Vassal 40k 5.4F

So its here, Finally. Thanks to all who contributed and the beta testers.

Next stop Version 6?

Download it from there:

5.4F Promo

Here is the Changelog:

Space Hulk / Zone Mortalis:

-A complete Terrain and Counter set to play Space Hulk or Zone Mortalis.


– New Set, old set still included

Space Marines:

– Added Predator Executioner

– Added Rapier and Crew (except Space Wolves)

– Added Contemptor Dreadnought

– Added Storm Talons

-Added Transparency mode for Storm Ravens

-Flesh Tearer Storm Raven added.

-Added Cpt. Korvydea

Imperial Guard

– Added 12 Special Characters

– Fixed Heavy Weapon team camo cloaks


-Added 3 Flyers

-Added 2 Special Characters

Chaos Space Marines

-Added Contemptor Dreadnought

-Added Decimators Deamon Engine

-Added Hell Talons


-Added Special Greater Deamons

48 Responses to “Vassal 40k 5.4F”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Very excellent work guys! Loving the new necrons especially. No complaints here. A job well done. Looking forward to v6! 😀

  2. knightyc Says:

    looking at the gw site looks like v6 might not be too far away.. bye bye 5th ed rule book

  3. DagonLives Says:

    Oh sweet! I’ve been waiting for this version for ages ^^

  4. Yelling Guy Says:

    me gusta

  5. Thanks for the update and all of your hard work. 🙂

  6. VoxIngegnum Says:

    Lots of thanks for the new released version…only one question: where is the Necron Overlord??

  7. knightyc Says:

    wich one lol

  8. VoxIngegnum Says:

    the standard one…upgradable to Pharaeon and such…not the LORD (which in fact is a member of the royal court…)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all the hardworking guys.

  10. DagonLives Says:

    Yeah, I noticed there was no overlord too. I guess you’ll just have to use the CCB lol.

  11. KIIIDDD Says:

    -Added Transparency mode for Storm Ravens
    missed the gk one

    P.S. Anyone make a cool Zone of Mortalis maps they wanna share?

  12. something about GK
    1.Draigo should hold his sword in his right hand.
    2.GK’s rhino should have a storm bolter.
    3.There should have a option to show GK’s storm raven’s base.
    4.GK’s land raider should have a multi-melta.
    5.GK’s dreads now have fists, not blades.
    6.GK’s razorback should have a option of hunter-killer missiles. And there’s a problem with its psybolt option.
    7.GK’s dreadknights should have monster base.

  13. Oh yes, that was fixed before a data loss, forget to fix it again.

    However a GK Dread has a Dread CCW not a Fist rulewise or am I wrong?

  14. Katie Drake Says:

    Dreadnoughts have “nemesis doomfists” which are just Dreadnought close combat weapons with the same rules as Nemesis Force Weapons. The form that they take on the model is completely unimportant so long as it’s obviously a close combat weapon, it’s like how a Space Marine Sergeant can have a power sword or power axe and it makes no difference.

  15. Daniel Says:

    Once again, just wanna say that I love this new version. With all of the new Necron units available, actually buying them for the physical table-top game seems to me like a moot point. Why spend all that money and time when I can just play this for free? 😀

  16. Anonymous Says:

    this si my little aport for vassal 40k , some Imperial armour 3 Sprites for Tau

    este es mi pequeño aporte para Vassal 40k, algunos Sprites de imperial Armour 3 para Tau

  17. Wow, great. Thank you they look great.

    Would you mind doing the heavy gun drone too? I think thats the only thing missing from IA3.

    Could you put them into the Tau extension instead of an extra extension? Just take the one from version F and alter it an sent it to:

    Could we get the sprites in the desert/vannilla colour scheme of the Tau too? That would be better fitting.

    Thanks so much, I hope I dont ask too much.

  18. Telpenar Says:

    will try to make the sprite of heavy drones this weekend, and the conversion of color to desert / vanilla too, if my schedule permits

    intentare hacer el sprite de los drones pesados este fin de semana, y la conversion de color para desierto/vainilla tambien, si el tiempo me lo permite

  19. Thats so great. Thank you very much!

  20. Shantzilla Says:

    Thanks a bunch for this! Amazing work!

  21. I’d really like to try my hand at sprite making as I usually tend to only make 3d models :p However when I clicked on the links on the right for how to make the various sprites they are all private videos :/ is there any way to still view them? I’d be glad to offer my services as well for any 3d needs (search eternal3lade on youtube for my videos)

  22. knightyc Says:

    basically all you need is winrar and photoshop. unzip the extension and then open one of the sprites in photoshop then edit it. save it as a png name it correctly and send it in :).

    On another note. I emailed in the landraider terminus ultra. Do all the different chapters have access to the vehicle or just ultramarines? ive got it all sorted and need to just do the painting for all chapters for the achilles proteus and helios

    then onto the proteus

  23. Michelus Says:

    Couldn’t get models to show up when i started a game. Can someone give me any advice?

  24. Kharrak Says:

    Anyone else having selection issues? In previous editions, when selecting and moving, the ghost image would show where the elected sprites would end up. But here, the ghost image is at the lower right of the cursor, with no relation to placement.

    I don’t think it’s intentional (not mentioned in the change notes), but it makes it rather frustrating to place and/or rearrange units. Does the issue lie elsewhere?

    (that aside, great work!)

  25. Darren Says:

    I would be willing to provide terrain, wreck, and range thread fixes. as a v40k player those are some of the things that irritate me the most and I dont wanna fix it for you to say “pfft” and throw it away as some of the fixes would require a fair amount of time. so if the creators are willing to let me fix the things in question, e-mail me:

    Things to fix:
    Range thread rounding down instead of rounding to nearest whole
    Additional terrain layers, making wrecks be above all terrain but objectives, craters under wrecks and trees but under the rest, objectives on top of it all.
    Making vehicle wrecks into a model unselectable except by shift-click, allowing players to drag select after their vehicles wreck.

  26. @Darren they all sound good fixes to me, i did change the thread to round down in a previous release but it seems to have gone back. i’ll also be making some destroyed vehicles too for the new 6th ed, as it sounds like the wreckage does damage to units it falls on. at the moment a stormraven at it’s current size reduces dramatically when destroyed as the sprite becomes just a small crater. i’ll be making some suitably destroyed sprites at the right size for the vehicle. if you can let me know when your done so that i can implement the changes with the new sprites so it don’t need doing twice. 🙂

  27. Darren Says:

    I just didnt wanna do the changes and you say pffft who is this guy, and throw it out. if you can send me the crater sizes I can do it all in 1 go since I will already be editing each model individually.

  28. Not logged in Vassal40k Says:

    No thats great. Do the changes and mail me the version with a changelog to and we wil base the next version on it.

    We espaccally need more terrain for 6th edition.

    Jason: Sounds great.

  29. eternal3lade Says:

    Just figured I’d let you know that I’m working on some terrain, I’ve got pine trees, both single and a forest, with a snow layer, palm trees again in single and a forest, I also have both a plateau and a gorge (brown rock colorish), furthermore I have created freefrom water and beach tools, where there is a water tile with edge transparency, a water to beach tile, and a beach tile. Here is a little progress picture, I’m going to make a lot more terrain if i get time, then I’ll send all the individual png files.

  30. knightyc Says:

    looking good I will be working on the land raider variants this week if I get an answer to my previous question I will be better so will know if need to do all chapters for a landraider terminus ultra or just ultra marines lol.

  31. eternalblade: Nice. Thank you.

    Knightyc: All chapters would be better. 😦

  32. knightyc Says:

    awesome will get on it asap 🙂

  33. DagonLives Says:

    I’m, having a problem with the module. I keep getting a “cannot communicate with server” error.

  34. Poppa Bear Says:

    I just got a new laptop & an installing this but want to know if this is an update or a stand alone? in other words do i have to download any or the previous files or does this one contain everything I need?

  35. DagonLives Says:

    Its a standalone, I think.
    It should have everything.

  36. Poppa Bear Says:

    Thanks. Does anyone have any pregenerated maps they can link me to? I lost everything, maps, armies , sprites 😦 even my book collection (every codex, expansion & Imperial armour volume) If anyone would be kind enough to help me get back into the game Id be very gratefull.

  37. Is there a version for Mac?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone noticed that the site has been closed to to multiple malware threats? I myself was hit with a Trojan, luckily it was a brand new pc so I just did a factory restore. I suggest you guys be very careful.

  39. knightyc Says:

    what site? ive never seen a malware warning or got a trojan. Do you have norton because that is useless and calls everything a trojan…

  40. is there a storm eagle that i just overlook or is it still in the works?

  41. knightyc Says:

    storm eagle is done and in module 🙂

  42. any other mirror? i have blocked media fire on my office. would someone upload it to Google Drive?


  43. Anonymous Says: heres a new board were going to use for work because I dont think well get to use this blog for new versions. and its somewere for modders and spriters to hang out and talk 🙂

  44. paulallan Says:

    please help, i’ve installed the engine and module but there’s no models in the model pallet.

  45. Poppa Bear Says:

    Common thing, You have to make sure that the EXT file is in the same location as the module. place them into the same folder & you should be fine.

  46. Poppa Bear Says:

    Just received this message today when trying to sync to a game:

    This game was saved with extension ‘Java’ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Vassal 40k 5.4F\Vassal40k 5.4F_ext’ folder to load it

    NOTE: XXXXXX is in place of the username of the computer. Can anyone tell me what I seem to be missing?

  47. Poppa Bear Says:

    I keep recieving this message This game was saved with extension ‘Java’ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Vassal 40k 5.4F\Vassal40k 5.4F_ext’ folder to load it folled by – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Rubble_2.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Rubble_1.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found terrain_ruin_wall_6.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found crater_3.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found terrain_ruin_wall_3.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire7.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire8.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire4.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found barrels.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found objinfo4.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Warpcharge.png

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to correct this?

  48. kabelguy Says:

    i am having trouble geting my vassal to run any 40k modules. can someone please post the latest module that works as well as any advice if they have had a similar issue.

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