Vassal40k – News Post #1

So, what’s been going on in the crazy world of Vassal 40k?
Lets find out! :3

But first, some links for your pleasure:
Vassal40k v5.4-A
Vassal 40k – 09-Sep-2010 – Extension Package

All the news after the cut!

The Website has been a resounding success!
First things first, thank you everyone for making the re-launch a success. Were it not for you and the word of mouth, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere close to the 6,500 visits we have gotten since the module re-launched and for that we thank you!

Nightspinner coming Soon™?
Thanks to the generosity of “Jason”, we now have sprites for the Eldar Nightspinner as well as the new style Fire Prism.

Fire Prism

We are going to work on colourising these to match the Craftworlds we currently have then launch them in the next batch of updates.

A change to how models are organised?
After going though some of the feedback emails, one in particular stuck out. “F N” suggested that we change the way different models in the same unit are selected from a Drop Down Menu, to a Tabbed Panel, like how Khorne Berserkers are done.

Now, I will admit, I didn’t even realise Khorne Berserkers were done that way, so I had to take a look, and from what I can see, I rather like it. To clarify, what I mean by “different models in the same unit” is, for example, a Wolf Guard model, where there is an option for a Normal Wolf Guard, a Wolf Guard on Bike, a Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour and a Special Character. While it is theoretically possible to merge them all into one model and have these as “options”, the code is complicated, needing several changes of prototypes and is just an unneccisary vector for errors.

As such, I threw together a quick example, with pictures below. Let us know below and/or via email which one you like better. If there is popular support for the Tabbed Panels, we can very easily change them over!



Fantasy, or rather, why it will remain one (v-v)
Over the last few days, we have gotten a lot of requests for “Please do a Fantasy module!!!!111oneoneoneon!1!!!”, so, I will be honest with you.

This isn’t going to happen any time soon (and I mean soon, not Soon™).

There are many reasons for this. Firstly, no-one on the Vassal 40k team has the old beta module. Secondly, we have no sprites. Thirdly, the 40k module is nowhere near complete and is still being very actively worked on. Given how the Vassal module editor works (with a really annoying Java GUI), it is very time consuming making the models with the sprites, giving them their weapons, checking that all the tooltips and options are correct, making sure all the options work, the prototypes are correct and so on and so forth. This means that any attempt at a Fantasy module would mean less time devoted to the 40k module and result in a poor quality Fantasy module.

But the main reason however (and the dealbreaker), is that there is no way (we have worked out) to get units to easily “wheel” within the vassal engine. We would need someone who is an expert in Java to create custom code, but sadly no such person is available to the Vassal 40k team. Given that Wheeling is pretty much a core mechanic of Fantasy, it makes little sense to make a module without being able to do this. Yes, you can manually rotate and rearrange models, but that’s what movement trays stop you doing in real life and without it, Vassal Fantasy would simply not be worth it.

Thank you everyone for reading this most likely boring News Post,and remember to tell your friends about v40k, get the to swap over to the new module and to keep checking back for updates and what-not. We plan to release updates regularly, rather than wait months between them, thanks to the new Extensions format. 🙂

9 Responses to “Vassal40k – News Post #1”

  1. oddly enough the tabs seem to have been there in version 3.5.5 of the mod, check that.

  2. Yeah, the tabs seem like a better idea. Good call.

    Also, I can probably mail you the beta Fantasy mod. I think I have it sitting around someplace…

  3. Hmmm, I recall work and coding was working on independently of the other Fantasy modules that require it. Did some searching and found the site.

  4. Yup, that’s what I emailed the team. In part, at least.

  5. AbusePuppy Says:

    For some reason I can’t see Tyrannofexes in the Tyranid model range with the new expansion. Is this something anyone else is experiencing?

  6. Hi

    The army models tray function is not working , it will only allow me to save with a map selected and it will only ever load the tray with the map that was open when you create the logfile. I just want to pre save trays and open/load them regardless of what map someone has/was loaded.

    Its the only way that function is actually useful :o(

    please can you advise.

    Thanks :o)

  7. Sorrowshard, funnily enough, we were just emailed a guide by a Vassal user and we were going to make a post about it. 🙂 Check out the main page!

    It works for me just fine, not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you. 😦

  8. Guns_n_Droids Says:

    Any hope of Epic module update? After all, there IS something already.

  9. Hey there, i’d just like to mention the “HERE” link for the latest module isn’t working for me… any problems?

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