Back on track.

The lost data wont be back for quite a while, so we just will start again.
Don`t expect the new version in the next two or three weeks, but sometime after that.
Someone is already working on the Grey Knight update, so the new versions will inlcude not only the Dark Eldar, but new Grey Knights too (and a lot of Imperial Armour choices).
Thanks for your patience.
We saw your most recent mails and comments and we will look into that and try to implete that features and remove the failures and bugs. Again: Critic is most welcome.

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  1. We’ll wait patiently…

  2. preston Says:

    when i go to play vassal none the models show up for me so i cant rlly ply games

  3. Did you install the Extensions? They are/should be subfolders in your vassal folder.

  4. preston Says:

    ya i got them where do i go from there

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i really dont no how i mean everything i try isnt working

  6. preston Says:

    the last one was from me sorry

  7. Yep, I apologize for not posting. Still working on a GREY KNIGHTS 🙂

    This is list what i’ve done and is working 🙂 (I’m still not very proud of dreadnight sprite though wchich i made :/ )

    All have all wargear options in codex

    – Paladins done
    *TROOPS – done
    *Dedicated Transports done
    *FAST ATTACK done (made 2 different backpack style -still deciding 😛 )

    standard PAGK- done (with all wargear) – this can be used as Purifiers, Purgation Squad, Strike Squad – because i don’t know how to distinguish them beside label… :/

    If someone will do special characters it would be great- cause i’m not very good in graphic 😛

    Still much work to do- HENCHMENS 😛 – i get nervous when i think of them- too much work :/
    and of course all HQ choices…

    I will try to upload my current work someday- when i figure out how to export an extension (couse i just cloned Inquisitorial and renamed it with Grey Knights :P)

    Besides that i imported some terrain to vassal and with all upgrades i made vassal weights about 130 mb…

  8. Excellent work on the 40k vassal stuff guy(s). Have used it a few time and am highly impressed. Was going to play a friend with some Dark Eldar soon, hope the update will be along shortly 🙂

  9. Katie D Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for getting Vassal40K back on track after that really unfortunate data loss. Without you, we’d still be stuck with version 3.1 or whatever the heck it was called. So guys, thanks for all your hard work, please know that it’s truly appreciated.

  10. Jason Says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the support it’s very much appreciated 🙂
    The Grey Knights Ext will be complete in the next few days, I’ll post a few previews soon and it should be in the next release. Again thanks for the support guys, we’ll get there in the end 🙂 cheers

  11. Raptoer Says:

    Hello all, I’m interested in helping out with the 40k module. I’m a professional programmer, and would love to get access to the source to contribute.

  12. Monodominant Says:

    Great job with the module and congrats.

    Jason do you have any idea when the next release, that you mention in your post, will be? I dont need a specific date but more like “a couple of days”, “a few days”, “a week or so” or “in a few weeks” kind of generic answer just to know when and what to expect.

    Thanks a million!

  13. Jason Says:

    @Raptoer the source code can be found on the vassal web site
    The module code can be unzipped I think, but the engine is on the web site and has a community working on it, if you go there I’m sure they will point you in the right direction.
    @monodominant the only info I have is what was originally posted, not sure how far they are with the next release. Only know what I’ve done so far then it all gets put together when things get finished by other people if they are working on something else.


  14. Raptoer Says:

    The Vassal engine site does not have the V40k source as GW doesn’t like it. When I unzipped the vmod file all I found are .class files, and you need the original .java files to work on it.

    If I can, I would like to add the following to V40k
    – A height map of sorts, in effect an overlay which denotes impassible, dangerous, difficult, and shoot-overable terrain.
    – Squads, right now I think we only have individual units. You would select a group of units and merge them into a squad. This would allow you to remember who is in which squad, so you don’t ever get mixed up. It may also allow you to allocate wounds more quickly.
    – An auto-shooting phase, I select a single type of unit, and a single gun type within those, then select the type of unit to receive that attack. NOTE: All the rolls will be invisible, it will only say if it succeeded or failed for each type of roll. I intend to make it extremely difficult to take V40k and extract the attributes of each unit/gun. Hopefully this will spare us from some of GW’s wrath.

    I know it’s kind of ambitious, but I have a lot of time on my hands, and a lot of drive to build this. I really love 40k, but have been having a hard time finding anyone to play with reliably, it just happens too infrequently. In addition my hands shake terribly so I cannot paint anything beyond the most basic designs. Now I just wish to help out, and maybe a miracle will happen and I will be able to convince GW that V40k increases sales of their products by allowing players to be more confident in their choices of units.

  15. No matter how V40k affects GW sales : sprites and names use their IP. And IP is all GW has.

    Your ideas would be extremely hard to implement : currently a mini in V40k is just a bunch of sprites and a few properties, but nothing like rules.
    Then it will change the game : vassal is an engine to play tabletop games on a computer. You have to play v40k like the tabletop game, identifying your units with a particular colour, attributing terrain type in function of what the sprite depicts, etc.
    For the terrain a well made map should include a description of cover/LOS blocking. Otherwise just agree with your partner on what terrain does what. It just take a few minutes.
    For the squad just put different base colour for different squads. This way I don’t see how you can mix things. Selecting a squad is currently done by selecting all miniatures : that takes a few seconds at most. Therefore there is little to gain here.
    You are basically having the idea of making it more like a videogame, that’s not what it is. Also adding more automated game mechanisms in v40k is adding more GW IP in it.

    And a final word on you idea : look how difficult it is to upgrade just the sprites to follow the real 40K. Now think about a module including more automation : you can get pretty screwed by any new game mecanism that GW might release.

    For the source code you have to decompile that’s all we can do… :/

    I think the best things that can be done except sprites are :
    – a better tool to measure distances
    – software rendered ranges instead of fixed 1″, 2″, … sprites

  16. lordaidan Says:

    Doesn’t this already violate GW IP?

  17. Wobbles Says:

    has anyone still got the necromunda module. I want to see what its like, and possibly even work on it. the terrain being 2D is an issue but still..

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Just inquiring, what Imperial Armour units can we expect when this is released?

  19. Raptoer Says:

    Ok, so I’m ready to start help developing V40k. I’ve decompiled the source for the custom dialogs and recreated the Java files. There are a staggering number of 5 of them.

    So what do people here want to have added/fixed? I recognize that my ideas were kinda silly, so I’ll take suggestions before I think of things to do on my own.

    I’ve heard of a bug where if two people use the range tool at once it dies, but the only good way I can think of fixing that is to simply make a drop down with more than one range tool. The range tool is built into Vassal, so either we’re using it wrong somehow or it’s a bigger issue I can’t really deal with here.

    I have yet to find where the distance circles are drawn, but I think those are simply a sprite in its own layer. I might be able to just dynamically generate a sprite at a custom size, but I can’t guarantee that it will perform well.

  20. Yes the blue range things are just sprites of the appropriate size (and also shape for disembarking range).

    If I remember well I once noticed that dice results are sorted, like 6,5,5,4,4,3,2,2,1. It would be nice to have a checkbox “do not sort”.

  21. Raptoer Says:

    There is actually two To hit/wound dialogs, one of which is not shown, but has the capability to choose whether to sort or not. I don’t know if something is wrong with it, or it’s just not ready, but I’ll look into it.

    For now I’m going to work on cleaning up this code. I’m not sure how much of this is because of the decompiler, but it’s a bit odd. Not bad, just odd. Who ever wrote this put quite bit of thought into it, but probably didn’t have too much experience.

  22. Exigency Says:

    What about changing both of the “To hit” boxes (for Wound and Pen) so that you just enter the shooter’s BS? That way if you have a BS over 5 (rare, I know) there can be a code with the score table and it will re-roll automatically.

    I also noticed that whatever the code is for rending hits against armor doesn’t work:
    ” rolls 10 dice, 4+ to hit, Strength 8 against Armour 10, rending…
    * 6 out of 10 dice hit (4+) = (6,5,5,4,4,4,3,2,2,2)
    * 3 dice glance (2), 2 dice penetrate (3+) = (3,3,2,2,2,1)”

    I had some thoughts about changing the To wound to Strength/Toughness values like To penetrate and changing “re-roll missed hits” to “Twin-linked” but that would make sniper weapons complicated and I think there are more instances where re-rolls are applicable.

  23. hey, glad I found this again. Is this the same guy that was creating it before?

  24. Not for the sprites at least 😀

  25. Is the DE sprite range getting an overhaul ? I have enough skill with paint to do some sprites for ya , will prob just start with top down photos of the figures in question and paint them out, can shrink em down as small as you like from there I’m guessing ? would be nice if they had finished the whole mini range , still hopefully not to long for the last bitz

  26. Jason Says:

    @black light the DE have been done and just need to be implemented into the next release, but thanks for the offer. Been a bit busy in the last few weeks so not been able to finish grey knights, but only have a couple of inquisitors and a few HQ’S to do then done.

  27. Anonymous Says:


    One of your idea’s is actually pretty good for what some of our games need
    “A height map of sorts”

    One of the main issues with some of the games I play is the issue of Cover saves for Vehicles due to this very issue

  28. Raptoer Says:

    Rending looks like it works fine, make sure you do a lot of rolls to make sure you’re not just getting bum results.
    I started working on adding that use skill as a preference, but I’ve set it to the side for the moment. If set then it gives you 2 input boxes instead of the normal one. The first would be for ballistics skill, or the attacker’s weapon skill and the second would be for the defenders weapon skill if applicable.

    Right now I’m working on fixing the range LoS so more than one player can use it at the same time. I’m trying to implement a button that would create a new range line for each player, but it’s a little complicated.

    When I said height map I was referring to some way to differentiate between difficult, dangerous, and impassable terrain. Adding an actual height map (as in making a layer that is like a topo map) wouldn’t be all THAT hard, but it wouldn’t entirely solve your problem. You may now know the height of an obstacle, but unless you have the model to measure then you don’t know the height of your vehicle. You could always guess at the height of the vehicle, but then you might as well guess at the height of the obstacle too.

    I don’t really know what else to add/change, I honestly can’t find anything lacking. Unless someone else can come up with anyone I’ll just throw what I’ve done up (it uses the fancy to hit box instead of the non-fancy one) and disappear.

  29. regarding the height, why not assign a number to each piece of terrain, 1-4.

    1, high enough to give infantry cover
    2. high enough to give small vehicles/monstrous creatures cover
    3. high enough to give large vehicles cover
    4. high enough to give super heavy vehicles cover.

    obviosuly, if something is high enough to give a larger model cover, the smaller model gains the advntage too.

  30. Brian2000 Says:

    I would like to see a tool (marker) that when placed on the board you can click on it and specify a variable circle diameter template instead of a fixed 1″, 2″, etc

  31. Jaxom Says:

    I know a height map of some sort would solve many arguments i’ve had over odd LOS ‘s (can my skimmer on a hill see that unit over and just past those woods). i had to resort to the old battletech method in excel to prove my point.

  32. Jaxom Says:

    also update on timetable for the grey knights extension? i’ve started playing them a lot lately and scouring the old inquisition forces is sort of a pain. not to mention using flying landraiders for storm ravens is just too weird.

  33. Masaki Says:

    Woah, i thought this thing got shut down AGES ago! I stip have the mega pack from the day the site shut down! How has this not been shut down again yet?!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Since you dont have much major options, you could add the minor ones.

  35. RhymesWithDuck Says:

    Is the 40k module still open source? only the java class files are included with the mod. Is there a way to get the java files in order to modify/contribute.


  36. RhymesWithDuck Says:

    BTW I am a java programmer and will have some free time in the next month or two to work on this project. If help is still needed email me at.

    that email address should be good until 6/8/2011 or two weeks from now.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Purifiers have white helmets whereas normal Strike Squad PAGKs have standard silver ones

  38. Wait, this is still alive?

    I dont know how you guys play 40k on a 2d program. True LOS rules requires 3 models…otherwise every game degenerates into “is this unit tall enough to give cover” or “does X have cover to Y”.

  39. Katie Drake Says:

    @June Yup it’s still alive. Remember that V40K was never once intended to be a replacement for tabletop 40K – everyone is well aware that the two are not at all the same and that Vassal has its failings. Most people use it as a (very) rough way of testing lists and as a way to play games with people that they would never meet otherwise. As long as both parties are willing to be reasonable, it’s quite possible to play a satisfying game of 40K on Vassal, which has a lot to do with why it hasn’t died yet.

  40. How often do you check the true LOS in a real game.
    Most of the time you don’t need it and your standing point of view is sufficient. In the same way a 2D representation is sufficient.

    When a unit is giving cover to another, having only a rough idea of the models’ height is sufficient. At least I don’t find a huge difference between my virtual and real games (except when playing a lot of multilevel ruins).

  41. The arguments ive seen on vessel are mostly about how much cover the terrain gives. Is this building large enough to block LOS? Or cover half? Or just short of half? Etc.

    I honestly think vassal would be a lot better if it came up with a way to solve the true LOS issue. A nice feature would be a random map generator as well(most of the map packs back when i played had maps that were VERY terrain heavy).

  42. Jason Says:

    Hi guys, finally finished the Grey Knights EXT. sorry took so long. well i’ll send it to the team tomorrow and hopefully will see it soon in the next version.
    thanks for your patience.

  43. Aidan Says:

    Any ETA to finish?

  44. vassalfan Says:

    I would love to see more terrain in future versions a few things I can think of

    – rivers / water
    – bridge
    – Fields / farm land
    – swamp / bog
    – More civilian / generic vehicles
    – dirt paths/trails

  45. Jason Says:

    @Vassalfan I have done some water and a bridge and will send in soon when added a few more. There was some water features already done in the original mod but have dissappeared, I have the sprites and will include them with the next terrain ext.

  46. Jesse Says:

    Do we have a new date for when this will be up? I don’t mean to sound annoying and pushy, I love this, and you’ve done awesome work – thanks heaps!

  47. vassalfan Says:

    @jason that is great to hear! The more sprites the better! Keep up the fantastic work!

  48. Jason Says:

    hi Guys,
    well i emailed vassal40k some time ago now and had no response, don’t know what’s happening. but anyway i’ve uploaded what i’ve done and this is in NO WAY AN OFFICIAL UPDATE!!!! i’ve tried to make sure there are no bugs and that everything is included, so forgive me if it’s not upto scratch. this can be used until the main update is finished. included is a re-structure of the inquisition ext removing the DH and adding the Grey Knights into the main army list. the DE, Inquisition and GK ext along with the new Terrain ext are included. now the water features in the terrain( except the bridge and the bog which are mine are the original water made by Tim Davis.) and also the Eldar terrain is his. the other new ones are mine. right so here is the link for the rar file and hope everything works ok.

  49. Jason Says:

    p.s the Grey knights are in the main list now which wont appear unless you use the Vassal40k.vmod file included in the download.
    p.p.s sorry if i have stood on some toes with this update.

  50. Jason Says:

    p.p.p.s also forgot to mention that the stormraven sprite was sent in but can’t find who it was that sent it, so thanks to who ever made the sprite 🙂

  51. Exigency Says:

    I hate to nitpick, but there were just a few things that I noticed that sort of bugged me.

    First of all and most simply, the only color scheme for the DE is simply named “Red.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there should be more or that the color scheme is wrong, but I feel like the colors and names should coincide with the Kabals that are featured in the Codex, similar to the way that the Space Marines are set up.

    Second, there are quite a few units in the Grey Knights that feature “Grey Knights” before the name. I mean does the unit really need to be called a “Grey Knights Dreadknight” or “Grey Knights Interceptor Squad” for us to know that it belongs to a Grey Knights army? The only functional reason I bring this up is because it makes resizing the “models” windows quite bothersome.

    Alright, I’m done whining and making trouble for now, hopefully I haven’t made myself out to be a complete and total dink.

  52. Exigency Says:

    Since I was so obnoxious I’m going to try to redeem myself by being helpful. Here are the Grey Knight units which feature extraneous adjectives in the hopes that, should someone decide to fix them, this will make it easier.

    Venerable Dreadnought
    Strike Squad
    Terminator Squad (listed as Terminators, don’t know if anyone cares to fix consistency)
    Interceptor Squad
    All Heavy Support choices

  53. Jason Says:

    No, your ok Exigency, like i said there are things that i would miss so thanks for the heads up, i’ll rename and upload for the end of the week. but as for the sprites are they ok?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I already have Vassal and have been using it for a while now, but I can’t get this download to work with it. Could someone explain what to do with it after I have gotten it?

  55. Quite awesome!! Thanks so much for the link!

  56. Jaxom Says:

    Many thanks

  57. Katie Drake Says:

    Thanks bros.

  58. Exigency Says:

    Jason, the sprites look pretty damn good, but I did notice that Duke Sliscus looks a little large (at least his arms do), the Razorwing flock looks like one larger bird and I can’t see much difference between the Hellion and Helliarch other than the arm being offset slightly (not that it really matters at, having a sprite with a label is more than sufficient for Vassal). Again, I hate to gripe so much because I’ve contributing absolutely nothing material to this, but I thought I’d give my opinion.

    Also, I picked up on some spelling errors, such as Libarian, Assassinsorum, and Venerble, so you might want to run through and double check that.

    If I’m pissing you off yet just tell me to shut up, haha.

  59. Exigency Says:

    Anonymous looking for help:

    Download the file and open it using WinRar, then copy and paste the NEW module into whatever folder you have your old module stored in (such as C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\Vassal40k) and replace it, then do the same thing with the extension files into the Vassal40k_ext folder, which should be contained in the same folder as the module.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Personally very disappointed by the effort on DE: Misspellings, no oval base for the flyers, and confusing weapon configuration settings. Now, I didn’t really compare Venom size to Raider, but was/is it difficult to just get a Vyper Sprite and cut out the gun and voila? lol

    Scourges still have Splinter Rifles, they’re armed with Shardcarbines. Give them a Splinter Cannon/Dark Lance and they still have said Rifles? Da eff, lol?

    No option to label the Archon fields (Clone/Shadow) yet we have the option to remove his cloak for some odd reason…(So the Eldar can show their Psy Powers on themselves by clicking the appropriate stuff while we gotta use Model Info…I know I’m being nitpicky here but tis the point of critiques 😛

    2″ around all the vehicles re: all open-topped vehicles could help quite a bit not only for DE but for Orks too, just adding to the possibilities good sirs.

    Oh, and c/paste the passenger option from Raiders to the Venoms although that might be hard to do, cool details!

    Checking base size on beasts they should be on 40mm or the equivalent of Termies now, nice catch on the Beastmasters, most people forget the options you gave them.

    And entirely ENTIRELY nitpicky – Reavers are on the new smaller bases like Gargoyles, lol.

    Didn’t get to see the GK so no comment there.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Oh and the Archon can’t do Djin Blade, Venom Blade, Splinter Pistol combo, that’s odd.

  62. knightyc Says:

    thats my storm raven i did for the blood angels…. but has gk colours

  63. knighty Says:

    do you have the blood angel version as my pc died and i had to format and lost it would suck if it never got put in after like 20 hours of work 😦 I see the add-ons I made are still red..

  64. @Knighy yes I do still have the sprite for the blood angels. I did mention that someone sent in the stormraven but couldn’t find ref to who it was, so thanks for your work 🙂
    As for all the bugs/mistakes/spelling ect I will get onto those as quick as I can and upload the update. I’ll give it a week tho in case you find more. I did my best.

  65. grey knight dreadnaught had issue with cycling the right side weapon. is the dreadknight really that huge in comparison to a dreadnaught? spelling errors/grey knights labeling as mentioned 😀 other than that i didn’t catch anything but again, the sprites look good and i appreciate your efforts on my behalf. thnx.

  66. Also dreadknight had an “Activate” option instead of personal teleporter.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    How would I go about getting this to work on a Mac? Anyone know?

  68. Exigency Says:

    Just remembered and can’t believe I almost forgot, can we get some Battlesuit Support System/Wargear, Infantry Armoury and Vehicle Armory menus? I hate having to mark on the model info what support system my suits have or what hardwired systems my commanders have or what equipment I’ve added to my vehicles. A menu similar to psychic powers is all that’s needed, sprite add-ons aren’t even necessary. Team leader sprites should get added as well so that they can have menus too.

    I also think that Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, and Black Templars should be separated from Vanilla Marines.

    Finally I also also still think that the last drop down box (for selecting type of unit, such as a captain in power armor, on a bike, or in terminator armor) should be switched with the panel (that includes all models in a force organization slot, such as Chapter Master, Captain, Chaplain or Librarian for Space Marine –>Ultramarine –> HQ

  69. Anonymous Says:

    How much longer before Dark Eldar and Grey Knights will be done!?

  70. Exigency Says:

    They are done. Read the comments.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    There a reason its not in same format? I cant get it to work…

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I cant get mine to work ugh 😦

  73. Hey thanks so much for making this but i cant seem to get the Inquisition/Grey knights to work but the dark eldar look sweet!

  74. Ninjastian Says:

    I noticed that it seems a lot of people can’t get it to work, so I basically did the work for you and added the new files to the old ones. You can download it here (I didnt’t change the name):

  75. Exigency Says:

    You have to make sure everything is in the correct directory. Here are the instructions I gave someone looking for help earlier.

    Download the file and open it using WinRar, then copy and paste the NEW module into whatever folder you have your old module stored in (such as C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\Vassal40k) and replace it, then do the same thing with the extension files into the Vassal40k_ext folder, which should be contained in the same folder as the module.

  76. Thanks so much Ninja im terrible with computers you saved me!

  77. knighty Says:

    still has the old ba storm raven were is mine why has someone took my sr and edited it and it been put in but mines not in there…. I can tell its mine from the add ons to the 2″ door radius

  78. Confused Says:

    Im lost, i downloaded both (vassal40k 5.4D & the vasssal_ext) but they are just single items..were do i place them?

    I tryed to put them together, nothing. I tried to open new module with using the 5,4D file & it wont open. someone help pleae

  79. Exigency Says:

    Also about Tau, I think there should be a Bodyguard unit under Commander in HQ and the Crisis and Stealth teams in the Elite slot don’t even HAVE Shas’ui or Shas’vre options.

    Another way to differentiate would be for Crisis Shas’ui to have the same color heads as bodies, Shas’vre to have white heads, and commanders have maroon heads.

    If someone wants to shoot me an e-mail explaining how to do the coding for this I would be glad to do it myself.

  80. @knighty
    I have already told you that I have the sprite for they ba sr, the only updates I did were the grey knights and the de. I can update just the sr for the ba but if you have an issue with your sprites being used for different chapters then please let us know when you send them in. If you want I will remove the sprite from the GK and use a different one. I appreciate the help you have done I was not the one updating the ba and I hope i have made this clear.
    I will work on making the changes this week and release the new update at the weekend.

  81. knightyc Says:

    sorry. I flew off on one. Dad died last week and kinda hit me hard. Didnt mean to annoy I was just hoping that I could see my sr finally working.

    Sorry Cheers

  82. @knighty
    No worries, sorry to hear about your dad, I’ll put your sprite in the ba ext and upload for the weekend.
    Cheers Jason

  83. Poppa Bear Says:

    A few things about DE.

    :need Courts for Archons
    :Raiders need update
    :Venoms are too large (look more like a flying chariot) & need Wracks as a passenger option & flicker field
    :Wyches need grenade options
    beasts need 40mm bases (terminator size)
    :Duke looks bigger then
    :Voidvenom Bomber does not come with x4 missles as a default

    & also..I miss my purple Raiders/Raveners ;(

    Thanks a million guys!

  84. Exigency Says:

    Another thing: Aspect warriors and Special Characters for Eldar should be incorporated into the regular FOC slots.

  85. Exigency Says:

    Grey Knight Warrior Acolyte Henchman’s weapon options are COMPLETELY jacked up.

  86. @Exigency
    What do you mean by jacked up, I need a little more than just that. Thank you for give me some constructive criticism but can you be more specific than jacked up.
    I can then give you a reason or sort whatever it is.

  87. Exigency Says:

    Sorry, I don’t even know how to describe it. When you cycle through the next weapon option, it looks like there’s another model in the middle, and the weapon is pointing out of where the original models chest is. When you cycle through the model’s left and right hand weapons, the placement looks a little unnatural and an option for each side is no weapon… or arm. It might be easier to understand if you take a look for yourself, but I hope this was more helpful.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    I have a mac and for the life of me I cannot get this to work, please help

  89. I have a mac and cannot figure out how to do this, please help

  90. Anonymous Says:


  91. @Exigency
    i see what you mean, the problem was that the weapon cycle was happening with both the right hand and the two hand weapons as they were the same short cut. the position of the right hand weapons do need adjusting which i’ll get onto.
    as for the de they will take a little longer as i realise just before the post of poppa bear that there was no court of archon. there are also new models that have been released so i can try and update those too.

    the grey knights will still be on for sat.

    @Anonymous, how do you suggest we do pain tokens other than have a sprite on each model that can have them?(which will take some time to do and will be a pain when killing models if you have only one and look messy if they all have them.) i can add a sprite like the little green skull if you prefer? let me know. what is smh??????

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Lol….smh= shaking my head.

    As for the pain tokens, I was thinging something simple like the Eldar tokens for Doom=D Guide=G etc, But use numbers instead (1-3) nothing too

    Also, the Web Portal needs to be able to be cloned so it may be saved along with the army during the create logfile preccess, please get rid of those awful venoms & update the beasts to their proper base sizes.


  93. Anonymous Says:

    i forgot, for the pain tokens…maybe yiu can put what they do on the pop up when you rest the cursor on it so the 1 token will show Feel No Pain, The 2 token will sho FNP & Furious Charge & so forth..

    OR better yet!!!! make one token that you can right click & Update to a 2 & then a 3 & so on.. so you would only have to make 1 token instaed of 3..follow?

  94. Poppa Bear Says:

    I also noticed no phantasm grenade launcher option.

    I agree with Anonymous (great Idea) there should be 1 token that can be up’d so as to not take up more time & space..


  95. Raptoer Says:

    @Zack and others with Mac problems,

    What is the problem? Since Vassal is all java there should be no issues. All you have to do for V40k is load the module in Vassal, nothing special needed on a Mac at all.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    I solved my Mac problems – I needed to download a program Unrar to extract the .rar file – I hadn’t realised that at first. Once I did that, it was absolutely fine.

  97. Hi guys, I’ve implemented the changes suggested for the grey knights and here is the upload.
    hope there are no more probs with this ext, if there are let me know.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Great! now whats the eta on the DE stuff?

  99. Anonymous Says:


    what file I should use now when I have the 5.4d file only?
    The last link (2011-0618) or do I need further files?

    Are there more ext-files for new terrain,or other races or apocalypse?


  100. I will re-upload the module file and the updated ext files in one download for the people that have not got the new stuff. I’ll leave the GK ext up for those that have already downloaded the previous one and need the updated one. As for the DE ext I’ll be working on it as and when I get the time, hopefully it will be ready by the end of next week.
    Cheers jason

  101. knighty Says:

    will the other updates like the ba sr be in the next upload or in with the de

  102. @knighty
    i’ll put the sr in the ba ext and have that to upload by sat. but that will be the only update to the ba ext that i will be doing.
    here is the mod and the other ext as before but with the latest GK ext.


  103. Anonymous Says:

    Did this die? Givent that the last response from Raptoer was a while ago…

  104. Did what die?????

  105. hay guys i went to play a game on vassal the other day that had terrain such as bogs, rivers and tyranid capillary towers. i was wondering if A: this was and addition from you guys and i just missed it and B: if you guys hadnt released things like this, if they are planned.
    that being said, i would just like to say that you guys are doing an amazing job, and speaking for everybody who plays 40k on vassal, thank you guys 😀

  106. @Brandon
    Yes to first question, if you read a few post up then you will see the the terrain was mentioned and credit given for the various people that contributed.
    Second question not quite sure what your asking, but if it’s are the ext planned then yes when new dex is released we try to get ext updated asap. Things like terrain anyone can send them in a we will try to get them put in on the next release.
    Things are up in the air at the mo tho with vassal40k not responding to mails. I’ll keep trying.
    P.s finished the new sprite for the venom tonight and will keep updated on progress.

  107. Poppa Bear Says:

    “P.s finished the new sprite for the venom tonight and will keep updated on progress.”

    YES!! cant wait to see that & the new Raider on the table.

  108. Hi!
    I don’t understand. Is Vassal40k 5.4-E version compleate, or not? If yes, there it can be downloaded?

  109. @viktor
    no this is not version 5.4-E, this was supposed to be just a small update for the new codexs just stuff that i’ve done myself. the new version will be released by Vassal40K when he get back on-line(no idea what is going on, no response to emails)
    @Poppa Bear
    the raider that is already in the ext is fine, i wont be doing a new sprite of that model, sorry.
    here is the new SR sprite that Knighty kindly spent time doing for us and is now in the BA, Not got the codex so just swapped the sprite out for the new ones and left the options the way they were. if there is anything missing/wrong with it then let me know and i’ll sort it.

  110. Doh!!!!
    here is the link for the SM/BA update.
    p.s. @ viktor read the comments and you will see where to get the files 🙂

  111. Poppa Bear Says:

    What?? No Raider???? You made neww LR & SR for GK.. the least you can do is fix the fins & add features for accessories (aether sailsn grisly trophies, flicker fields etc..) The reason I ask is that the current ones fins are way too big & after the recent FAQ’s aot of guys are crying about having the tips of the sailss hang slightly off the board edge (rediculous if you ask my as its obviously above the vehicle & not below were it might be an issue) Just see what you can do brother. Thanks

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Two things…
    one, what is in the previously mentioned space marine update?
    and two, how do I get the Grey Knight data?

    I’m using 5-4d, and I’ve got everything I need except the GK extension.

  113. If read the comments you will find what your looking for.
    Read June 18th and June 22 posted by Jason.
    Cheers Jason

  114. right, just finished a couple more sprites, now i need some feed back as to what base you want the reavers to be on. it’s been suggested that they are now on small bases so i’ve put them on the standard infantry base. do you want them on that one or keep the same base as before, bearing in mind consistency, which means all jet bikes would need to be changed to new base.
    need feedback asap.

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Nah leave them as they are. no need to fixsomething that aint broken.

  116. Anonymous Says:


    great job. What do you think about some download listing on the main page? Its a little bit heavy to stay on track in those comments…

    And another question. Where I can load those terrain-addon mentioned in the comments above?

    And are there any addons which enables planetstrike terrain such as the bastions and defencelines?


  117. Woot. Let’s hope this thing doesn’t die until there’s an official turn-based computer version of 40k

  118. Now if we could just make this work with multiple levels for a 3D gameplay experience, and then add 3D models I’d be very very happy.

  119. Exigency Says:

    I’ve had that exact same thought. Some sort of online computer program would be sick. You could but it, then purchase electronic products from an online store so they still make money, then there could be an army painter like in the Dawn of War games (but less shitty) the models would actually move and shoot after dice rolls, vehicles could actually explode, and dies could fall over and die. It would be epic.

  120. Poppa Bear Says:

    So whats the word on the DE stuff?

  121. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys figured i might as well ask here.

    Does anyone know of a vassal module for warhammer fantasy?

  122. Jason Says:

    Hi guys, been really busy this week also my mum has been in hospital so not had time to do much. Will get back on to it Monday.

  123. knighty Says:

    what happened to vassel 40k :s

    wouldnt it be better to make a way so the updates arent just posted here.. like another site maybe for vassel 40k??

  124. this IS the 40k site. just the site managers have disappeared for a while so we’re all chatting up the board. Jason is just helping things along independently in their absences which i appreciate greatly since i got GK sprites now.

  125. Says:

    I think jasons done a hell of a lot of good work 🙂 I might do some more sprites soon depends on time. Is there any we need?

  126. Poppa Bear Says:

    I agree, Jason stepped up & done alot of great things.. I applaud you. Hope momma gets better. Thank you again for all you’ve done.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Stop making things in .rar files you stupid fucks it makes everyone download something to open the whatever they just downloaded.


  128. Says:

    get winrar or 7zip then dumbass google it and dont come on and slag people off doing a lot of good work.

  129. well said Knightyc, thanks for the support.
    also dickhead it wont work when you download just the file i’ve tried it before, that’s why it’s in rar format also it’s compressed so don’t take as long to upload. seeing as you didn’t leave a name like some kind of coward keep your negative comments to yourself.

    anyway, archons court is finished, new skyboard for the hellarch, reavers done and working on the new Razorwing which should be able to fin soon. will look through the comments again and make sure i haven’t missed anything and hopefully will be able to get done for the weekend.
    p.s. @Knighty thanks for the offer, your SR is very good, any more would be much appreciated. i’ll have a look and get back to you on the mail you left as a name.

  130. Poppa Bear Says:

    Jay, please reconsider making a new Raider.. the faq’s that came out last week makes wings on vehicles count as hull & I have already encountered a few jackasses that want to utilize our current sprite to their advantage as well as those that complain when the fins hang over the edge. just saying if it isnt too much work. & dont forget to make the web portal cloneable so we can save it along with our sprites. Thanks.

  131. Poppa Bear Says:

    Oh & of corse the pain tokens (cant forget those)

  132. @poppa bear
    Ok, I’ll do a new raider and I’ve already done the pain token, but if you get more than three you’ll have to put it in the info text(for the purpose of sharing when IC split from units). Razorwing flock and clawed fiend sprites done too
    Cheers Jason

  133. Poppa Bear Says:

    YES!!!! are the man bro!!

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic work on the sprites! but has anyone else had trouble with 2 twin linked autocannons on the gk dread… its odd i cant get them on the right arm. Thanks for all the work you guys do!

  135. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys figured i might as well ask here.

    Does anyone know of a vassal module for warhammer fantasy?.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    Guys please stop asking about fantasy, Its obvious there isnt any or someone would have posted it by now. So for the hundreth time NO! there isnt any fantasy anymore…Keep your posts on the topic at hand Vassal 40 fuckn K!

  137. Anyone else had that problem with the Grey Knight Dread? no twin auto cannons or option for psy ammo… I think i have the most up to date module :(.

  138. Anonymous Says:

    Jason, thanks for your work in keeping these up to date. you rock!
    I would like to make a request if I can, when you’re ready to upload all of these new updates, can we get it as one completely updated set of files. I would like to get some friends into this and it would be great if they could download one updated file for easy install.
    And to the jack-hole who doesn’t like .rar files, go fuck off and write your own module

  139. Anonymous Says:

    There was a 40K mod for 2nd Edition around a while ago, does it still exist? Keep up the good work, guys.

  140. Hi guys, just finished the new Razorwing jetfighter and working on the new raider, think this will take longer than i thought so wont be done by this weekend. will keep you updated.

    there will be a complete update with everything you need once i’ve finished the DE and will put the DE ext up separate as well for those who have the rest of the stuff.

    Ok now, i’ll be mailing vassal40k tonight to see if he responds, i’ll give it a few weeks but if there is no response i was considering putting up my own site for the new module releases as i would be able to control the site and not have to have 100+ posts, like one post said it’s hard to keep track of stuff.

    i’ll be recruiting too, so if anyone has the time that would be great.
    what i need is
    1)mod/ext editors, guys who will take the sprites and edit them into the ext/module.
    2)more sprite artists
    3)some testers to make sure that everything is in order so we don’t get the probs that we got when i released my stuff 🙂

    like i said this will be in a couple of weeks and i’ll drop an email for you to volunteer for the roles.
    hope you get behind the new project.

  141. knighty Says:

    hey jason just mail me soon as you need any help with the sprites i could help with some parts of site too or mod forums anything 🙂

  142. Poppa Bear Says:

    Hey J, I dont mind being a tester.

  143. Hi Jason,

    In two years I’ve made a few sprites for my old V5.2b
    Maybe you can include some of them in your work.
    Have a look here :
    Sprites are in the same folder.

    The chaos rhino alternate roofs work well, the coloured hull is a bit too subtle.
    The other too big chaos tanks are custom vehicles I made first by drawing and then with a photo, you probably don’t need them.
    And finally I tried to make a V5 raider sprite out of a photo but it doesn’t look very nice (and has no options at all).



  144. Anonymous Says:

    I have a question,why does Drigo hold his sword in left hand?

  145. Anonymous Says:

    I’m brand new to Vassal, and a DE player, so I’m excited to see what you’ve got coming. Thanks for the hard work!

  146. Does anyone happen to have WH Fantasy sprites? (specifically skaven plague monks and dryads) as my irl DE army uses these as conversions and I’d enjoy having existing sprites as a base to make my own so my vassal force can match my irl one 😛

  147. Exigency Says:

    Jason did you remember Duke Sliscus’ arms and scarf-thing?

    Also, I’d be willing to be a tester for the new project as well, and if someone would maybe take the time to give me an intro to vassal programming I could work my way into being an editor.

  148. bigcherokee0 Says:

    I’d be willing to be a mod/ext editor, possibly a sprite artist as well.

  149. hi guys, new raider done. T
    hanks for the Volunteers for the various roles, once the DE ext is finished ill be working on the new site and look up everyone who offered and get in contact before the site goes live.
    just a few more sprites and tweeks to go then done. bear with me 🙂

  150. knighty Says:

    sounds great jason looking forward to the new site and helping out 😉

  151. Katie Drake Says:

    I’d be happy to test as well. If you have any of the emails from V40K still, you can find my address there. Thanks for taking on this responsibility.

  152. Poppa Bear Says:

    Thanks J for considering the new Raider sprite for me…um “us” Cant wait to see the finished product(s).

  153. Hi guys, new ravenger done, working on talos and cronos engines. i think that they are the last to be done. will be done by next weekend and possibly the first post of the new site.

  154. knighty Says:

    cool cant wait.also looking forward to a new home for vassel 40k 🙂

  155. Poppa Bear Says:

    Cool! did you rebase the beasts to their respective 40mm size?

  156. I am astonished! Thanks so much for your help despite my disapperance.

    My laptop crashed again and then I got an offer to go to the UK for some months (will be back in autum) and got no time for V40k until now.

    I hope we will get all back on track soon, but after seeing so much helpers I am very confident.

    Again: If you want to help and joint the team write us under

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Jason,

    once you finished the DE sprites, can you maybe release ALL new stuff you made in one download? would be easier than scanning all the comments for different download links^^

  158. hjalfnar_feuerwolf Says:


    You guys are doing an excellent job, there is just one small problem. If you want to download the must up-to-date-version, you always say: read the comments…wtf??? the comments are unreadable! a horrible mishmash off dowmloads and comments, i just read through this crap two times and still can make no sense of it^^. is it possible fpr someone to upload just one (1) COMPLETE version with all mods included? the 40k-fanworld wants to start a new league and there is no clearance about the “right” version. so please, can anybody do us a favour?

    thx hjalfnar_feuerwolf

  159. @hjalfnar_feuerwolf
    The only reason that the updates were in the comment is that vassal40k went offline for a while and I decided to release the updates I had done but I didn’t have access to the admin of the site, so the only way to do it was to post in the comments. Rest asurred that the new updates will be easy to find now that vassal40k is back to admin the site.
    Cheers Jason

  160. hjalfnar_feuerwolf Says:

    Thx for this quick answer! We’ll look forward and cant wait any longer^^!

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