Vassal40k – News Post #2

So, what’s been going on in the crazy world of Vassal 40k?
Lets find out! :3

But first, some links for your pleasure:
Vassal40k v5.4-A
Vassal 40k – 09-Sep-2010 – Extension Package

All the news after the cut!

A new release schedule!
So, we have decided that in order for the project to survive and grow, it must have a structured release schedule, one that can allow us to set deadlines and targets (yes, we SOME OF US are so very lazy!)

As such, it has been decided that we are going to release a new iterations (-B, -C etc) on the first of every month, culminating with the release of v5.5 on the 1st of January, where the Circle of Life begins anew. We will also, if needed, release an update to the extensions for any bugs that may have cropped in two weeks after this.

Hopefully this will let us work a lot better on making Vassal40k even better than it already is! 😀 Once again, we still need Sprite artists and Java programmers to help, so of you have the time and skills, please make sure to get in touch!

Pulldown vs. Tabs, the Verdict
Pulldown wins it seems. With Tabs, it means that each “box” can end up a different size, while we are trying to make things standardised and neat. Sorry tab fans! 😥

What’s next for a makeover?
Simple. Chaos Spess Mahrines and their Metal Bawkes!

However, since there is a LOT to do, we are going to stagger it, so you are not all waiting forever and a day. First on the list are the World Eaters (or Generic Khorneflakes, whatever you prefer).

Here are a few quick shots at the revamped Lord and revamped Khorne Palette Dreadnought.

The plan so far is to have Khorne ready by the first of October (see above) and then all the rest by November, after which work on the new Dark Eldar will most likely take priority. This is a worst case scenario however and it might be done sooner, we are not sure. It might seem a long time to wait, but remember we are only poor squishy humans! 😥

Nightspinner Sprites ready (almost)!

The long requested Nightspinner sprites are almost done, along with the new style Fire Prism Turret. These will be released on the 1st of October. Nice and short that one. 😀

And now, a word from our sponsor…
Ok, not really, but a quick word about two things that we are asked about often: Fantasy and Apocalypse.

On Fantasy: As already stated here making a Fantasy module is simply beyond out resources and skills at the moment. While we are happy to help any other group who wants to tackle the project, we quite simply cannot condone spending time on a Fantasy module we don’t even have correct code for when the 40k module still needs a lot of work.

On Apocalypse: As much as we want to add all the Apocalypse units, the “normal” 40k must come first. If you really REALLY want a specific unit in, make up some sprites for it and send them in. It will be no trouble adding it in. The main time-sink is making and editing the sprites and making sure they align and then testing to make sure everything works. One Apocalypse tank which has sprites are all ready to go will take no time at all to add to the module. In short, if you want an Apoc tank, get your digital brushes out and make it!

Thank you all again for putting up with us and making Vassal 40k the success it is today. Without you there would be no module (obviously! :P) so give yourselves a pat on the back and whatnot. See you next time!

8 Responses to “Vassal40k – News Post #2”

  1. Thanks for the update guys. 🙂 looking forward to the new version of the module when it comes time.

  2. Baneblade Says:

    I hope you guys get all the apocalypse units in that update too…

    I cant wait till it comes out…

  3. hey guys. great to see your schedule. any ideas why i cant get any sprites for any army in the models tab? I have un installed and re installed both parts but it has not worked. I also cant get to see the vassal forum. just the WP pages… n e help appreciated


  4. Have you followed the guide here?

    If you do this, it should work just fine.

    As for forums, we don’t have forums up. 😥

  5. Interesting to see someone picking up the project again.

    I’m pretty sure there’s some functionality that I didn’t get around to adding when we left it last.

    Shoot me an email.

  6. Looks like this page likes to hold the email field private. Regardless:

  7. Been interested in this since i heard about it, always thought an online 40k game (actual 40k) would be great. Cant wait to give it a try!

  8. So when you say you’re working on the World Eaters/Khorneflakes for Chaos Marines, does that mean the Khorne tanks and transports will have World Eaters symbols on them? That’d be pretty badass.

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