Vassal Version 5.4E released

Finally a new offical version of Vassal40k is out.

You can download Version E here:


Whats is new:

  • Main Module – A lot of terrain added, Rivers, Tau and Eldar Terrain and many more
  • Grey Knights – Seperated from Inquisition, overhaul for their new Codex
  • Dark Eldar – Overhaul for their new Codex, a lot of new sprites.
  • Imperial Guard – Thunderer, Destroyer and Tarantula Sentries added
  • Space Marines – All Dreads now can be Mortis pattern, Tarantula Sentries added
  • Tau – Tetra added
  • Apocalypse – 5 Flyers, 12 Titans and 26 Warmachines added, for Imperium, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Tau, Eldar and Tyranids.

Also we are in the middle of changing the Weapon/Arm Shortcut for everything form Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] to Ctrl-R and Ctrl-L for the german keyboard users.

72 Responses to “Vassal Version 5.4E released”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It appears there were no changes to the hellion and reaver sprites.
    Just got lazy did ya?

  2. Great !
    (and great a new comment thread to fill with >100 posts :D)

  3. Poppa Bear Says:

    Yoshi, that was me there on I dont use any of those

  4. God Poppa, you sir are quite awful for a 37 year old man! Lol

  5. Poppa Bear Says:

    YES!.. DE look better than ever, Thanks for taking my advice on the pain token..Its exactly as I descibed. Excellent work!!!

  6. Poppa Bear Says:

    Well at least I DID contribute. what have you done for us?

  7. Poppa Bear Says:

    oops, I just reread my post.. that WASN’T me on top..I dont use those units…lol

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Crying for stuff to be re-done is contributing? lmao

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Crying for stuff to be redone is contributing? lmao

  10. Katie Drake Says:

    There appears to be an issue with people’s names when using this module.

    For some reason, the word “timeS” is added to everyone’s name that uses the new version of the module for some reason that I cannot understand. =/ Changing nicknames doesn’t appear to solve the issue.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    GK regular Land raider has no option for multi-melta. 😦

  12. Poppa Bear Says:

    No Yosh, I was referring to the pain token idea.

  13. Reuploaded without time bug.

  14. CantwoRollz Says:

    Weapon Switch hotkey are not fixed 😦 but great work with the blood angel stormraven, grey knight and dark eldar.
    the apocalipse stuff are so fuzzy but ok πŸ˜‰

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Are the IG’s heroes missing or am I just blind ? πŸ˜‰

  16. something about GK
    1.Draigo should hold his sword in his right hand.
    2.GK’s rhino should have a storm bolter.
    3.There should have a option to show GK’s storm raven’s base.
    4.GK’s land raider should have a multi-melta.
    5.GK’s dreads now have fists, not blades.
    6.GK’s razorback should have a option of hunter-killer missiles. And there’s a problem with its psybolt option.
    7.GK’s dreadknights should have monster base.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    New computer with windows 7.

    For some reason I cannot find the zip file after download. I’m probably just computer stupid but need the help nonetheless.

    Vassal is downloaded and working.
    Java 6 is downloaded
    I then download the 5.4 file (trying to follow the directions on this site for proper install) and cannot find the zipped folder to place into the vassal file shown on the tutorial.

    any time I try to open the 5.4 file I get the error saying that windows cannot open the file and I get options for looking up the program online that can.

    Worked with this tonight for several hours and I’m stumped…If anyone can help please.

  18. Fish: Thanks, we got that. But we just didnt had the time to fix it in E, it will be fixed in F.

    Anonymous: Its no zip but a rar file. Unrar it, and then you should be able to open it with Vassal.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Just a few things with DE:

    Beastmasters have Agonizer as a default weapon with no option to remove it.

    Venoms can’t have dual splinter cannons when Wracks are chosen as passngers.

    Can’t clone Web Portal when creating logfile.

  20. @vassal40k

  21. Anonymous Says:

    FUCK YES!!!

    Everything I can say right now^^

  22. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm, where are the rivers? can’t find them…

    Great job anyways! Waited a long time for the DE^^

  23. my only complain is that Raiders/Ravagers seem a bit “fatty” (could be just me imagining things, idk) and that DE now can only be red. Is Black/Purple or another alternate colour going to be implemented in the future? mirror matches are gonna be confusing

    Apart from that GREAT JOB!! all the sprites are awesome, DE look fantastic now, THANKS!!^^

  24. BizarreShowbiz: Most unfortunally, we have not enough ,,spriter” because we could need more people to recolour the sprites we have. (Dark Eldar, Tau, Guard etc…).

    Anonymous: Rivers are in : Terrain -> Terrain -> Water


    Noise Marine champion should be able to have a sonic blaster.

    Also it would be fantastic to have a model’s stats somewhere when you right click them !


    Also, an issue with IG’s ordnance battery: there is no option for dozer blade. Basilisks has the DB option instead of the hunter seeker option but when you click it, a hunter seeker appears on the model.


    Sorry for the multiposting but found some other minor things. Regular berserks, plague marines and plague champion have no option for personal icons.

  28. Every bug report is very welcome. I think we can fix all of them for the next version.


    Ok cool cuz I have some more:
    -Tzeentch chaos sorcerer in termie armour is labeled as having mark of nurgle. Other versions of the tzeentch sorcerer are ok though.
    -Thousand sons are labeled as noise marines in the “models” menu.

  30. I have a mac and I am not familiar at all with .rar. How do I unrar it?

  31. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf Says:

    Thx for changing the keyboard layout^^. Isn’t that comfortable when you awalys have to chage the settings from german to english^^


    Got some suggestions:
    -Sometimes when creating a map, some terrain sprites go underneath the others and dont appear. Would be cool to have a “always on top” option.
    -Would also be cool to have shortcuts for D6 and 2D6 rolls, as these are often used.
    -Told you about that in PM but it would be nice to have arrows to change the numbers in the to hit/to wound style menus, so we could using them without using the keyboard.

  33. Poppa Bear Says:

    Mega, there are shortcuts for d6 upto xd6 its the F2-F6 its been there forever.

    As for the arrows I think thats a cool idea. although I believe TAB works to advance withing the stats.


    Oh wow, didn’t know that, awesome !

  35. Anonymous Says:

    No option for Dias of Destruction? I suppose one can just use another raider….

  36. We are trying to bring the site back up soon.

    We got your bugs, a lot of them already fixed, the others as soon as we find the time.

    Arrows: I will look into it, but I fear the Vassal engine cant do that. Lets see.

    Missing sprites reports are also welcome.


    Hey, i’m making an ork list and i was surprised by the lack of options, like cybork body, attack squig, bosspole etc… Not a big deal if there’s no sprite but would be useful to have “pre made” labels for those things !


    About Deff Dreads, would be cool to be able to select those two extra weapons separately. Having to cycle through all the combinations is annoying. Also, options are missing.

  39. Poppa Bear Says:

    On an different note, I noticed there is an update for Vassal (3.1.16) but after the download it gives a warning “this is not a common download & may harm your computer” has anyone else encountered the same warning?


    May I insist on having the model’s stats somewhere in the right click menu ? They’re some race I don’t know much about and that’s a pain to alt-tab when I need their WS or T stats. Would also be lovely to have the special rules somewhere near as well. Will save some precious codex browsing time.
    I volunteer for the stats typing if that’s an issue πŸ™‚

  41. MEGABIQUETTE: Could you give us a exact list for the missing ork options?

    We dont want to breach any of GWs IP, so we are reluctant to include stats.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Makes sense. dont fix what isnt broken πŸ˜‰


    What I’ve noticed so far:

    Warboss: the whole wargear menu: ammo runt, attack squig, cybork body, bosspole, ‘eavy armour.
    Nobz: cybork body, bosspole, ‘eavy armour. (Nob upgrade from boyz has them though, but no sprites)
    Boyz: stkkbombs
    Deffdread and killa kans: grot riggerz, armour plates.

  44. Samantha Says:

    Awesome, apocalypse units are finally here! It would be nice if the transporter had different graphics depending on if it was carrying land raiders or rhinos, etc.
    And the titans don’t have swappable weapon options yet. Is that coming in F?

  45. Anyone have a link to a good map pack for vassal 40k

  46. Poppa Bear Says:

    RJ, I have this one
    It’s from the older versions so it will prompt you but they still work. You will need to erase & replace the scatter die (it doesnt show the result in writting) & the objective marker (no 12″ bubble) otherwise your fine. just resave them in 5.4E & no more pop ups. enjoy

  47. Anonymous Says:

    As I got my 5.4E from someone else via mediafire, but don’t remember the exact file that I downloaded. I want to make sure I have an unmodified version of the module. What is the original checksum of the current edition?

  48. I’ve downloaded 5.4E and Vassal. Works great! Has anyone tracked down a working version of Epic40k? I want to be able to use it along with NetEpic Gold for some list testing

    Keep up the good work

  49. hello~

  50. This is off topic but has anyone been able to get the Fantasy Version working?

  51. Threeshades Says:

    My opponents keep getting disconnected. Earlier with each game. First time my opponent disappeared on bottom turn 6. Second time he was gone on bottom turn 2, 3rd time we continued the first mentioned game and he disappeared after half a player turn and now the 4th time my opponent got disconnected before he even synchronized with me.

  52. Hi, Does anyone have a guide on making sprites especially with a view to terrain, along with dos and donts regarding usage of IP symbols etc (example the imperial eagle on landing pad) im artistic and have time in the evenings and would like to contribute to developing the terrain catalouge. if there is a comprehensive guide created im sure others would have a crack, and then you can decide to include or not depending on standards

  53. also as an amendment i would say id love to get the realm of battle board done as individual tiles similar to the deployment templates or just a preselectable board done in all the configurations possible.

    as well as bastions, landing pads, and barriers.

    is anyone already working on these or similar?

  54. Poppa Bear Says:

    Sano, that seems like a great idea.

  55. Nobody is working on that yet. Would be great. We really need more spiters. I am doning a bit Deathkoprs of Krieg Infantry and Superheavies, but not much time lately.

  56. im game for it if you can point me in the right direction of where i can learn to sprite make for vassal i need the programme tools,

    the scale we are using and how to get it correct.

    the colour palette guide

    and a place where submitted work can be sent for inspection/approval. someone out there are making these things

    tell me how and ill do some work for you.

    cheers and keep up the good work everyone,

    p.s. is is there any thought of getting a forum for the work to be done rather that using these awkwarad posts?

  57. Sprites can be submitted to

    Sent in a sprite and we can tell you what you must change, if it is not perfect πŸ˜‰

    We thought about a forum,but first the site must be really up again. πŸ™‚

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Abit of a necropost but would it be possible to add a reroll all 1’s option to the hit/wound dice. Things like Scything Talons for nid’s use it.

    I tried to edit the vassal module myself to add it but couldnt find where the code was, anybody know this too?

  59. ok guys im about to send a necron warrior ive redone it looks a lot better to me next will be necron lord πŸ™‚


  60. Great, I did 8 Special Characters for IG, 2 for Orks and 1 for Marines so far.

    Keen to see it.

  61. I love the module, just like most people who can’t afford the miniatures, but I’ve got a problem, most might find it a simple one:

    The sprite miniatures (or whatever name you like, for personal preference) are not showing up, what do I do now? come to think of it, nothing is, the units side bar, and everything else, is empty, please tell me how to fix this?

  62. Under Modells there is nothing?

    You should redownload the module and be sure that in your 5.4E.vmod file folder is a subfolder named: Vassal40k_ext with 15 files (Apocalypse to Tyranids).

  63. Anonymous Says:

    No worries. just make sure that the EXT file & the vassal40k MOD file are in the same location (folder) otherwise you wont see anything.

  64. masaki115 Says:

    huh, tried adding it to the module library and vassal locked up, its not coming up not responding, its just stopped. anyone else with this problem? its been 10 minutes, should i just wait it out?

  65. Anonymous Says:

    welcome to vassal πŸ™‚

  66. I am having a REAL difficult time trying to use winrar to use this version. A tutorial would be helpful.

  67. Adepta Sororitas Says:

    I have a problem with vassal 5.4E. Whenever I click on a model, the sprite appears bottom right of the mouse cursor. This makes it difficult moving pieces around.

    Anyway to fix this? I know this wasn’t a problem in a older versions of vassal40k.

  68. Poppa Bear Says:

    Ive never encountered that iss Adepta. Did you “replace ” the older files or did you simply add the new ones? If you didnt delete the old files that might be why. otherwise I suggest just starting over.

  69. Poppa Bear Says:

    Any word on the Necron sprites? Is there anyone currently working on them?

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