. All options given tool-tips, vehicle weapons and upgrades given tool-tips and made removable.
  • Aspect Warriors (Including Rangers and Harlequins, even though they are not technically “Aspects”, get over it!) moved into a separate menu to eliminate needless duplication of units.
  • “Pathfinder” made an option for Rangers to turn them into Pathfinders.
  • Pathfinders given grey cloaks to differentiate them from normal Rangers.
  • Phoenix Lords and The Avatar of Khaine also moved into a separate menu.
  • Phoenix Lords and The Avatar given their complete names.
  • Eldrad moved to the Ulwithé Farseer unit menu.
  • Yriel moved to the Idyian Autarch unit menu.
  • Warlocks given a “note” option to represent their power, as when dealing with 9 or more of them, all with different powers, it can be frustrating to have to hover over them every time. The tool-tip is available as well.
  • Fixed “Bad Data” errors.

Imperial Guard
v5.4.1.00 -> v5.4.1.01

  • Knight Commander Pask added.
  • Valkyries and Vendettas given a 120mm base.
  • 120mm bases given the same colour range as other bases.
  • 120mm bases given accurate range circles.
  • “Weapon” changed to “Weapons” on Valkyries and Vendettas.
  • “Transports” unit menu changed to “Transport”.
  • Death Korps of Krieg vehicles added.
  • Chimeras “Open Doors” and “Top Hatch” commands moved into a sub-menu.

v5.4.1.00 -> v5.4.1.01

  • Witch Hunter Zealots added.
  • Fixed “Bad Data” errors.


v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02

  • Infantry based Nobz (including Flash Gitz) moved to 40mm bases to match modern basing convention.

Space Marines
v5.4.1.02 -> v5.4.1.03

  • Fixed “Bad Data” errors.
  • Arjac Rockfist given a unique Sprite.
  • Cyberwolf sprites added.
  • Raven Guard and Black Templars Dreadnought arms made the correct colours.
  • Blood Angels and Flesh Tearer Honour Guard gold sprites made a bit less yellow and more golden.
  • Blood Angels and Flesh Tearer Honour Guard given golden weapons.
  • Hand Flamer sprite added.
  • Infernus Pistol position improved.
  • Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers and Space Wolf Vindicators Demolisher Cannon made removable.
  • Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers and Space Wolf Vindicators Mandatory Storm bolter given correct hot-key (Control + -).
  • Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and Space Wolf Rhinos “Open Doors” and “Top Hatch” command moved into a sub-menu.
  • Blood Angel, Flesh Tearer and Space Wolf Land Raider weapon tool-tips and tool-tip ordering corrected.
  • Blood Angel, Flesh Tearer and Space Wolf Land Raider sponsons moved to the correct level. They should no longer be “above” the hull.
  • Blood Angel, Flesh Tearer and Space Wolf Land Raider hull weapon given the correct hot-key (Control + -).

v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02

  • Fortress Roof fixed.

v5.4.1.02 -> v5.4.1.03

  • Trygon, Trygon Prime and Mawloc sprites added for each hive fleet.
  • 120mm bases given the same colour range as other bases.
  • 120mm bases given accurate range circles.

17 Responses to “Vassal40k v5.4-A released!”

  1. Found a couple of bugs:
    – Ulthwe’s Autarch uses sprites for Iyanded Autarch
    – Thunderwolf Cavalry right weapons are disabled by default
    – Thunderwolf Cavalry Mark of the Wulfen can’t be activated and has no sprite
    – Wolf Lord uses old sprite for Thundewolf mount

  2. – Space Wolves Vindicator Siege Shield upgrade (Ctrl+4) activates Extra Armor upgrade (Ctrl+5). Extra Armor upgrade does nothing.
    – All Vindicator Siege Shield sprites are offset one pixel to much to right side, creating white spaces on the right part of Vindicator sprite (sorry if this one looked like rant)

  3. One more bug:
    – All Autarch on Jetbike weapons and helmets use off-set from Autach on foot, resulting in them kinda floating in air

  4. @eNVee: Thank you very much. 🙂 It’s not a rant, it’s a legitimate annoyance. 🙂 We want to make everything as perfect as possible after all, and we are only soft fleshy humans (except for Bill, but he is the exception :P).

    Just remember though to check to see if an option can be activated in the actual table, rather than the little model box. A lot of the new actions are “Trigger Actions” that don’t work inside the “model box”, but only on the table itself.

  5. Waterminotaure Says:

    Some Space Marine HQ sprites are missing : we can’t equip Librarians, Chaplains and Captains with “jetpacks” (I’m sorry but I don’t use the English codex so I don’t know how exactly this item is called in the English version :s). We should be able to choose between Terminator, Bike and “jetpacks”.

  6. @Waterminotaure: All the updated Marines (BA, Flesh Tearers and SW) should have the correct Jump Pack options. If one of the older ones don’t, it’s because we haven’t gotten around to updating the “codex” marines yet, simply because of the huge amount of time that it will take (we can’t half do it now, can we, unless of course updating the chapters one at a time is something you as a community wants) because there are just so many chapters that need to be re-coded, tested and have new sprites made for.

  7. Hey great job so far. Can’t wait to finish downloading (so no bugs found yet!)

    Suggestions: Some of the CSM options seem a bit outdated compared to the rest of the races. I guess they’re probably in for a bit of an overhaul like the Eldar.

    Maybe show the Templars/DA some love? It’s hard to say when they’re going to get new codices, so the work is probably worth it.

    Thanks so much for reviving V40k!

  8. heartbitt Says:

    Info says Orks are updated to v5.4.1.02, but the datdafiles in build 5.4 and 5.4A (even the Sep 1 Ext package) in buildFile states vassalVersion=”3.1.14″ version=”″, so Where is the v5.4.1.02?

  9. heartbitt Says:

    Where is the Ork v5.4.1.02 update? I Check the buildFile for the module v5.4A as well the Sep 1 Extension Package as the two buildFiles states as vassalVersion=”3.1.14″ version=”″

  10. heartbitt Says:

    Very sorry, for double-posting….refreshing glitch.

    The module refit is awesome, but it will be more awesome if in someplace on the site, you inform (in a sitcky way) the full listing of the LASTEST module versions, so we keep track them, and compare with new releases.

  11. @heartbitt: You can do that by downloading the latest release and the latest extension package. 😀

    But I understand what you mean, and will work on that. As for the ork module, that’s a typo. It’s meant to be 1.02, but is called 1.01. D: Sorry for that. Check to see if your Nobz are on 40mm bases, if they are, it is 1.02.

  12. Victor Bond Says:

    What about the Imperial Armour Tau stuff? Any way that can be included in one of the future updates?

  13. Baneblade Says:

    Make more apocalypse units…

  14. i agree with victor bond

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I tried clicking on the download button but all I get is a black internet screen and an Invalid address message

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Also Im looking to see what things you have added based on what was posted and unless you didnt post all of what you did your still missing Pyrovores, Tyranofex, Tervigon, Venomthrope, Swarmlord, The heroes(Old one eye, Deathleaper), And weapon upgrades

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Has the V40k Team considered making sprites etc for the Imperial Armour variant armies? I’ve been proxying for the Elysian Drop Troops since v5.2. Also, it’d be cool to see some more Forge World Units.

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