Need Spriters: New Necrons

Anybody got a bit of talent and time to waste on the new Necrons as we already got pictures of some?

If we start early with the sprites, we can put out the new version for fresh Codex and Armylist testing quick after the codex comes out.


33 Responses to “Need Spriters: New Necrons”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pictures? were.. ? Link please 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says: link to new necrons. I hope to see some awesome new sprites!

  3. I have the new Codex but I’m not capable of creating the sprites. Can I help in another way?

  4. Exigency Says:

    Unless you know how to code Java, probably nothing until the sprites are done and there’s some sort of test version that you can bugtest.

  5. Exigency Says:

    Sorry for the double post, just thought of more to say.

    The good news is that the sprites we already have (all 14 of them) can be reused if it’s recoded to be in the correct FOC slot. The Lord is fine if the sprite is modified you have an Overlord, both need sprites for options. C’tan need to be moved to elites (and touched up, probably, they’re a little blurry) and coded for their manifestations of power. Pariahs can serve as the base for both Lychguard and Praetorians with modifications and sprites for options. Immortals need to be moved and given Tesla Carbines option. Death marks are Immortals with synaptic disintegrators. Warriors and Flayed Ones are fine as is (as far as I can tell). Destroyer is fine, Heavy Destroyer just needs recoding. The Wraiths should get the Tomb Spider’s head, since now their servitor machines and not actual Necrons (well you know what I mean, anyway). Scarabs are fine. Monolith is a little blurry. Obviously everything is going to need sprites for new wargear and upgrades, but Matt Ward was kind enough to include a page depicting most of the weapons.

    Everything else is probably going to be from scratch, but some problems arise with a few models. Anrakyr and Orikan have no models or even concept art, so we’re basically turbo-boned there. Tomb Blades, Triarch Stalkers, and both Scythes have no models yet, but there is concept art to base sprites off of (also, any Battlestar Galactica models or toys you have laying around would be fine inspiration for the Scythe sprites, as that’s obviously where the inspiration for the Scythe itself came from).

    So this is me helping how I can, because I don’t know how to make sprites or code Java, and I don’t have time to learn right now.


  6. Hi guys,
    Just got the codex today, will get on to making sprites asap, once read the codex will be able to give a ball park of how long before done. Doing a lot of overtime for Xmas so be patient I’ll go as fast as pos.

  7. p.s battle finder is now live, not many people have registered 😦 just wondering if anyone is actually bothered about using this tool?

    there is an instruction page under the help link in the main screen.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for all the work you do for us Jason!

  9. hi guys after xmas ill be moving to america and will have a lot of time on my hands for a while probs so I will be able to make sprites again if anyone wants me too. I did the storm raven if anyone cant remember me :p

  10. Yelling Guy Says:

    I love the concept of the battle finder, but it seems a bit clunky; You can’t change your entry, nor is there an easy way to just “view all”.

    Perhaps changing it to a big list, and then making or deleting your own entries update the list?

  11. Just out of curiosity, is IG special characters in the line for any spriting? Only just noticed the other day when I tried to test a Creed and Kell army that they currently dont exist.

  12. @ yelling guy
    check out the battle finder post in main menu here for a response.

  13. IG Special Characters will be there too. I hope to find time to complete the Krieg set too.

    @knighty: That would be so fine, still love your stormraven. 🙂

    I dont have the Codex Necrons yet. So a list with needed sprites and options would be helpful.

  14. @knighty: If i had the skills and time, I would slowly waltz through the new Apocalypse book =) That or terrain


    About the list of sprites, I can only do from memory right now and its probably worse than what you could gather online from various review sited, but if theres an email I can provide it in great detail when I am at home.

  15. I can design, but I would want either a picture of these new units from birds eye view or to have them in person to work with. I’ll have my 2k point Necron list in real life soon enough and can began.

  16. Command/annihilation barge and doomsday/ghost ark done.
    Got some time off before Xmas so fingers crossed will be finished for new year.

  17. Hell yeah. Go Jason!

    I can’t wait to test out my two 2k Necron tournament lists.

    Thanks Jason for. Your contribution.

  18. ive done the lord now ill send it in later 🙂

  19. Doom scythe/night scythe done.

  20. Triarch Stalker Done.

  21. This is awesome progress. Thanks Jason.

    Pardon my noobness but how do we install/use JAson’s new sprites once he’s done?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Just spit-balling here, but I think they’re going to wait until the next edition of vassal40k is ready before they let anyone have the new models. Though I am quite interested as well to see what these new sprites look like!

  23. @vassal40k
    I sort of put a list of needed sprites in my comment above. If you want me to rewrite it and email it to you I could do so, although I’m sure someone else has already done it since your request anyway.

  24. sorry guys, didn’t do any sprites over xmas as my grandma died. 😦
    will try and get some done this month.

  25. Sorry to hear that Jason. My condolences. 😦

  26. DagonLives Says:

    Ouch man, that sucks.
    My condolences as well.

  27. VoxIngegnum Says:

    Any news about Necron sprites?

  28. Hi, i’ve seen that necrons aren’t updated to the codex, i tried to create the miniatures that are missing, i’d like to send them to you someway for improving my models and adding them to the game later omnicida necroguard
    some models to let you see how they are…

  29. Thanks a lot. Thats helps. Would you like to do more?

  30. Hi vassal, i’m carnage’s friend daed4, here on our forum (not about 40k, it’s a general forum) he have done more minis, link:
    (tomb blade)
    (On the spoiler, in this order)
    >Pseudo ghost ark/Anihilation ark
    >Command barge
    >Scythe i think
    >Crypteks (Angish, Destruction, eternity, Storm, transformation)

  31. Thanks, already got them. Some great sprites among them, we could need more.

  32. Poppa Bear Says:

    can anyone tell me where to transfer the updated necron folder?

    I cant seem to find the location.

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