Battlefinder V1.0 online

The battlefinder is – thanks to Jason – online. It the first version and  we hope to find the time to introduce more features soon.



Hope that helps find Vassal games.

4 Responses to “Battlefinder V1.0 online”

  1. Hi guys, just did a quick update to the site that will help with seeing who has registered for battle.
    now, days that someone has registered for will show in RED, also if you hover over that day you will see how many have registered in the tooltip. hope this helps with getting to a battle quicker.

    Thanks to Gibious for the tips and showing an interest, much appreciated. 🙂

  2. With the help of Gibious we have found a problem with the email, there is nothing wrong with the code but certain email providers HOTMAIL in particular are deeming the emails as junk. This is unfortunate but can be worked around.
    When signing up for Battle Finder you will receive a confirmation email, check your mail for this in all your folders then go to the options and put in your safe sender list.
    for those that have already signed up just go to your options and do the same. I have tested this and it works.

    As for the future of Battle Finder, there are over 70 users signed up but only a couple of them have actually registered for a battle and no one has requested a battle from any of them. This is NOT down to the email problem.
    I have got some time nearer xmas to make some updates, but if no one is using the tool then I will remove it by the end of Jan.
    Comments are more than welcome.

  3. developing the battle management part of the site, just need to make presentable then will upload.
    extra features include managing your battles i.e. change time battle type. removing yourself from a day on the calendar and a E-mail function for you to communicate with your opponent.
    should be ready for the weekend.

  4. Battle finder has just had it’s first completed game, i requested a game with adragon202 who registered for a battle on the calendar and we just finished what was a very fun game.

    battle finder has now been updated to include manage your battles.

    now hopefully the over 90 users that have signed up will register themselves for battles.

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