Small Version F Preview: Kubrik Chenkonv and a Rapier.

Here is a small teaser for some new sprites made for Version F.

We already have nearly all Imperial Guard Special Characters including the one from Imperial Armour.

Here is Kubrik Chenkonv

And with the new Rapier we quickly sprited one too:


More to come.

36 Responses to “Small Version F Preview: Kubrik Chenkonv and a Rapier.”

  1. Just to say Hello and that you all make an excellent job. Cheers, cheers for you all!!

  2. will Version 5.4F include the new Necron units?

  3. Yes. Thats the main focus.

  4. I’m curious, why are we progressing through an alphabetic subset of version 5.4 instead of moving on to version 5.5? I’m guessing the major number (5) is for the 5th edition rulebook, but what does the minor number (.4) stand for? The alphabetical modifiers make sense to show that bugs have been fixed or missing gifs added, but why don’t new codices warrant increasing the minor number?

  5. We already had this, we changed the updating system after 5.4 so somebody decided to use letters in addition. We will go back to the numeric system only with Version 6.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Will this be as a .rar file as well?

    Is it possible to go back to using zipped folder? Because I can unzip folders with ease, but .rar means I have to download software in order to do it. Zipped folders are just easier. :/

  7. @vassal40k
    You sort of answered yes to a question that wasn’t yes or no, haha. So the “5” stands for the rules edition, the “.4” [used to/is going to] stands for a new codex release, and the “E” stands for a bugfix update?

    Just download WinRar, it’s a safe program that you’re guaranteed to use for a lot of internet downloads.

  8. -EDIT-
    “E” [also used to/is going to] stands for a bufix update?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Exigency, I think he means to say that it’s just going to be alphabetical until they decide to tick the version number up to 6. When that happens, who knows. I’d wager that’ll be 6th edition, but it could be something internal they’re counting. The reason it sounds like is that they were doing letters for a while and it stuck, so nothing really complex.

    If they’re adding sprites, it sounds a bit more complex than a bugfix.

    Not sure what it all USED to mean though.

  10. Yeah sorry, I meant, because we changed the way we updated (now all version still us the same Vassal room), it was decided, that letter would be added.

    I think we are going ZIP again, even though Rar seem to be a bit better (but less popular).

    Version 6 will come with 6th Edition, yes.

  11. DagonLives Says:

    When do you guys think 5.4F will be ready?
    I can’t wait for the new version!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i was of the understanding that the “5” was 5th edition, and the other number was for when they actually modified the game, e.g. new dice tables, and the letter was for codex release

    would make sense anyway

  13. Anonymous Says:

    RIP Vassal40k

  14. DagonLives Says:

    Why RIP?
    What happened?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    He probably thinks so cause there were no news in a month.

  16. Low manpower… we need more spriters.

  17. Hi guys, gonna start drawing necrons again this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on the progress like before when each one is done. Cryptek nearly done.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    You’re a saint Jason. Good luck!

  19. Hi Jason. I have been wondering – how exactly do you, or whomever helps you, draw the sprites of the various 40K models and their associated wargear?

  20. Daniel: You can modify existing sprites, which is the easier but less good looking option, or draw them from scretch. There are tutorials on the main site.

    Jason: Thanks so much.

  21. Hope you’re holding up okay Jason. Thanks for all your hard work.

  22. hi Guys, thanks to everyone who posted kind words after i posted my bad news. Much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cryptek done.
    Tomb Blade done.
    working on Triarch praetorians.
    update when done.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    That’s great news Jason,can’t wait to see those bad boys in action!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Great job!!!! I love it. I’m waiting….. ^_^

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Any news at all?

  26. Poppa Bear Says:

    When you say rar was “better” what do you mean?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Rar is much more effective than Zip, files compressed with Rar are smaller then zipped files (in most cases). BTW with 7zip you can extract rar-files as easy as zip-files and it’s freeware (winrar is only a trial or you have to buy it (or you have to suffer a “Buy me, Buy me”-message every time winrar is opened))

  28. Hi, i’ve seen that necrons aren’t updated to the codex, i tried to create the miniatures that are missing, i’d like to send them to you someway for improving my models and adding them to the game later

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Good stuff Carnage, Hopefully some of your models can get put in.

  30. Poppa Bear Says:

    I always use 7zip but was just wondering why you guys had chosen to do Rar this time around… Bring on the updats Im ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Sprites can be sent to

    Edit: mistyped my own eMail…

  32. omnicida necroguard
    some models to let you see how they are…

  33. Winrar is quite common in germany. And when a version was packed by a german he didnt thought, that it could be otherwise for the rest of the world.

  34. Darkjediben Says:

    So…Any updates on when we can actually expect this update?

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