Another delay

Most unfortunally we have another delay, a major data loss corrupted our progreyss. Perhaps the data can be restored, but its more likely, that we have to start all over again.

Hopefully you will see version E including new Dark Eldar, Titans and some fixed bugs this month.


In the meantime enjoy a Skin / Persona for Firefox:

17 Responses to “Another delay”

  1. Exigency Says:

    Well, that’s not exactly the news I hoping for, of course I’m sure I’m not the only one :/

    I do have a suggestion for the models menu though, maybe you’ll be able to fit it in now if the public approves. Rather than split up the first drop down by race/army, I think it would be easier to split it by Codex (i.e. Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars and Dark Angels get their own selection separate from nilla Marines) with templates and terrain, then have the second drop down be color scheme (Chapters for nilla Marines and subsequent foundings for the other Marine Codices), third is FOC sections including Apocalypse units (since many armies don’t have them).

    Finally, I think that rather than have the FOC units in the right column, they could go into a fourth drop down, with the individual unit options in the right column.

    So the drop downs would look like:
    Space Marines
    Chapter Master

    And the column would display:
    Chapter Master
    Chapter Master Bike
    Chapter Master Terminator
    Honor Guard

    Also, if the columns were just a fixed width accommodating the model and the text I’d find it a lot simpler.

    Sorry for the long comment, just thought I’d throw out some ideas.

  2. Care to mock up a picture of exactly what you want? šŸ™‚

    And we can’t make the columns fixed width, they are all able to be resized, which is why they sometimes collapse and turn into 0 width columns.

  3. Exigency Says:

    I’d love to but I’m not really sure how I should do it? Do you have any suggestions? Is there a way people have done that before?

  4. Says:

    A friend and I just got started on our first game, and we both liked it. Too bad with the delay.
    Do you know if there are any apocs being played – since you are hoping to do some titans?

  5. Katie D Says:

    Really, really sorry to hear about the delay and the data loss that caused it. Thanks very much for sticking through things.

  6. Yeah thanks for sticking with it.
    You are legendary!

  7. You can translate this mod into Italian?
    I can try to help

  8. I am currently working on the Grey Knight extension for You all šŸ™‚
    I’ve done Nemezis Dreadknight, Paladins, PAGK, TGK with all of their equipment. Still i am learning how to edit vassal properly but i think it is all ok.

    I’ve done some terrain objects also- and my complete module is a size of 123 mb šŸ˜›

    It it still a lot of work to do, but i think i will done it since the realese of the codex šŸ˜›

    If someone would help, please make theese sprites: all for the henchmen, venerable dreadnought and HQ specials- cause i’m not the specialist in making sprites. Send it:

  9. Hey Man,

    Just like to say. I Love your Module. Its saved me money from buying some horrible models in the past, (Chaos raptors say no more ;-))

    Me and my mate use it when we have a free sunday afternoon with feth all to do. And its a joy to use :D!

    We love it and i hope you get the dark eldar mod up and running soon as i am an avid fan of them, and cannot wait to see your take on the Venom, Wracks, Grotesques and Voidraven Bomber!

    Big Fan man and good luck with your work!

    Lord Janje the Great ^^!

  10. Exigency Says:

    So, not an actual picture, but a better representation of what I meant.

    This is what it looks like now:

    Space Marines |V|
    Ultramarines |V|
    HQ |V|
    Chapter Master |V|Chapter Master |
    ——————————|Captain |
    Chapter Master |Chaplain |
    Chapter Master Bike |Librarian |
    Chapter Master Term. |Master of the Forge|
    Honor Guard |Characters |
    ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€“—————–| |
    | |
    | |
    M | |
    | |
    | |

    And now two examples as

    Space Marines |V|
    Ultramarines |V|
    HQ |V|
    Chapter Master |V|
    | |
    |Chapter Master |
    M |Chapter Master Bike |
    |Chapter Master Terminator |
    |Honor Guard |

    Blood Angels |V|
    Blood Angels |V|
    HQ |V|
    Special Characters |V|
    |Commander Dante |
    |Astorath the Grim |
    M |The Sanguinor |
    |Mephiston, Lord of Death |
    |Captain Tycho |
    |Death Company Tycho |

    So it doesn’t look as pretty as it did in Notepad, but that’s the general idea, I hope it’s more understandable.

    *Note: The “M” represents the model sprite.

  11. Exigency Says:

    Wow, awesome, that didn’t work AT ALL. I’m so glad I just wasted 15 minutes doing that. Just go ahead and delete this.

  12. Little_Czar Says:

    I think the drop down menus are fine the way they are they keep it from being to cluttered.

    Anyway hope your updating suffers no more set backs. Thanks fro making and awesome program keep up the good work.

  13. knighty Says:

    any more news on release? hope you guys got all fixed šŸ™‚

  14. Hiya Vassal40k,

    First of all thansk for the module (i’ve yet to try it).

    Couldn’t find a way of contacting you bar ‘comments’. Is there a forum associated with your work? I’ve not played 40k in years due to not knowing anyone locally who plays (small town), Vassal seems excellent however need to find an suitable (patient) opponent and don’t want to ask around on the standard 40k forums as not sure if this module is legal or not (GW causing Ā© problems?)?

    Would be good to have a simple forum here to allow people to organise games and post new maps/sprites etc?

    Also I came across a similar standalone games engine for warhammer fantasy that you could use for ideas for your project:

    Do you use a third party forum, if so any chance I could have the URL?


  15. Sad to hear of this delay!

    I run a DE army, so I’ve made a bunch of temp fixes to play with my friend online. I was hoping finally for something visually consistent to play!

  16. Warboss Says:

    not to sound demanding or anything but can you fix the nob sizes on the next release. They are small base not the 40mm base (meganobs are 40mm)

    is there anything that fans can do to help for the next release.

    Thanks for the work now i know what models to get next.

  17. Jearbear Says:

    I cannot load the models in the models tab with the newest version. they are in the Vassal40k_ext file and still no models, what should I do?

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