News Update: Sorry for not posting sooner! (Y_Y)

Hi loyal Vassal 40k Fans!

As you may have noticed, the development has stalled somewhat.

This is because, quite simply, there are only 3 people working on the project now only one of which actually works with the module and runs the website.

That person would be me of course. πŸ™‚

I have not been able to post here or work on the module, as I have been hospitalized since the middle of December and have no laptop (and even if I did, the hospital doesn’t have WiFi!) No need to get into why, but I am back and am going to slowly but surely start working on updating the module again.

I apologize for the delay and hope you understand.

27 Responses to “News Update: Sorry for not posting sooner! (Y_Y)”

  1. Welcome back dude, if you have read the comments in the previous post then you’ll know that the Dark Eldar are almost done and i’ll send you the relevant info on how to get them soon.
    people have been asking about the sprites todo list, have you got one?

  2. lordshaper Says:

    Welcome back!

    As I’ve only just started with it is there any way we can submit bug reports? I couldn’t find an email to send one I found to.

  3. Waterminotaure Says:

    Welcome back, I’d send you flowers if I could sir !

  4. You can leave bug reports either here as a comment or click my name for an email πŸ™‚

    @Jason: Not got a list, but i’ll work on one. πŸ™‚

  5. That’s easy then.

    I noticed when making Dark Angels Terminators that you can’t add a Cyclone Missile Launcher to an Assault Terminator.

  6. Frère theolonius Says:

    Welcom back from your french fans!

  7. Mek Smasha Says:

    good to see your back

    2 things pop up from bugs to me
    1 on a battlewagon i clicked stunned shaken ECT and the dammed thing added all wargear choices and would not let me change it back

    2 the dammed chaoss dred not having all choices in the codex

    last thing could any help me learn how to make sprites as i want to support vassal40k but i learn better from showing then reading

  8. Dark Scipo Says:

    Just load the images from the module (you can extract the files with WinZip or WinRar) and edit them with Photoshop, Gimp etc. Save as PNG for transparency and sent them in (for example to

  9. Just want to say thanks, this is a great module. I’m new to it and just getting back into 40k generally so can anyone tell me the best way (time etc?) to arrange a game?

  10. @Vassal40K I noticed your post on the “ruleslawyer” site concerning a Flames of war Vassal mod. I would like to talk to about it..

  11. Mek Smasha : unless you are good at drawing it is hard to make sprites from scratch.

    There are some tricks like :
    – using existing sprites, just modify them
    – using existing pictures of real models, reduce size and adapt a bit
    – start with a small project like changing a model’s color, adding a weapon, etc.

  12. knightyc Says:

    Hi guys im working on a stormraven sprite and upgrades if intrested in it email me

  13. hey I think I have sent the stormraven to the right place please could someone let me know the email im supposed to send it too just incase. Also if it has gone to the right place please let me know what you think. πŸ™‚


  14. to Hoosier Says:

    @Hoosier: Very fine, write me a mail to

  15. @nightyc very nice sprite, have got any more your working on?

  16. hey guys just to let you know im working on the new furioso now what would I have to name the magna grapple addon file or would you rename it?

    Cheers Chris

  17. Vassal_40k Says:

    Don’t worry about naming. We’ll sort all that out. πŸ™‚

  18. Man good to know you are feeling better.

  19. Hi guys, finally finish the dark eldar ext. Whoo hoo, sorry it took so long. Sent it in and just wait for it to be posted. Hope you all like the new sprites.

  20. Zach Cohen Says:

    Hey, I’m new to this, and I just looked at the Vassal website and it said the 40k module was banned, is there still a way to get this?

  21. look at the post below this one and it will give you a dl link for it πŸ˜‰

  22. Zach Cohen Says:

    Don’t know how I missed that, thanks!

  23. Hi, is there any info when will be released dark eldar update for vassal?

  24. Hellhammer Says:

    Im thinking of helping out making Sprites, i just want to know, how big do the sprites have to be?

  25. Exigency Says:

    Any word on an ETA for 4.5?

  26. Heyho, would you please consider to make another option in the [To Hit/Penetrate] roll for +2D6 Weapons ? (Chainfists, Meltabombs(!!), Eviscarators, etc)

    It’s really a pain the ass to roll and add them like 10 times by urself!

  27. Hellhammer: You can extract the extension files with winzip or winrar and get all sprites.

    Kaho: Thanks we will look into that.

    Exigency: New post πŸ˜‰

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