Not dead.

Just to let you know: We are not dead. However I have no time for the module until Mid-March just because work is loading me with more work than I can handle and have only few hours a day for my family.

We still need more Necrons Sprites, especially the vehicles and characters. Many, many thanks to Carnage and Jason for their sprites so far.

For your patience some other new sprites for the next version:

Mek Boss Buzzgob and Korvydae from IA 8 and another two of the long missing Guard characters:

25 Responses to “Not dead.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    One small favour.. would it be possible to put Seekers of Slaanesh models on their appropiate bases?

  2. Necrons … please finish Necrons. God bless you.

  3. sorry guys, like v40k said i’m in the same boat and doing lots of overtime at work, which leaves little time for me to sprite.
    although i managed to finish the triarch praetorians and lychguard tonight. will work as fast as i can, i have a friend that is patiently waiting for the necrons as well 🙂

  4. Did you get the sprites Carnage did?

  5. Thanks! What vehicles are missing?

  6. Hey! daed4 here again, carnage cannot in to english so he wanted me to drop and say here are all his sprites for the necrons

    Have a nice day!

  7. Already got it thanks, he has posted it somewhere here already. Many thanks.

  8. Shantzilla Says:

    Keep up the great work, guys! My friends and I have gotten hundreds of hours of joy from V40k. Thank you!

  9. Brendon Vitz Says:

    Agreed, I’ve sunk so much (too much?) time into Vassal 40k. You guys have done a brilliant job! I’m so glad I can play warhammer games with my friends abroad 🙂

    And if I might slip this in here request wise, would it be hard to add a command to re-orient all the selected models to face the same way? Sometimes after crazy assaults and such I find my 20 man squads in terrible disarray, and it’d be awesome to snap them all back to the same facing, even if its just straight up or down!

    Thanks again, I can appreciate all the time it takes to make something like this, particularly alongside a job with OT! You guys are awesome.

  10. Thanks.

    I will look into it, but so far I dont know how to do it.

  11. VoxIngegnum Says:

    Hey guys, I don’t know if it would be possible, but today FW released a “module expansion” called Zone Mortalis. It’s basically composed of 4 different kind of Background Tiles (namely Alpha Complex, Beta, Gamma and Delta), and it has it’s own rules (freely aviable on FW site). I think it would be great to see those tiles into this beatiful Vassal module, and maybe it’s not even too hard. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    something about GK
    1.Draigo should hold his sword in his right hand.
    2.GK’s rhino should have a storm bolter.
    3.There should have a option to show GK’s storm raven’s base.
    4.GK’s land raider should have a multi-melta.
    5.GK’s dreads now have fists, not blades.
    6.GK’s razorback should have a option of hunter-killer missiles. And there’s a problem with its psybolt option.
    7.GK’s dreadknights should have monster base.

  13. Poppa Bear Says:

    Anyone else having an issue logging in today?? I havnt been able to get online all day.. Not even able to seaarch for updates. Whats going on Admin?

  14. Poppa Bear Says:

    I downloaded the Necron.rar but it opens up differently (as png’s).

    Do I place the entire folder or the individual content within it & where does it go?

    Thanks for the help guyz.

  15. They are not impleted yet. We are still working on it. Sorry.

  16. Great idea, I dont know why I didnt thought of this.

    Went on the list. Shouldnt be too hard.

  17. DagonLives Says:

    Can the decimator also be in the next update?
    Doesn’t seem too hard. Just a rescale of a warlord titan with a few less weapons

  18. Poppa Bear Says:

    vassal40k Says:
    March 10, 2012 at 12:17

    They are not impleted yet. We are still working on it. Sorry.

    Ok how soon then?

  19. I have a important project on my work which costs me all my free time, so dont expect any work on that before the 22nd (project due date).

    Dragon: Do you want to make a sprite? I will see what I can do about it.

  20. DagonLives Says:

    I would like to, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about it.
    Nor the skill, for that matter :/

  21. Hey all,

    Just discovered V40K through reddit, and I’m amazed at the work being done here!

    As a Necron player my prayers go to all of you to for a swift and successful finish to your RL work projects so it can be our turn to get some love 🙂

  22. Anonymous Says:

    anyway you could add the Restricted Access trait so players can only move their own Pieces?

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