Coming Soon: V40k v5.4-C

TL;DR Chaos SM Soon. Dark Eldar Soon™. We have missing sprites, need someone to make. We need a Java Programmer, even if they don’t play 40k!

What is V40k v5.4-C?
Read here for a general gist of what this is, read here:

What is going on with v5.4-C?
For release in v5.4-C are the Death Guard, Emperors Children and Iron Warriors. The problem with these armies is, however, they do not have a complete sprite set like the Black Legion of World Eaters did (can you see why they were the first to be updated? :D) which means even a “complete” module will be missing some items, as we have no sprite artists available. So, if you are able to sprite well, please contact us and let us know!

Want a cup of coffee?
One of the most major complains about the V40k module (and rightly so) is how clunky the Dice Rolling Custom java is, and how screwy the dice can be. The major obstical is not extracting and decompling the java code (we have done this already), it’s finding someone who knows how to code in java! If you happen to know anyone, whether they play 40k or not, please send them our way!

8 Responses to “Coming Soon: V40k v5.4-C”

  1. What are the issues with the dice rollers?

  2. spacegoat Says:

    Hey there. A while ago you guys put out an Epic mod. Since then I’ve been cutting and pasting some additions from V40K and have put together:

    -Black Legion

    These are in addition to the Marines, Orks and Guard from the original.

    It’s far from perfect, but completely playable. You guys have done a lot for the community and I wanted to give something back. That, and more people should just play Epic.

  3. Xca|iber Says:

    Dunno where to put this, but I think I found a bug with one of the To Hit/Penetrate modifiers:

    When Ordnance is checked, the condition appears in the dialogue, but there’s not GUI indication that multiple AP dice were rolled. Not sure if it’s bugged and not working, or just not saying anything. Just something to check out I guess.

    Looking forward to the new CSM! You guys are doing a great job; keep up the good work!

  4. Nobs on 40mm bases. Put them back on the standard infantry base. Why? That’s what they come with. ‘Modern basing conventions’ or not, nobs are on standard infantry bases. They come with them. Mega-armored nobs have 40mm, as does Boss Snikrot. Everyone else are 25mm. Why was this even changed anyway?

    In less ‘me angry at change’ news, how would one go about making sprites for Vassal? Could someone write up a brief tutorial? I’d love to submit some Apocalypse models, but haven’t been able to figure out exactly what would be necessary in terms of spritework.

  5. For sprites, png format is needed and 25 pixels = 1 inch. Other than that, feel free to do it however you want. 🙂

  6. Cylindryk Says:

    This is possibility to add a Tauros Vechicels to Imperial Guard from IA8? 🙂

  7. Hello guys.

    There are steel need Chooser of the Slain marker for Rune Priest(Space Wolves). Also, you don’t have Marneus Calgar in power armor.

    PS Thousend Sons unit a named as Noise Marines

  8. Telpenar Says:

    have a little contribution to communyty
    this is a new extension with some vehicles of Tau army to play apocalpsis

    sorry for my bad english

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