Vassal 40k Banner

Thanks for sending us a Vassal40k Banner.

If anyone else would like to use it:

slightly smaller:

even smaller:

4 Responses to “Vassal 40k Banner”

  1. Hello,

    Would I be able to get a *bit* more credit in the creation of the graphics? (Where it’s due of course, however pretty much all the armies except the Orks were created by me) as you currently re-use and edit it a lot of my work, and fail to notify me.
    A link to my website ( on this site (On the about page,the footer,Hall of fame and Lexicanum) and within the module itself. My logo can be found here:

    I would also like to point out that the Hall of Fame information is incorrect. In the three years I worked on the module I completely rebuilt the module from scratch as well as overhauled the graphics, I was also responsible for the promotion of Vassal40k and why it became so popular.

    There is no contact information on this site or I would have emailed the team directly.


  2. Hello, I am sorry you have this impression. I included you in the Hall of Fame and credited your work there. I can put your link up there too.
    I would have done that earlier would you have mentioned that in one of the eMails we sent us. So far my impression was that you didnt want anymore informations because of Games Workshop. Didnt knew your site so far.
    I dont think I can put it into Lexicanum, because of its nature and I am not a reg. user there.
    You can write us under the same adress we had our past conversations:
    I can also be found under ,,About”, I put the eMailadress into the Hall of Fame now too.

    I think I speak for everybody when I say that it would be very welcome to see more graphics form you, even only a single one from time to time. However I can understand that you wont be part of the team anymore due to obvious reasons. ­čÖé

  3. @dezartfox
    are you happy with the way the graphics are being used, as they are used to keep the general feel and look the same through out, with the new units being reworked or completely redone.
    your work is very good and it did indeed make the module a better game to play.
    if you are happy for us to continue with the graphics being used then can you let us know?

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