Vassal Tabletop Family grows – Warhammer Fantasy Battles

I think that most people wont even know, that finally someone has overcome the Vassal problems for moving groups of models and began a Fantasy Battle Module.

Its in a early state, but its already playable:

Good luck and thanks for the effort by the Vassal40k team!

26 Responses to “Vassal Tabletop Family grows – Warhammer Fantasy Battles”

  1. Poppa Bear Says:

    ok, I just cant seem to work this thing. All I get is 1 stinkin Skaven & some templates. can anyone help a brother out?

  2. There should be more. Did you get 0.6?

  3. I have exactly the same problem! it says it is 0.6.

  4. Poppa Bear Says:

    how do I know if its 0.6?

    I alsoo remember having a simular issue with vassal 40k, I ha to have the mo & the ext folder in the same location. could this be the same reason? (athough I dont see an ext folder in this module)

  5. Poppa Bear Says:

    ok I see that mine says version 0.4 so can someone link me to 0.6?

  6. Poppa Bear Says:

    ok i managed to find the update. but its to vassal 3.1.15 it stil only opens to 0.4 though

  7. Zandmar Says:

    Actually it’s a Scaven model and custom code for rotation – it’s there for many years already.

  8. Zandmar Says:

    I’d post a link to my own old tryouts of this code, but blog engine forbids links it seems. Well, go to Heresy Online and look for Vassal Fantasy Battles topic in Vassal Gaming Club there.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Links seem to work fine…??

  10. Zandmar Says:

    Tried several times. Either I’m an idiot or the engine doesn’t like that link. Anyway, the link to Vassal40K forum at Heresy Online is located at the Vassal40k homepage – just to the right of these news.

  11. Poppa Bear Says:

    The only info i found on Heresy were a few comments on the 0.3 version., nothing on 0.6 (or 0.4 for that matter). There has to be something that you guys can do.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Go to Heresy Online and paste the following after the site name
    That should work.

  13. Poppa Bear Says:

    Thanks, Thats the same site I posted about. I was able to download the file that holds all the rest of the armies but I dont know where that specific folder must be placed in order for the armies to be playable.

    The original download thats contained in the 1st post of this thread is the one I seem to be having the issue with. its the one thats found on the Battle tab in the it has Source, Example Mod, & a Bin but it only grants me access to version 0.4 NOT the proclaimed 0.6 wich shows me only the 3 templates & that 1 fuckn ratman.

    I need the downlowd for this 0.6 to be able to clear up all the confusion. I appreciate all the help thus far & look forward tto being able to at least get this up & running soon (with alot more

  14. hjalfnar_feuerwolf Says:

    Alright, as I come from Germany, its easier to get infos. The newest post about the Vassal-WHFB module in the german forum was written in 2009…

    And the rapidshare download there is dead. I try to reach the teamleader now. I’ll tell you when he answers.

    bb Hjalfnar

  15. hjalfnar_feuerwolf Says: I mean^^

  16. Is this Module still working?

  17. Guess not…

  18. Poppa Bear Says:

    Told you Yosh, tthis shits a

    How’s ?

  19. Empirespy Says:

    Hi, I want to start playing with some friends, so I have made some sprites, where should I send them?

  20. Fantasy or 40k?

  21. DagonLives Says:

    Any news on the Fantasy module?
    I don’t want to use Universal Battle, since its a poorly made PoS.

  22. orbitalratte Says:


    i created the Fantasy Battle Core (FBC) module based of zandmars and fightingchaos. zandmar helped me a lot. its playable for high elves and skaven. you can find it searching gw-fanworld or heresy-online

    i hope the links will work… same problems witz it like zandmar šŸ˜‰

    i will go on working (first Bretonian) if only one player response my work positivly šŸ˜‰



  23. Armando Says:

    @ Orbitalratte i’ve seen your work on the forum and it is amazing! Please continue with your work and make a lot of fellow WHFB players happy!

  24. Any news on this projet? I would really LOVE to see a fantasy module for Vassal. Please, keep us updated!

  25. Something tells me the Fantasy Vassal project is dead..

    Universal battle is good for warhammer fantasy

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