Vassal 40k Ladder on 3++

Thanks to the never tiring Katie Drake a Vassal40k Ladder has started on 3++

Enjoy Season 1.

13 Responses to “Vassal 40k Ladder on 3++”

  1. Hi Guys, DE finally done, submitted to the team for bug checking. Hope there are some things you like In the new ext.
    Working on a match finder now, would this be something you would like? More details later.

  2. Poppa Bear Says:

    Were is the download?

  3. @ popa bear
    Have given ext to vassal40k for bug checking so when that’s been done it will be posted.

  4. Expect ~3 days.

  5. Poppa Bear Says:

    ok cool.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    So Vassal I think we have all waited patiently enough. Is today “the” day?

  7. Poppa Bear Says:

    Vassal40k, Are we getting our update today as promised?

  8. Oh my god have some patience people or help out with the updates.

  9. If someone in vassal says “more or less 3 days” they really mean “a couple weeks from now”. Get used to it, they do this for us for nothing in exchange, so dont put pressure on them

  10. Poppa Bear Says:

    Yoshi , You dont even play OR have contributed so ctfo.

  11. Sorry guys, its the days will be over soon, and I have to work tomorrow. Thats why I put the ~ before the 3 days.

    I have to check 2 more sets for bugs and include 20 sprites and 2 new units in three different colour shemes.

    I think I will be done tomorrow evening.

    If you are interested, today I added more Apocalypse units, including Titans for Imperium, Eldar, Orks, Chaos and Tyranids and a couple new Flyers.

  12. Im sorry Poppa Bear what have you done to help with sprites updates? Oh right nothing but demand new things btw everyone on vassal actually hates you which is why you probably cant keep the same name lol…

  13. @ Vassal40k and Jason thank-you very very much for all the work you guys put in and for nothing in return you guys are awesome! 🙂

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