Vassal40k v5.4-B released!

After lots of sweat, blood and tears (mostly tears (again)), v5.4-B has been finalised!

Where do I get it?

Does this module connect to the same room as v5.4-A?
Yes, indeed it does. Remember to tell any friends who might be using the old module (v5.2) to swap over to this one! 🙂 Tell your friends using 5.4 to swap over too, this one has an OMFGBBQ number of fixes and improvements!

So, what are the changes?

A txt version of the change-log is included in the download, but it is reproduced here (after the cut) for those who wish to read it NOW.

Note: Due to feedback (aka Complaints), the Hyper-detailed maps were removed by default. You can download the saved games here, load them, then get your opponent to sync with you if you really want to use them!

Main Module
v5.4-A -> v5.4-B
The reports given when dice are rolled were cleaned up and made more friendly.
D3 dice button added.
Dice Hot-Keys changed to the F1-F7 keys.
The errors regarding incorrect extension versions should be fixed. If they aren’t please tell us!
Many thanks to “Oscarius” for helping troubleshoot this!
The Hyper Detailed maps removed after user feedback. See above if you REALLY want them.

Chaos Space Marines
v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02
Black Legion and World Eaters overhauled!
Special Characters moved to their appropriate Patron.
All Black Legion and World Eaters models have their options represented and/or tool-tipped.
All Black Legion and World Eaters vehicles have their weapons removable.
The remaining three will be updated next release (1st November).

Imperial Guard
v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02
Catachan Veterans Special Weapon option merged into the normal Veteran.
Death Korp Manticore Fixed.

v5.4.0.2 -> v5.4.0.3
The much requested Night Spinner added! This can be found as a Turret option for the Fire Prism (Press Control + = ). The old style Prism is still available if you want to use it.
Many thanks to “Jason” for the Night Spinner Sprites.

Space Marines
v5.4.0.4 -> v5.4.0.5
Stormraven Gunship added for Blood Angels. That was easy! 😀
Many thanks once again to “Jason” for the Stormraven Sprites.

19 Responses to “Vassal40k v5.4-B released!”

  1. seems like the Hyper detailed maps can not be downloaded.

  2. It works for me!

  3. Yay, Stormraven!

    Also, thanks for the new version, folks. Awesome stuffs.

  4. Ungläubiger Says:

    More Screenies please.

  5. Jon Doe Says:

    Quick question, is there or is there a plan to make a Warhammer Fantasy version of vassal40k? A friend and I would love to try out new fantasy stuff as well as 40k stuff.

    Also, keep up the good work on the awesome module.

  6. Vassal40k Says:

    Fantasy, or rather, why it will remain one (v-v)
    Over the last few days, we have gotten a lot of requests for “Please do a Fantasy module!!!!111oneoneoneon!1!!!”, so, I will be honest with you.

    This isn’t going to happen any time soon (and I mean soon, not Soon™).

    There are many reasons for this. Firstly, no-one on the Vassal 40k team has the old beta module. Secondly, we have no sprites. Thirdly, the 40k module is nowhere near complete and is still being very actively worked on. Given how the Vassal module editor works (with a really annoying Java GUI), it is very time consuming making the models with the sprites, giving them their weapons, checking that all the tooltips and options are correct, making sure all the options work, the prototypes are correct and so on and so forth. This means that any attempt at a Fantasy module would mean less time devoted to the 40k module and result in a poor quality Fantasy module.

    But the main reason however (and the dealbreaker), is that there is no way (we have worked out) to get units to easily “wheel” within the vassal engine. We would need someone who is an expert in Java to create custom code, but sadly no such person is available to the Vassal 40k team. Given that Wheeling is pretty much a core mechanic of Fantasy, it makes little sense to make a module without being able to do this. Yes, you can manually rotate and rearrange models, but that’s what movement trays stop you doing in real life and without it, Vassal Fantasy would simply not be worth it.

    On Fantasy: As already stated here (Link to news post 1) making a Fantasy module is simply beyond out resources and skills at the moment. While we are happy to help any other group who wants to tackle the project, we quite simply cannot condone spending time on a Fantasy module we don’t even have correct code for when the 40k module still needs a lot of work.

  7. The vehicle sprites are still not the right size, I would love to see them corrected to be more in line with the real life versions; as many of them are a fair amount too small. This often alters the way they work in game play as size does matter. Is there anyone working on this issue, or do you need more info, or is there anyway I can help ?


  8. We have no-one able to make the “correct” size sprites.

    if you want, you can make them and e-mail them to us.

  9. Well, at least you give a statement to the wishes for a fantasy module.
    When You say: the 40k module is far from finished – do you have a “to-do list” you can publish?

  10. thanks alot guys , im learning the game with this 🙂

  11. THE 1 J BAKER Says:

    Thanks you guy’s you’ve made an old gamer very happy

  12. Raubritter Says:

    Hi Team, greate work. I have one request though:
    Please include Eldar Stormguardians.
    You could use CCW of other models (e.g. Skorpions).
    Thanks alot for the greate work. Keep it up.

  13. Raubritter: Storm Guardians are included. Simply select a normal guardian and cycle through their weapons!

  14. Raubritter Says:

    sry didn’t see. thanks alot.

  15. I’ve been having difficulty with the game. I can’t really explain an exact reason why, so here is a play by play.

    I had already installed vassal40k and it had been working very smoothly. One day I tried to open it, and instead of the screen coming up asking whether to find a game online or work offline, it went straight to the offline module.

    So, I uninstalled the 40k module and tried to reinstall it. When I imported it, this message appeared:

    Invalid Import File

    The file ‘/Users/tracybrown/Desktop/Vassal 40k 5.4(3)/Vassal40k.vmod’ cannot be imported into VASSAL.

    I’ve tried redownloading and extracting the module, but its still not working. I’ve also tried importing just individual components like it says here on the site and that too does not work.

    I’ve also tried redownloading Vassal. Also a failure.

    This issue is really making me sad since I love 40k with a passion, and since moving to the middle of nowhere, I’ve had no chance to play for real. This is my only outlet. And I don’t want to have to switch to something like warmachine. Yuck.

    I have a mac if that has anything to do with the issue.

  16. Edit:I can do open module and it adds it to my list of modules. But it still only lets me play offline.

  17. Hey kody, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues! D:

    If, when you open Vassal, you go to “File > Preferences”, you should be able to activate or deactivate whether the connection Wizard runs or not. It seems like yours got unchecked somehow.

    As for connecting without the Wizard, once you open the model offline, if you click the 3rd button (it’s two arrows going opposite directions) to open the “Server Controls” and then click the left button of them (again it’s two arrows going opposite directions), you should connect to the server.

  18. Thank you so much! Glad to see a site with actual working support haha. Happy gaming.

  19. i’ve downloaded the modual and it looks great but i dont have any models =/. do i have to download them seperatly or did i do something wrong?

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