Vassal 40K Battle Finder.

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on a battle finder and is now in the BETA testing stage, I’ve got some work to do on making it look good but should be ok for the start of November. This will only run for 1 month trial to see how many people use it and how much it costs to run as i have limited funds and cant afford to keep it running if it gets too much. Every free web hosting site I’ve tried doesn’t like the E-mail process and the emails are never received due to spam blocking on the mail servers e.g GMAIL HOTMAIL ect.

If anyone knows of a hosting site that uses PHP MySQL and can send email without it being blocked that would be great. in the mean time lets see in November how things go. any comments will be very welcome.



19 Responses to “Vassal 40K Battle Finder.”

  1. What about the Fantasy version is that working still or no?

  2. Poppa Bear Says:

    Yoshi, GIVE IT A
    Arn’t you paying for

  3. No, i am not Mr Rage-quit.

  4. Hey, so every few months since the C&D order I’ve been doing some googling and seeing if I could find anything. I have no bookmarked this blog and I want to say thanks for the efforts you’ve put in to keeping this thing alive. 😛

  5. you are welcome

  6. What kind of software are you developing? Maybe I can help 🙂

  7. @ Ema, it’s a web site that uses PHP and MySQL data base. do you know PHP? I have most of the code done now thanks, going to see if anyone uses the tool before I carry on and upgrade the site for extra functionality after November.

  8. Hi, Battle Finder is live.
    there is an instruction page in the help link.
    hope people find it useful.

  9. WeeDawgNYC Says:

    Very Cool! I just registered (think Im the 1st) set up a game for Thurs 8:30pm.

  10. I registered too but I can’t seem to be able to log in.
    Username and password typed pressed login and… nothing 😦

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Just checked your registration info and it works fine. Are you using your email as the username? And remember that username is case sensitive I’ll add a note to the page tonight. Also a confirmation email of your registration.
    Bear with it as there are not many users at the mo so not many games to request.

  12. Tried it out and registered for every Tuesday this month when my Fiance is at work and my son is in bed.

    A few suggestions to help with wieldability:
    -Highlight days when someone is ready on main calender. Only until/whilst/if numbers stay low. Its effort to just click everyday looking for battles…

    -An option to remove yourself from the calander. Plans change. And confused about how being taken for a battle means I will be removed for the rest of the day. I hardly think i will be facing that one opponent for 12+hours.

    -An option to add notes, maybe its a particular battle you after. Practicing for a tourney looking for a mech guard etc

    -Option for team battles. People always want to organise an apocalypse but never get it off the ground.

    -A chat for everyone currently online. Allowing those to advertise wanting to battle. The current vassal method isnt always time efficient.


    Being not able to plan much of my time. I feel an overwhelming guilt now that someone may challenge me and for reasons unknown I wont be able to make it.

    But have to admit, dont 40k nation already have a teamspeak or similar?


  13. Anonymous Says:

    What is battle finder?

  14. @Gibious yeah all of those suggestions are already in the pipeline for an update, but i just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone would actually use the tool, would be a waste of time implementing those updates if no one uses it. 😦
    we shall see.

  15. @ anonymous
    Battle finder is a tool that allows you to register that you are available for a game on a certain day at a certain time that other users can search and then request a game from you. which i thought would be easier than waiting online for someone to turn up that would play you. the update will be worked on at some point i think but at the mo there are not that many people registered :*(
    the tool is functional and does work but like has been said it is limited but the more people use it the more it shows that it’s worth the update.

  16. Thanks for all your effort Jason.

  17. I have to admit the battlefinder may not be the best way to bring in interest. But in an attempt to searhc around online I found little else out there that did anything vaguely similar.

    40K Nation had a link to dowload the client and module, also provided a Teamspeak link. But the chat is mostly empty. And for sure isnt really trying to bring anyone in.

    3++ Ladder Forum seems to provide a good community, but also rarely has any traffic and is just one board dedicated to the one topic of the ladder.

    Heresay online also has a board with multiple sections but isnt the last post there been from may? Again loosing to not really trying to get the word out there.

    If you could combine all the postives above with your battle finder and had members willing to A stay and B spread the word. Your site could get big.


  18. Jason/Vassal40k I’m not sure if this will be noticed. But I’m the community manager from, the guys who’ve been trying to support the Vassal 40k ladder. I would love to chat to you guys about the tool, the login process, and possibly working with you and helping out on a few bits.
    Give me a shout if you can. Arthran@DevGaming.Net


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