I am very sorry for beeing absent for so long.
My laptop crashed again and then I got an offer to go to the UK for some months (will be back in autum) and got no time for V40k until now, because of a lot of work here and caring for the children in a new country.

I still dont expect to get much done until I am back, but perhaps I can find some time.

I am astonished! Thanks so much for your help despite my disapperance.

I hope we will get all back on track soon, but after seeing so much helpers I am very confident.

Again: If you want to help and joint the team write us under



Edit: If you found bugs/missing sprites/wrong options or something like that. A list to that eMail adress is very welcome.

9 Responses to “Semi-Back”

  1. First one:D

  2. glad things are back to semi-normal for you. i appreciate everyone who puts effort into this project, especially since i’m too lazy 😛 actually i’m too busy but still.

  3. knighty Says:

    I think maybe we should all pull together and change website up a bit. maybe get a forum. if we all get together we should have an up to date version before next big release. SoB comes out over next 2 months but not sure about if they have new models??

  4. knighty Says:

    wow its gone quiet again.. have i missed something?

  5. I thought about including a forum and perhaps a match finder/calendar.

  6. Hi guys, update on DE.
    Talos Pain Engine done, just need to make sure all models have their relevant weapon and wargear/powers options then done.
    this should be done tomorrow if all goes to plan.
    hope you will like the new sprites.

  7. Katie Drake Says:

    I’d be careful about a forum, don’t want to give GW any sort of target.

  8. knighty Says:

    jason any updates??

  9. Poppa Bear Says:

    So whats the 411 J?

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