Another preview: Walkers

Here is another preview. Sorry no Necrons again, but I hope we can show them to you soon.

Imperial Fists Contemptor with two Kheres Assualt cannons.

Nurgle Decimator with Claw and Storm Cannon.

65 Responses to “Another preview: Walkers”

  1. A question, carnage and another guy did necron sprites, are they in the new version or what?

  2. They will be, but we dont have all completed.

  3. Shantzilla Says:

    look fantastic, well done

  4. knightyc Says:

    did you get the necrons i did bit ago?

  5. I got a few, but I dont know if I got yours and if I got all. Could you resent them to to be sure.

  6. knightyc Says:

    I would but my pc with files on is in america and im in england lol. im not sure but i think i did a lord and trazyn the infinate

  7. Mayfist Says:

    Looking forward to the update !
    So there will be ( most ) newcrons, IG characters and FW stuff ? I like !

    Will there ever be traitor guard ? i usually use death corps/zealots to represent, but it would be nice to have sexy sprites for them. Just saying, i know its allot of work !

    Anyway I can help ?

  8. Traitor guard is on my list, but not on the top. We will do all “functional” sprites before we do “cosmetics”.

    Sure you can help: Did you try to sprite? We all didnt sprite before and just tried and tried. Just load the Guard Sprites and make them black and red with spikey bits (just an example). You cant draw? You can just copy and paste, resize and delete. That how most sprites are done. 🙂

  9. knightyc Says:

    i can 100% say i drew the storm raven from scratch using an actual storm raven kit for refrence lol. some stuff isnt too hard to do but infantry can be a pain I hope i can help with more sprites very soon 🙂

  10. We hope that too, you are very talented. Necrons are ready btw. thanks to Jason only the Spec. charachters are missing, Scipio is sitting on them as we speak.

  11. Hi,
    If it’s needed someone to color stuff, i may try it, and can someone
    tell me if the new version will include my spaceHulk 3Ed mod.

  12. Could you write me a mail to

  13. The General Says:

    Hi. This may just be me but are the large oval bases the correct scale, they appear larger than in real life.

    Also can the Tyranid tervigon and tyranofex be re-based on the large oval bases?

  14. Mayfist Says:

    Alright then, i have been messing around with the IG, and its fun 😀
    Does the term “spriting” exist yet ?
    Il give you a shout when i’m done with the traitor guard…. If i ever finish it. I have exams coming up so it might take a while.

  15. Daniel W Says:

    I have a few suggestions, if I may:
    1) Remove all non-40k units (SM Lander, Necron Abattior, etc). Since they don’t have official rules, I personally think their presence is pointless. Most Titans are the exception (Phantom, Reaver, and even the Imperator), as they do have rules for 40k-Apocalypse scenarios.
    2) You’ve started slowly including units from FW’s Imperial Armour books. Keep going with this! 😀

    That is all. Keep uo the good work and don’t ever stop!! 🙂

  16. Mayfist Says:

    @Daniel W

    So You want them to remove options ? scenery ? etc….
    Just… why ? It doesn’t cost them anything, it would be a shame to take it out.

    If it bothers you just ignore it.

  17. Daniel W Says:

    It doesn’t bother me perse. It is just weird that units without actual rules are even included.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    How many people still work on this anyways

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. knightyc Says:

    theres me when i can and jason and the owner of site and a couple of others i think

  21. Indeed, however I am not the owner of the site. But everyone is welcome on the team.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Also one last curious question. Will a functionality ever be added that auto spaces units 2″ from each other? Would really save some time in vassal for Horde armies.

  23. knightyc Says:

    probably not as the engine could be used for fantasy too. if you select the whole squad you could move them all together.

    on a side note if someone could tell me what sprites were missing ill work on them email me knightyc(at)

  24. Shantzilla Says:

    keep it up, dudes! My gaming group is eagerly awaiting your work. 🙂

  25. So, with all the new Necron units coming out in a matter of days, we should expect to see an update soon, right?


  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Jason Says:

    Fir the people who a getting impatient for the next update, you have to realise that we do this in our spear time and I for one have a family that takes up a lot of that spear time. So we do our best to get the things done that need doing, so I appreciate that it has been a long time since the necron dex was released understand we are doing our best.
    Thanks for the support.

  28. knightyc Says:

    jason give me a list so i can do some more sprites and give a hand 🙂 do the necron vehicles need doing? chris

  29. The Master Elite Says:


    Knightyc, lets collaborate on those sprites. I’d like to help with this too if I can.

    My Sk_y_pe is ‘themasterelite’.

  30. Jason Says:

    All the necrons are done apart from the HQ choices although imotek and crypteks are done. I sent in what I’ve done but if you ask vassal40k about it because I think someone is finishing it off.
    I’m sure there are plenty of other things to do, ask vassal40k as I don’t put together the final version.

  31. knightyc Says:

    im thinking the new necron kits coming out this weekend will need doing i may work on those if vassel40k wants?

  32. That would be good. I think we need those and we still need the HQ choice beside the one Jason mentioned.

    If you have nothing to do, there is still plenty of Forgeworld units to do. 🙂

  33. Maige Says:

    I have some spriting abilities and I wouldn’t mind contributing.
    I also don’t have a massive ego about it, so if you don’t like ’em trash them, and if you want to alter them go ahead.
    Is there a list of things which need to be done? Otherwise I could just work on aesthetics.
    Reply to this post if you’re interested and give me some details (weapons/upgrades/sizes etc).

  34. knightyc Says:

    just sent in the spyders will work on more tommorow

  35. Katie Drake Says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for continuing to work on this. I’m excited to see how the Necrons turn out. =)

  36. Zakov Says:

    Are the Krieg ever gonna be fully done? cus if sprites for them arn’t already done i could look into maybe doing some

  37. I began making the infantryset. Sent me a eMail ( ) and I can sent you what we have until now.

  38. Very kind of you. Thanks.

  39. Great, sorry it took me so long to reply.

    Anyone doing the special chracters?

  40. knightyc Says:

    I can work on them tonight wich ones are we missing is it the new necron ones only?

  41. knightyc Says:

    ok the 2 new hq choices and ghost ark dooms day ark sent in 🙂

  42. Firstly let me say Thanks for all the hard work!

    I would like to know if would be possible to add to the number of terrain pieces by resizing them? Specifically the hills, area terrain and trees, having half the size as well as the current size. This would make map making a lot better.

    Keep up the good work!

  43. @Knightyc
    thanks for making those sprites, but as I mentioned earlier, all the Necrons are done except for the HQ choices.
    I’m only saying this so you’re not wasting your time in making sprites that are already done. the ghost ark and dooms day ark were drawn from the models and not the art work in the codex. as you said there are some new models out and maybe they could be redone:
    Triarch Stalker
    Spyder (although the one i did is pretty close to the model :))
    tomb blades
    the above i have already done from the art work and not the new models that are now out.
    thanks to all that are getting involved, makes for a better module.

  44. knightyc Says:

    ive sent the new spyders and wraiths and 2 of the new hq already 🙂

  45. Katie Drake Says:

    Are there any plans for a Battle Sister Repressor? They seem pretty popular and don’t look too complex as far as sprites go. If not, I can maybe ask a friend, seems simple enough.

  46. Jason Says:

    I’ll have a look at that for you, like you say seems easy enough to do.

  47. knightyc Says:

    ok vangard obyron sent in.. only triark stalker and tomb blades left of new models if they need doing? how close are we to a new update I want to try out my new necrons list

  48. If we get the sprite we will put it in. I am a fan of the Repressor too and in the long run we want all Forgeworld choices in.

  49. I will have a look on them thanks so far. I hope to get the version ready in a couple of days. Most work is already done by the wonderful team.

  50. Edward Says:

    Sorry if it’s been asked, but can we have a Chapter selection option for the Thunderhawk in the next version please? 😀 Love your work!!

  51. If we find someone to recolour them: Yes.

  52. VoxIngegnum Says:

    any chance to see the new version today? it would be wonderful (and very appropriate for our weekly tournament, where my necrons keep sitting on proxies XD)…THANKS FRO THE GREAT WORK MAN!

  53. Edward Says:

    Well if you tell me how I would happily volunteer

  54. knightyc Says:

    hope to see this week sometime too 🙂

  55. Just take the picture of the Thunderhawk out of the module (you can just extract the files with Winzip) and recoulour them, chapter insignia would be perfect, but not neccessary.
    Then sent them to us.

  56. knightyc Says:

    finally done with necrons lol. lets hope can release now 🙂 just sent in the tomb blades they have a lot of annoying little addons lol

    plz release 🙂

  57. Daniel Says:

    If/when the new Necrons (ALL of them) are added to this at long last, Vassal40K may just become my only source of playing the game. The hobby itself has ****ed me over for the last time!!

  58. knightyc Says:

    Flyers are all done and sent in 🙂

  59. Shantzilla Says:

    awesoooome! checking in daily with great anticipation. 🙂

  60. @ Daniel umm how did the hobby **** you over for the last time?

  61. Daniel Says:

    @ Greg: Due to their skeletal nature, Necrons are very hard to assemble without incident. The Annihilation Barge was the last straw – its “exhaust ports” not aligning regardless of method or glue are what influenced this decision.

  62. knightyc Says:

    I managed to build all my necrons 3 annialation barges 3 ghost archs 40 odd warriors 20 imortals… I dont see how could of been so hard?

  63. Daniel Says:

    @ knightyc: Small/skinny parts, mis-aligned exhaust ports, and unnecessary bits (frontside of the Gauss Flayer for example). It wasn’t so much hard as it is very frustrating. In any case, I may switch to a race not so frustrating to assemble. Can’t wait for the new vassal40k they’re beta-testing either! 😀

  64. knightyc Says:

    only annoyances i had was getting the pipes into the back of the pilot of the ghost arch.. lol. youll be very happy with the beta 🙂

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