Vassal40k v5.4-D released!

Where do I get it?
You can download it from any of the links below:

Herpderp! Re-uploaded due to a few bugs that stupidly got in. If you downloaded before 3:15 PM (GMT) then you should re-download it. Sorry!

Mediafire Mirror

Does this module connect to the same room as v5.4-A?
Yes, indeed it does. Remember to tell any friends who might be using the old module (v5.2) to swap over to this one! 🙂 Tell your friends using 5.4 to swap over too!

What’s coming in Version 5.4-E?
Dark Eldar will be revamped to match the current module style. However, unless we find someone to make the missing sprites for us, new units will not be able to be made! 😥 So, please, if you can help us with the sprites, please do!

As well as Dark Eldar, the regular Space Marines are next to be updated, though this might take 2 releases to do, as there is just so much work to do!

So, what are the changes?

A txt version of the change-log is included in the download, but it is reproduced here for those who wish to read it NOW.

Firstly a very special thanks goes out to Jason who has done some excellent work making sprites for us. +1 Internets to you Jason!

Main Module
v5.4-C -> v5.4-D
XD6 default set back to 6D6 instead of 66D6.
Default Scatter Die fixed.
Filenames made user friendly, so it looks nicer when you load a blank map.
“How to install Vassal 40k”, “How to make Sprites” and “How to save armies” TXT/PDF’s added.

Chaos Space Marines
v5.4.1.01 -> v5.4.1.02
Iron Warriors, Death Guard, Thousand Sons and Emperors Children all overhauled as best as possible with the sprites currently available.
If you wish to make sprites for the missing parts, please consult the “How to make Sprites” document.

v5.4.1.00 -> v5.4.1.01
Forge World Tomb Stalker added.

v5.4.1.04 -> v5.4.1.05
Mycetic Spore range circles fixed.

42 Responses to “Vassal40k v5.4-D released!”

  1. ‘having difficulties with this. i do not see ANY race units to select.
    is it an update pack, so i have to install it over the old 5.4 stuff?

  2. PS: and it still says it’s 5.4-C

  3. ok, after some peeking around, i realized i had to move the race files to the Vassal40k_ext folder and it works now.
    however there is a bug with the necron tomb stalker, it is not possible to rotate it, i belive it should have a hex (like a vehicle) not a circle as its base of movement.

  4. Hey there midas.

    Sorry about that. The funny thing is, I even reminded myself I had to change the version number, but I forgot anyway! (^^.’)

    I have re-uploaded it with the correct version number and a fixed Tomb Stalker!

  5. Cylindryk Says:

    This is possibility to add a Tauros Vechicels to Imperial Guard from IA8?

  6. Hello guys.

    There are steel need Chooser of the Slain marker for Rune Priest(Space Wolves). Also, you don’t have Marneus Calgar in power armor.

    PS Thousend Sons unit named as Noise Marines

  7. Necron Tomb Stalker need base.

  8. ShotGun Jolly Says:

    There appears to be many missing sprites from the space wolves area.

    Bjorn is just an autocannon and base.
    Wolf Guard Termies lost their frost weapon sprites.

    yeah, so few things missing from the V5.4.1.03 vs V54.1.05 of the space marine extensions.

  9. ShotGun Jolly:

    Make sure you have a Clean install. That is, delete the old version and install the new one.

    I just checked, and it works just fine.

  10. Deary me, this has gone downhill since I left. I wish I had time for this stuff still 😦

  11. Beertooth Says:

    I just found this and am totally psyched to try it out. Keep up the good work all!

  12. Beertooth Says:

    Woah! Deeper than I thought. I’m going to get some sleep and wrap my head around this tomorrow (East coast here and it’s after midnight). I was reading through come of the previous comments and would like to lend a hand if I could. I’m computer savvy, but have no experience making textures or sprites or anything. I’m currently out of work and willing to learn however, so if there’s anything I can do, let me know!

  13. The preloaded maps have disappeared?? I’ve only just noticed since i’ve only just got round to testing…

  14. Is there any chance to realese a forgeworld model- Hornet in nearest version?

  15. First of all, you guys friggin rock! Lovin the datafile!

    Just curious about a few things:

    1. Is it possible to re-size the Monolith to actually be the real size of 6″x6″? that would also affect the door size and disembarkation 2″ range as well.

    2. There are pictures of the REAL Stormraven Gunship (Blood Angels) all over the internet. Think it’s possible to get a new sprite based off of the new model, so it’s not larger than a Land Raider?

    3. Also, the Drop Pod seems a bit deformed. The base is only 3″ wide and the doors are roughly 4.5″ long (with the beams being about 5″ tall). Would greatly appreciate a new sprite.

    I seriously hope I don’t sound like I’m whining. Just thought I’d bring these items to your guys’ attention.

    Thanks so much for your hard work and looking forward to future releases!

  16. Oh, and forgot one:

    4. Some models in the Blood Angels (specifically the XXXX) apparently don’t have the option to have a Bolt Pistol and Bolter, or Bolter and Power Weapon, or Bolter and Lightning Claw, where applicable (Sternguard Sgt, Assault Squad Sgt, Tac Sgt, etc). I know this isn’t a very specific post but I’m hoping this is more of a flag for you guys than a complaint.

    Again, keep up the fantastic work! 😀

  17. And jesus christ I need to learn to edit my posts before I post them. Please ignore the (XXXX) part. I was just making space for the model list that I was going to type in after researching them, but accidentally hit “submit”.

  18. DECEPTION Says:

    Hey just wondering if you guys are going to add the XV9 hazard suit for the tau and its various options. seeing you added the tombstalker for the necrons you could also add these

  19. As soon as someone emails in sprites.

    No-one has emailed in a single sprite for any of the requested extra units, nor any of the Dark Eldar units…

  20. Anonymous Says:

    My friend is curious about donating, do you have anything of paypal or something he can donate to your guys awesomeness?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to help to help make some of the Imperial Guard based sprites, in particular the Elysians, but I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it.
    I read the PDF in that comes with the main download, but it was kind of vague. Can anyone give me a primer to sprite making/editing?

  22. Hi there everyone.

    @Anon #1: No, we don’t have a Paypal, as we do not want to look like we are making money from this (we aren’t, if anything we are losing money ;)) otherwise Games Workshop will throw another hissy fit. Feel free to email us however to discuss other ways of helping, such as making sprites etc. 😀

    @Anon #2: You can unzip the main .vmod file if you so wish (it’s simply a renamed zip file) and use the sprites there as a base. As for how to make them, no idea. The original artist is not part of the team and we have no contact with him and no-one knows what his methods or techniques are.

    Really, it doesn’t matter HOW you make them, so long as they are PNG format, 25mm:1 inch scale and (preferable) made of separate layers for whatever options the model has (to make it easier to make them removable).

    As for where 5.4-E is, the truth it, it’s not. Without any DE sprites, there isn’t enough work done to justify it, so the release is being pushed back to January for 5.5.

  23. Errrm, keeps giving me a message saying that it won’t import onto the main Vassal engine- and now I’ve lost the old version too!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Spartacus Says:

    Where did half of the CSM chars go? Bile, Lucius, Ahriman?

  25. Why are there “Green Sections” on the map? i can’t delete them. I can hardly wait for an answer, those damn green templates or whatever they are can’t be moved…. Can you help me?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    @ Merrick: Hold shift, THEN click them. 😀

  27. hi guys, sorry i’ve not been doing the dark eldar as i’ve had to move house and that has taken up a lot of my spear time. now however i should be able to get some of them done and fingers crossed ready for the jan deadline. here’s hoping.

  28. Spartacus Says:

    Found Bile, but Lucius and Ahriman are definitely still missing. WTF?

  29. @ Spartacus the sprites are still there in the module but for some reason they are not in the extension, i’ll have a word with Vassal40k and see if he’s done them for the next release, if not i’ll put them back in.

  30. Screw off and drop the attitude Tim.


    Thanks for your hard work!

  31. dude stop using Mediafire it has like 9 million popups and you have end process in your task manager to get rid of. Use Rapidshare or something else please

  32. Dark Scipo Says:

    Tim, its funny, that you tried so hard to take over the module, drive everyone off and then leave it to die, and now your are complaining that it is doing well, after a new crew had to be found.

    You are a great artist for the sprites, so just sent some in, otherwise Katie is totally right.

  33. Is there a list what sprites/options are needed?

  34. hi Guys, Dark Eldar update.
    have most of the sprites done, just a few to go and should be done for next weekend at the latest. hope you like the new sprites.
    @jules not sure what needs doing at the moment as Vassal40K seems to have gone offline. didn’t reply to my email i sent, so i’ll have a look and if anyone knows of missing sprites let me know so i can compile a list. just list them here.

  35. hi guys. i don’t why my module dosen’t load the model.can anyone tell me why??

  36. hi guys. i don’t why my module dosen’t load the model.can anyone tell me why??

  37. hi guys. i don’t know why my module dosen’t load the model.can anyone tell me why??

  38. Wobbles Says:

    I don’t have the time to collect or paint warhammer miniatures anymore. Just had a small 300 point 40k game to get my head around vassal. Now just got the epic module! The last time I had a proper 40k epic game was a long time ago. Thanks for the epic module, I can’t believe I can actually play space marine again! Gothic too I never got playing that back in the day, that will be interesting. Is there still plans for necromunda? The roleplaying/veterancy in W40k is limited and I miss having a proper gang to run.

  39. And could you add Tyranid Death Leaper in Leviathan’s colors?

  40. Joshua Irving Says:

    So Necrons are extremely lacking in everything Vehicle, literally missing 7 of them. It’d be really appreciated if you could at least add one of the two variants for these vehicles, because then people can specify which to who they’re playing against. As it is, playing as Necrons is damn near impossible, you have to steal things from other races just to be able to field any army over 500 points.

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