6th Edition – Version 6

I still have to finish a project for my work. So for the next 2 weeks I cant spare any time.

But then I will resume work on the module to make Version 6, fit for 6th Edition.

No here I need your help: What needs to be changed? What needs to be added?

Please write us!

230 Responses to “6th Edition – Version 6”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to see all the titans/supeheavies/fighters/etc added to the standard scale, especially all the stuff from the forge world books. I’ve been thinking of doing a real time top down 40K game and they’d come in super duper handy.

  2. Bad Syntax Says:

    I’d like to see all the titans/supeheavies/fighters/etc added to the standard scale, especially all the stuff from the forge world books. I’ve been thinking of doing a real time top down 40K game and they’d come in super duper handy.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Some new tokens for Zooming and Various movement modifiers would be nice, along with all the random terrain modifiers and the like. As well as “Hidden Objective Markers” which come with numbers from 1-4 on them when revealed.

  4. Pieces of terrain that are shadowed and randomly generate a mysterious terrain effect on contact (complemented by art that suits it)

  5. eternal3lade Says:

    Maybe a token for snap shot or something, and a button where we can generate the effects from mysterious forests and rivers. Also I did a few more terrain pieces, feel free to use / edit / omit whatever you choose.


    Included are, Boulders (S M L), crevice, free from water / beach creation tools, lava, mud, oil, palm tree (Forest and Single), Pine tree (Forest and Single / Snow), Quick Sand (With Sunken vehicle layer), Rock spires (M S), Gorge, and Plateau. I may try doing some of the new Aegis defense things and bastions if I get some free time as well.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    im not sure how you will do it. But for the scouring mission you need 6 objectives marked 1,2,2,3,3,4. when setting up you aren’t suppose to know which objective is worth how many victory points.

  7. Ed, the 6th !!! Says:

    Need to add the option [reroll To HIt/To wound results of “1′] – we will got that a lot in the 6th Ed.

  8. Niveama Says:

    It would be great if you could work in all the GW terrain seeing as you can now buy it, of course there are ones you can substitute in, but the real ones would be better.

    Also small bit of terrain to represent all the nice littel things they added to the rules like shield barriers, comm arrays, ammo dumps, fuel dumps (simply take the huge lot of barrels and slim it down a bit).

    But definately I’d say the buyable fortification stuff would be great.

  9. knightyc Says:

    the extra dice for strengh 6 and higher.. ammo dumps adding extra shots

  10. Anonymous Says:

    vehicle damage tables need to be adjusted accordingly

  11. Great Stuff- Thanks. The more the merrier!

  12. Thanks so far.

    Please continue. πŸ™‚

  13. dingar Says:

    First off, amazing work! πŸ™‚ I love you. Take everything I say as a suggestion and not a demand, I don’t want to sound like a hardcore fan demanding things.

    As stated before, the Fortifications would be a nice addition:
    IIRC You have the bastion already.
    Aegis Defence Lines, Skyshield Landing Pad(possibly with the ability to toggle between Shielded and Unfurled,) and the Fortress of Redemption

    New types of deployment(pg 119 in 6th)

    Possibly some way to mark a model the Warlord and be able to roll on the tables and see which ability they get(pg 111 in 6th)

    The new Relic mission allows models to pick up the main objective(placed in the center of the map) and move with it.

    Archeotech Artefacts(pg 106) – Just extra terrain to be placed that yield random results when models get too close. So possibly add some neat little sprites with the ability to roll on that Table.

    Battlefield Debris(pg 104) could yield the possibility for more neat sprites

    The vehicle Damage Table has changed.(pg 74) AP2 is a +1 modifier and AP1 is a +2 modifier now.

    Hull Points(pg 70, Appendix II) Basically just wounds for Vehicles the attacker has to get through before rolling on the Damage Table.

    Re-rolling to hits/to wounds of 1.(Special Rules, pg 40)

    Flying Monstrous Creatures can Swoop and Dive, so maybe markers for those(pg 49)

  14. SpaceHeinz Says:

    To Hit/ To wound:

    Changes to make rending rule edit-able, by the players. The standard is 6 +. but such as Eldar Rangers (Pathfinders) page 38, Eldar Codex. have 5+ rending rule.

    To Hit/ To wound – Ability to re-roll any to hit roll of 1 (All 1Β΄s) Tyranids, page 83.

  15. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I’ve made a fairly accurate model of “The Bastion” from GW. And a lot of new terrain pieces that I’m willing to share. So if you’re interested, I can send it to you. It is 100% homemade

  16. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Here are some of the pictures I have made:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to see the shortcuts layed out so that its no problem having a non-english keyboard. Basicly all the letters and numbers are the same, but many of the symbols, such as ), ] the reverse are layed out differently.
    Doing it by mouse is slower, espcially when cycling through multiple weapon options.

  18. This is really amazing! Is there any chance of adding advanced space crusade models and boards?

  19. actually only the board tiles and special counters are needed I think. The SM scouts, tyranids, genestealers and other nasties are all there πŸ™‚

  20. Very, very nice. Thanks. Would be awesome to get even more πŸ˜‰

  21. We are aware of that, even more because a large part of the dev. Team comes/came from Germany. However its a lot work changing all shortcuts.
    We ae 10% done. 😦

  22. Yelling Guy Says:

    Biggest things for me so far:

    Range Circles; Transports now need 6″ and 3″ range circles. Models if possible need “Add 1” and “Subtract 1″ to range circles, as well as a range-circle clear. I don’t know if this would be easier than adding range circles for 3″, 4″, 8″, 9″, etc; but there are a lot more situations where a range circle would be useful.

    Bases: Something that draws a line from your model the the closest model of another player, or the closest highlighted model of another player. A lot of mechanics require the nearest model now.

    Deployment Zones: We need a diagonal deployment zone for the Vanguard deployment type. Very clunky to do currently.

    Range Thread: A third range thread for flying creatures; all it needs to do is add in 20” of vertical range increase as the height for some Pythagorean madness. Saves a lot of explanation and calculation if your opponent is not familiar with the maths.

  23. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I made some pictures for the first mission in The Anphelion Project (imperial armour books) and And the Red Scorpions chapter

    1st. mission. ” Search and Destory ”
    Red Scorpions vs. Tyranid.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Armour table needs to be changed to new version, tank hunters has a new effect, deep strike mishap needs to be updated, glancing hits, and AP1/2 doing different damages on the chart. New missions, new deployments, would be nice to have a new marker for those deployments,

  25. Yelling Guy Says:

    Also for Range Threads: Decimal ranges so that people know when they’ve gone over/under the actual inch.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    generally more and better terrain is a must.

  27. SpaceHeinz Says:

    If 40K Vassal want it, I will start to make, terrain following items:

    – Skyshield Landing Pad
    – Imperial Bastion
    – Aegis Defence Line
    – Quad-gun emplacemen
    – Icarus-pattern lascanno
    – Comms

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I have a request that isn’t about the sprites, custom map control is lacking to choose colors for seperate rows and columns, maybe a button next to the row and column buttons that gives you the option to make each one a different type, so say you could have a 8×8 map, the first four columns are grassland, last four are urban and the bottom two rows are changed to desert. this will allow people to expand into larger apocalypse maps using less time to get them set up.

  29. SpaceHeinz Says:

    first draft of Skyshield Landing Pad


  30. SpaceHeinz Says:

    so far so good. missing just shade and light, and some textures


  31. Very nice terrian you have there. πŸ™‚

  32. love it! Could you make a layer for the activaed force filed too?

  33. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I’m busy doing it. Should be done today with it all. I post regularly so you can follow

  34. SpaceHeinz Says:

    So Skyshield Landing Pad completed

  35. Anonymous Says:

    that’s what I’m talking about. that’s how you do it, not that blue cumtrail of a river.

  36. Jason Says:

    LOL to anonymous, nice to see you actually be positive about peoples hard work, NOT!! somebody put work into making the sprite for the river and although it might not have been up to the standard of some of the sprites in 40k they are still appreciated, so if you wouldn’t mind keeping those kind of negative comments to yourself.

  37. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Then the final details are in place:

    and so on to next project =)

  38. HollowMan Says:

    A damage roll/table for buildings would be handy to have.

    The ability to have the system automatically re-roll missed hits and see if a hit is scored on the second roll for higher than usual ballistic skills would be nice, if not required.

    A toggle for directed shots, like the current rending one, would be good.

  39. I am astonished. Great. Whats next?

  40. SpaceHeinz Says:

    My next project will be Imperial Bastion. I’ve already done some work on it. It just needs a gun layer for the top-mounted Icarus-pattern lascannon and comms relay. and a layer of choice of side-mounted Heavy Bolter or lascannon. I am making access points and firing points to the model as well.

    These terrain objects I do make specifically for Vassal 40k. I hope that I can get some credit on the website. So I can get a little recognition =)

  41. Sure. I already planned that.

  42. SpaceHeinz Says:

    work in progress

  43. knightyc Says:

    just sent in the Landraider Ultra

  44. knightyc Says:

    sent Landraider Helios. only Achillies to go then onto the pre heresy ones πŸ™‚

  45. Curious Says:

    Would be cool if we could have armorbane and tesla added into the infantry and vehicle hit and wound/penetration buttons.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    heinz could u do the hell blade and maybe the fortress of redemption? or the ig lemun russ annihilator

  47. Curious Says:

    Just had another thought – are any of the terrain drawers interested in making some Zone Mortalis stuff as seen on the Forge World site? Here’s a link to anyone interested:


  48. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I am working on Fortress of Redemption right now. I’m almost done with the whole range of standard terrain objects from games workshop. Just want them through skin-layning, shadow, light and texture.

    I just been working (Real work) for a short time, so now I’m ready again.

    If I have time and inclination, I can look at some of the terrain objects from Forgeworld.

    Regards SpaceHeinz

  49. SpaceHeinz Says:

    To Anonymous….

    A Hellblade… You say? Now then… I’m a true servant of the emperor.. so giving the runos power of chaos, such a powerful tool of evil… well let me say… severe… =) I will try to find the time

  50. SpaceHeinz Says:

    first draft to the fortress of redemption

  51. SpaceHeinz Says:

  52. Not logged in Vassal40k Says:

    Very impressive.

  53. Niveama Says:

    @ Curious I emailled some resonably detailed pngs of those in however I have not idea if they are suitable or not for vassal. I’m hoping that they got there ok.

  54. SpaceHeinz Says:

    next draft, so Now I just search light and heavy Bolter emplacement. and then the shadow, highlights and texture. and then layers of missile storm launcher.

    Space Heinz

  55. eternal3lade Says:

    SpaceHeinz, just curious, but how did you do the line work the above model? was it all just Photoshop, or did you use a combination of programs?

  56. LeftBower Says:

    Units from the FW lists. In particular, I’m after dreadbash (so grot tanks, etc.) but I’m sure other people have other opinions.

  57. SpaceHeinz Says:

    To eternal3lade

    I use a combination of Inkscape (for basic drawing) and GIMP 2 (for image manipulations, shadow and light, textures) act as the principle in photoshop, which I used years ago. But, unlike photoshop they are free programs, and easy to use.

  58. I would like to contribute to making some Necron Sprites but I am unsure what file type I would save them as, if you use any templates or what not?

  59. Poppa Bear Says:

    Great work SpaceHeinz!

  60. SpaceHeinz Says:

    many thanks

  61. SpaceHeinz Says:

    missing only a few details. Also test it in Vassal … =)

  62. BearingTheWord Says:

    Loving the 5. version, can’t wait for the 6th ed update. Great work!

    As far as what i would like to see:
    (If they are not already being worked on or I have overlooked them somehow)
    Word Bearer ‘sprites’ added (unless I am missing them somehow and they have been done.
    Storm Eagles
    Decimator Daemon Engines
    Storm Talons

    Can’t think of anything else atm, but many others have covered the other stuff. Again, thank you all for this awesome bit of work!

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Are those turrets separate parts, SpaceHeinz? Those sprites would look really good on their own as static gun emplacements.

  64. SpaceHeinz Says:

    A little test in the vassal, looks like it works alright … what do you think?
    Is the imperial bastion to small or to large? And the gun emplacements how do they work… okay?

  65. SpaceHeinz Says:

    To Anonymous…

    Yes, every part is a layer for themselves. and can be used in combination or separately

  66. HollowMan Says:

    Next weapon toggles for power sword, power axe and power maul to differentiate power weapons would also be handy. Replacing “Inquisition” with Sisters of Battle, and ultimately updating the sprites to match the new characters and unit options would be good stuff as well.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    The defence lines and bastion could afford to be a little darker green, or even grey. Right now they’re almost the same color as the grass. Other than that, they look great.

  68. Anonymous Says:


    I would love the addition of correctly sized terrain features. Mainly the GW green hills and the 4 piece gaming hill. In 4 actual pieces πŸ˜€ We tend to use those in a wildly varying setup.

    Other then that, just keep up the good work. I love documenting my games in Vassal 40K and keep an archive so that I can look up the things I did wrong πŸ˜‰

  69. I would love to see someone model the new Chariots of Slaanesh. They seem like a really fun unit to use. http://daemons40k.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-look-at-changes-to-daemons-units-in.html?m=1

  70. lavabeast Says:

    when do you guys plan to have this out for beta? i have a few people who would be interested in testing for you

  71. Am I the only one who thinks that 6th edition is actually better suited for vassal? main reason imo is that you can now measure whenever it suits you, that plays into this module… can’t wait to get my hands on a first version, keep up the excellent work!!

  72. Clockworker Says:

    Not sure if it’s been said before, but it would be nice to upgrade the SoB army to the 5E WD codex. It sucks, but it’s part of the game.

  73. Mayfist Says:

    SpaceHeinz….. Teach me master πŸ˜€
    Those models look amazing mate. Thanks for contributing time and effort !

  74. Shantzilla Says:

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  75. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Hi all 40k vassal fans

    So then… now my vacation is over. So I better get back to the drawing board, So I can get the latest projects finished before the release of version 6.

    Thank you for the excellent reviews, It’s always nice with positive attention. So I know that I am on the right track, relative to What people would like to see in the program.

    and Mayfist…? I like you =)

    Next project is almost finished The Fortress Of redemption, When I’m finished with it, I present the entire project, so people can give a last comment before I send it all to 40k vassal.

    Then I will use the remaining time to improve the existing terrain images – Arear terrain, forests, hills and son on…

    Det kunne jo ogsΓ₯ vΓ¦re at 40k Vassal havde nogle forslag?
    Mente du: Det kunne jo ogsΓ₯ vΓ¦re at 40k Vassal havde
    Indtast tekst eller en webadresse til et website, eller oversæt et dokument.

    It might also be that 40k Vassal had some suggestions?


    —- SpaceHeinz

  76. Anonymous Says:

    it would be cool to have like a mini rulebook built into the 6th version as for people are eniterly new to warhammer such as me and also maybe a character customization so we don’t have ot use the genereic chapters or legions or whatever other players use


  77. knightyc Says:

    rulebook will never happen as games workshop would sue the hell out of vassell 40k’s owners

    also customisation isnt possible as the sprites are .png files that are painted in chapter colours for the set chapters/ warbands/ craft worlds or what ever else.

    Im sure if you could make all the sprites for your chapter they might include it. would be a hell of a lot of work tho

  78. You can create your own sprites anytime you want and submit them. As long as they are half decent they will be accepted and put in. So you have the character customization. But you will never have rules.Vassal 40k has already come under fire from GW before.

  79. Hi all,

    I’m the person that wrote all the dice rollers for this module. I am getting back to 40k after a long hiatus, it seems. I will download the latest module and play through some 6th Edition, and see what needs to be updated on my end.

    Expect another update from me in a week or so.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    what do you think how long to release the 6 edi, i canΒ΄t wait πŸ™‚

  81. Hihepux Says:

    Id love to see Krieg get finished. Right now they are missing all the infantry in the IG section with only basic vehicle pallet swaps. Also, I use Hades Drills so support for that would be great. I can proxy in with something like a chimera but thats almost 1/3 larger than a Hades so its not the most accurate proxy.
    I love that the necron are complete but the new models look unpolished. They could use some work but thats probably low priority as I see it as the existing sprites are very functional as is at least.
    As far as the UI goes, Id love to see something like the existing Model Information but only viewable via mouse over as opposed to constantly showing. The Text often obscures other infantry standing around.

  82. Ed, the 6th !!! Says:

    Another thing to add when rolling to shoot and wound : can you add an option for “precision hit”. With the current module it is not possible to know weither the wound comes from a “6” or not. That addition would be nice

  83. Hey Ed (the 6th!),

    Thanks for the suggestion – this has already been done.


    Had a game last night against my friend’s Eldar (a solid victory for the Grey Knights!), which identified some issues.

    Still to do on this menu is adding “reroll missed to hit rolls of ‘1’?”, “reroll missed to wound rolls of ‘1’?”, and “reroll To Hit and To Wound rolls of 6?”.

    Any other issues identified thus far?

  84. Jimmy Earl Jones Says:

    Markers for random objectives or for ‘mysterious’ terrain if it hasn’t already been mentioned!
    Hull points ‘caption’ for vehicles (same as wounds for infantry)!
    Apocalypse templates!
    Race specific Aegis/Bastion/Fortress/Landing Pad terrain? If not doable I’ll try and have a go at making some.
    Warp Charge tokens!
    Suitably sweet looking Archeotech/custom Objective markers!

    Also I’ve compiled a folder full of terrain suitable for 40k in .png (see link below) for your use, I hope it’s helpful!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    damn. A lot of those sprites are really good.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    I love the photorealistic stuff, Vassal is getting more and more professionality. Thanks supporters.

  87. Shantzilla Says:

    Any ETA update? πŸ™‚

  88. Hi all,

    Current dice roller screens are below:

    Anything missing that you can identify?

  89. Curious Says:

    Here’s a few things I’d suggest:

    1) Move precision shots to the roll ‘to hit’ rather than ‘to wound’.

    2) Change the default of Feel No Pain to a 5 rather than a 4 (since most things in the game will be saving on a 5+).

    3) Change the ‘melta’ rule in vehicle penetration to read ‘melta/armorbane’

    That’s everything I can see at the moment. Thanks so much for your hard work so far.

  90. Agreed and implemented all suggestions, Curious.

    Rending and Precision Shots have been moved to the first section as below.

    You are very welcome mate. It’s good fun.

    Does anyone still play VBFG? I see that the latest version linked to from this site is v2.2. Since then (late 2010 I think) I had gone through five small re-builds – do you think it would be worthwhile releasing the latest build?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    What’s missing is a roll of the dice roller Gauss and Tesla.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Yes please release anything VBFG related. Thanks for all the hard work everyone involved.

  93. Thanks Anonymous, Gauss and Tesla added.

    I will release a new version of VBFG within a fortnight.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, other than adding in the terrain, what more needs to be changed? This should be done soon, yeah?

  95. Anonymous Says:

    i was wondering were it can be downloaded to start playing πŸ™‚

  96. There are a few things lacking from the module side of things, for instance hull points, range circles on vehicles, etc. I assume the webmaster here is working on these issues.

    On the topic of range circles:

    They are currently an image overlaid onto the selected model, of the selected radius. This makes them not-particularly-useful for their intended purpose, as range is measured to the base edge, not the origin. As such, range circles need to be base-specific – a 24″ range circle from a 20mm round base needs to have a radius of ~620mm, not ~610mm. This gets complicated for irregularly shaped units (those not using a base) such as Eldar Falcons, as the range circle needs to look something like the below:

    That is to say, not a circle, but an irregular shape. Setting such pixel-accurate circles up for each unbased model is a large, boring task, but it should really be done.

    Really, what we want is to be able to select or mark all models within x distance of the selected model/models. This is doable for based units (I will probably do some playing with this on the weekend), but for baseless units, it is not possible.

  97. Curious Says:

    Crunch – Only thing I can see that needs to be changed is that Tesla should be on the vehicle damage table as well since Tesla works equally against infantry and vehicles.

  98. Curious, good point. Also added the new “reroll rolls of 1/6” to the “To Hit Vehicle” button.

    It now looks like:

  99. Curious Says:

    Excellent. One last question – has the vehicle damage chart been updated to the 6th edition version? i.e. 1-2 shaken 3 stunned 4 weapon destroyed and so on? It was different in 5th which is why i ask.

  100. Please add a ‘Reroll successful saves’ and ‘Reroll Unsuccessful saves’. These are needed for 1 psyker power and for Daemon with the keeper of secrets.

  101. Curious, yes it has been.

    Hallo Hans, ‘reroll unsuccessful saves’ is already an option as ‘reroll saves’. I will rename ‘reroll saves’ to ‘reroll failed saves’ and add ‘reroll successful saves’ as ‘reroll saves’. Just to confuse people.

  102. Slow day at the office. Saves button updated:


    Is there any need in 6E to re-roll FNP rolls?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    Yes,I need.

  104. Details are required. What allows FNP rolls to be re-rolled?

  105. I don’t think so. There is a power that allows all saving roll to be rerolled, but it’s explicitly stated that FNP is not a saving throw.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Chaos Space Marines needs more stuff, throw in Alpha Legion/Night Lords for those of us who don’t want to always want ot pick either iron warriors or black legion. Thousands Sons need ahriman as an HQ dunno what else will let you know as i think of them.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    There’ll probably be an update for when CSM comes out and we get some additional spriters for those.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Assuming V6 comes out before Codex: CSM

  109. Would likely be better to just have chaos added into the first release of V6. I doubt V6 is as close to being ready as the new chaos codex.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Regarding FNP re-roll: ork Painboy equipped with grot orderly can make such re-roll

  111. The vehicle damage table definitely needs reworking to bring it into line with the new table. Make sure to add AP2 and AP1 tickboxes.

    The new table:
    1-2 Crew Shaken
    3 Crew Stunned
    4 Weapon Destroyed
    5 Immobilized
    6 Explodes!

    AP2 gives you a +1 on the roll, and AP1 gives you a +2. Open-topped is also a +1, cumulative with everything, so penetrating an open-topped vehicle with an AP1 weapon gives you a 2/3 chance to explode it.

    Mysterious objective dice would also be a good idea.

    1 Sabotage!
    2 Nothing of Note
    3 Skyfire Nexus
    4 Targeting Relay
    5 Scatterfield
    6 Grav Wave Generator

    The images for these can be found on page 125 of the new rulebook, if you want them.

    Deployment zone overlays for the new deployment arrangements would also be a good idea. The existing 1×6 will fine for Dawn of War, but Vanguard needs a template, as does Hammer and Anvil.

    A mission dice roller that reflects the new missions would also be a good idea, as would a victory point randomiser for the Scouring (though I have no idea how you’d pull that one off; it would need to assign the six objectives values of 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, and 4 respectively).

    Warlord Trait tables are also kind of necessary, as are sprites for the fortifications.

    Sorry to throw all this on you. Must be tough.

  112. Anonymous, thanks for the source on the FNP re-roll. This will be added.

    Stewart, thanks for your detailed post. I have already updated the vehicle damage table on the dev build. The other dice rollers you requested are easy to implement – I should have a spare hour to get these done in the office today.

  113. Dice rollers completed:

    * rolls on the Eternal War Mission table = 1 – Crusade
    * rolls on the Deployment Map table = 1 – Dawn of War
    * rolls on the Warlord Command Traits table = 4 – Master of the Vanguard. Your Warlord, and all friendly units within 12″, roll an extra dice when they Run, using the highest.
    * rolls on the Warlord Personal Traits table = 6 – Immovable Object. Your Warlord is a scoring unit, even if he is a vehicle.
    * rolls on the Warlord Strategic Traits table = 3 – Master ofAmbush. Treat all your Outflanking units as having the Acute Senses special rule whilst the Warlord is alive.
    * rolls on the Mysterious Objectives table = 1 – Sabotaged! At the end of the turn in which the objective was identified, and at the end of every turn thereafter, roll a D6. On a roll of 1, the objective explodes. Centre the large blast template over the objective. Units suffer a number of Strength 4, AP- hits equal to the number of models from their unit that are at least partially under the template. This explosion does not destroy the objective, nor does it prevent further explosions occurring in later turns.

    Feel No Pain re-roll added:

    Button for rolling for “The Scouring” objectives is do-able. Will do that in my next break.

  114. Love all the work you’ve done Crunch, and me and a few friends really appreciate that we can test army lists before realizing them IRL.
    On a side-note, would it be possible to implement the random terrain system? As in, if you use it, your current table gets divided into segments and the rolls automatically happen for each segment, thus determining how many pieces of terrain should be on them.
    Me and the lads found out that if you want to randomize terrain yourself, it can take quite a while if you want to do it according to the rules rather than just dropping pieces here and there.
    Of course, this is nothing urgent, just something I thought I’d ask, all the urgent 6E stuff has already been mentioned.

  115. No worries Xavier. The majority of the cudos should go to Tim Davis, who did an enormous amount of spriting and administration back in the day. All I do is the code, which compared to spriting is a minimal time investment.

    I don’t see why that couldn’t be done. I will be in a meeting all day today (yay external systems consultants!), and my weekend is fairly booked, but I will take a look at this Monday at the latest.

  116. Thanks for the quick reply Crunch, and a big thanks to Tim Davis as well. πŸ™‚

    I had a small issue last night trying out a new list, and in the Grey Knights army list you have your 3 Land Raider types, but it seems the Phobos, or basic Land Raider, can’t have options like Search Lights, Multi Melta and such added to it. Or I just completely missed where I could select the options…

  117. Hello from Italy.
    I have a question unrelated to W40K, but about the module:
    given the amount of features it have, i could use it as it is to learn a skirmish ruleset. Can i post images of the ongoing games, providing credit to the module and his authors?

    Great work. I tried to develop some things in Vassal and hitted a lot of bugs / impossible things to do. So i’m very impressed by your work here.


  118. Terrain dice roller:

    rolls to generate terrain for 6 2’x2′ squares…
    * Number of terrain pieces for each 2’x2′ square: 1,1,3,2,2,3

    Think this will suffice, or do we want something fancier?

    Xavier, it doesn’t look like any of the models have options for Searchlights. Can the Phobos take a Multi-Melta? I was under the impression that this upgrade was limited to the Crusader and Redeemer variants.

    Ciao Parduz! I don’t think anyone would take offense at V40k being used in such a fashion, and if they do, who rightly cares? Make use of the module as you wish.

  119. Hey there,

    First of all, great work!
    Here’s some things that would be awesome to see:

    For the dice rollers, I would love to see a “Leave window open” checkbox. I find that I just keep opening the “To Hit/Wound” or “To Hit/Penetrate” over and over in my shooting phase and the “Saves” window during my opponent’s turn. This is especially a problem when rolling saves for “Mixed Saves” units, where rolls must be completed individually.

    Dangerous Terrain
    -This is more prevalent than ever. The current dice roller is kind of difficult to use for this, because you have to count the 1’s manually. It would be great to have either a separate roller or if you ordered the results, or added the option to count the number of each result.

    -Add option for re-roll 1’s (Space Wolves)

    To Hit/Penetrate
    -Haywire option
    -EMP option

    Rending (Wound & Penetrate)
    -Add “Roll Required to Rend”, defaulting to ‘6’ (Rangers, Skulltaker, etc)

    -Flyer 90 degree Turn Radius
    -Weapon arcs for Fixed Weapons (ex. Ghost Barge has 45 degree fire arc)

    -It would be awesome to have a “Resolve Start of Turn Effects” in the list. Many people forget these and a reminder would help!

    Range Circles
    -Add “Clear” option (easier than removing multiple range circles one at a time).

    -These are

    Add Markers (this is wishlisting, as notes do this just fine):

    –Snap Shots only, Can’t fire (Stunned effects on passengers)

    –Locked Velocity & Hover Mode

    –Blind, Fear, Stealth, Shrouded, Strikedown, Soul Blaze

    –Structural Damage

  120. Anonymous Says:

    First, awesome work! Really impressed.

    Just to throw suggestions… What about a Lost and The Damned list? I know itΒ΄s a titanic work but just to give ideas…

  121. I think these models these options you know so you see them on mouse over model.
    Ork Warboss needs wargear options for attack squig,cybork body,boss pole,and ‘eavy armour,
    all the Ork characters need there wargear options.
    Warboss, Big Mek, Nobz need ammo runt option
    Warbuggies, Deff Dread,and Killa Kans, need grot riggers,armour Plats.
    last the pain boy needs grot oderly and flash gitz need cybork bodiy option. and I think that’s it

  122. so any news on how close to completian we are now? chaos will be out soon so more sprites to make already we need a hell brute lol

  123. Anonymous Says:

    xfd if you think someone is still working on this

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Considering that the guy working on this just posted a few days ago..Yeah

  125. Being one of the people doing the sprites I think I have done all the ones I was working on.. so we are still working on it

  126. Anonymous, I’m pretty sure I’m still working on this. I may be mistaken though. I just do the coding and rollers though, and there is a lot of other work to be done.

    ShaneHM, a “leave window open” checkbox should be do-able, I will investigate. Dangerous Terrain tests can be taken by using the saves button. I will add EMP and Haywire, and “roll required to rend” – will post again tonight I expect. The other points you raised fall out of my purview – hopefully someone else will pick it up.

  127. Heya, sorry I haven’t been able to check back in a while.
    The basic Land Raider (which is the Phobos as far as I know) in the GK codex has the Searchlight option for 1 point, it can also take a multi-melta and storm bolter for 10 points each.

    It also has the various GK special rules and can take Psybolt ammo as well.

    So unless I missed something (which is entirely possible), the Phobos doesn’t have the options the GK can choose.
    Oh and Redeemer and Crusader both have the same options as the Phobos, they just have different basic wargear and load capacity.

    Wish I had anything useful to contribute besides bugging you with nitpicking details, sorry man.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    when can we get our grubby hands this ? πŸ™‚

  129. I didn’t see this mentioned before … the only Space Wolf Rune Priest sprite is for a rune priest in Power Armor, but they have the option of taking Terminator Armor. I don’t have the required skills to do it, just throwing it out there. Thanks. Can’t wait for the 6th ed version.

  130. Clockworker Says:

    Hah. the new CSM dex is just about to come out, along with a few new units, guess the todo list has just spiked.

  131. urggghhh just when thaught the work was all done

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Just release the 6th edition vassal and than update it with the sprites later.

  133. But first and foremost, in the next version of Vassal40K, please include an explicit File option to create a loadable army roster for Vassal40K that doesn’t involve trickery with starting a new game and dragging and dropping things. New Vassal40K players won’t think to do this: It’s not intutive.

  134. knightyc Says:

    any news?

  135. Anonymous Says:

    How’s it going?

  136. knightyc Says:

    anyone anything??

  137. Anonymous Says:

    Squad broken!

  138. Clockworker Says:

    Squad broken!

  139. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t it funny how one guy can write the entire Armybuilder datafile for 6th edition in less time, when this guy has help and all he has to do is change a few parameters on the rollers and import someone else’s sprites, yet still isn’t done?

  140. knightyc Says:

    I think its a bit more work than that but yea theres more than one person working on this so was thinking we should of had some news by now…

  141. Curious1 Says:

    Have you guys considered not being pricks?

    You realize that nobody working on the module actually owes you anything, right? You realize that this is entirely volunteer and that nobody working on V40K gets paid, right? You realize that you’re essentially badgering unpaid volunteers to hurry up and give you your free update to a free program to play 40k on the internet for free… right?

    Please, be more reasonable and stop acting like entitled dicks, especially the one that’s such a coward that he goes by ‘anonymous’. Stop shitting on people that are doing you a favor out of love for the hobby you immature, entitled fucking child.


  142. knightyc Says:

    ermm you do realise I have done a lot of the latest sprites I did all the new flyers and a lot of the necron updates. So to know about not being paid for it. I know. Ive worked on a few sprites for this new update so would like to use them or see people using them. Calling people dicks is not a very nice thing. as you could see I was trying to find out status of the mod.

  143. Curious1 Says:

    I didn’t, so I apologize for the part of my post that was directed toward you. This anon however deserves every bit of it.

  144. Anonymous Says:

    You might have noticed that I’ve never asked or demanded anything, just pointing out certain facts.

  145. Anonymous Says:

    Ive never played through the module as i figured id start fresh with sixth and i am also eagerly awaiting its completion…. but for you impatient fellows for all you know the guy could be dealing with death in family/house fire/job loss/random catastrophic event

    in other words finishing this module may not be his priority, and i think hes entitled to handle whatever he is currently working on which clearly has more personal priority, which again is likely understandable

  146. Nice comments guys.

    I’ve been rather busy with work and hacking Borderlands 2, which is rather more interesting to me at the moment.

    I’m not sure where the actual webmaster here has gone – I sent him a “how do you do” when I came back to this project, but haven’t heard anything back.

    Seeing as my side of things is just about done for 6E, I will put in some work this week, and hopefully have a completed module with the new rollers integrated by the end of the weekend. Download link will be posted here.

  147. knightyc Says:

    crunch im guessing you dont have access to the vassell email for the sprites?

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Up there? ^….. = awesome

  149. hi guys,
    i think we need to organise things here.
    so this doesn’t happen again where someone has all the work and then dissapears, i have set up a web space that we can upload the work to so the team always has an up to date copy of everything.
    i’ve also set up a new email too.
    now to form the team, we need the following:
    1, a mod editor to implement all the new functions and sprites, ect.
    2. sprite makers
    3. testers that will look for bugs and missing models in the armies.
    4. a coder for the dice buttons.
    5. a web adimn to run the website, if we don’t have access to this one then i’ll set up a new one.

    ok we already have asked about the roles before but i dont have access to that list, that’s why i am asking again.
    if anyone is interested in the roles then email to:
    once this team has been compiled and the work has been collected in full i will then upload it to the new web space and then if the mod editor goes walkabout then someone else can take up the role without starting from scratch with all the new sprites that have been submitted.

    @crunch i know you are dealing with the coding, so if you can mail me using the above mail (assuming you still want to do it) we can talk about where the mod is at the moment.

    @knightyc i know your one of the sprite makers so if your up for it i would like you to email too.

    @SpaceHeinz i’m hoping that we haven’t lost your work and if so you still have it to re-submit, as these will be integral in a 6th ed update.

    this is all if vassal40k doesn’t make an appearance and if so the web storage is still a good idea i think.

    i hope that i have covered most things, so i await your emails.
    thanks for you patience.

  150. Kevin Maloney Says:

    What NEEDS to be added:
    -New Chaos Space Marine stuff (obviously)
    -Slaanesh Chariot variants
    -Fortifications! In particular, the various types of gun emplacements, and the Fortress of Redemption

    What would be nice as an addition:
    -More Chaos Legions! Colours for the Night Lords, Word Bearers and/or Alpha Legion would be nice.
    -Mordians, Valhallans or Tallarns for the Imperial Guard
    -Maybe some more different colours for Necrons or Dark Eldar
    -More Forge World Goodies- I’m thinking specifically of the Blight Drone, Slaughterfiend, DE superheavy skimmers, and Tau stuff. Ideally, at least one Forge World unit per race would be nice.

    Other than that, keep up the great work!

  151. knightyc Says:

    is the site for work sorted or is it WIP

  152. The site is ready for work if you have some and you need to be part of the team.
    Was hoping to hear from crunch with regards to the new rollers and work done so far in the mod.
    @crunch could you get In contact?


  153. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I have made: Imperial Bastion, all gun Emplacements, Comms relay, Defences lines. I need only 50% Fortress of Redemtion.

    Is there a deadline for this?


  154. Hi,
    Nice one, can you send them to me using the email from the post above. Once I here from crunch we can get this mod going again.

  155. Oh and no deadline as you do this for free. But asap, would be good. B-)

  156. knightyc Says:

    Jason any chance once got work off space heinz an other dude can put out a basic 6th editiin the chaos sprites may take a monthish with all new sprites maybr we should.setup a forum to know better whats getting worked on. I will sort it out later if you want me tio?

  157. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t see why you can’t just implement Space Heinz’ buildings, Jimmy Earl Jones’ terrain pack, and Crunch’s rollers and call it a day. The only thing missing from CSM right now that can’t easily be proxied are the giant silly dinosaurs.

  158. knightyc Says:

    that was what I ment put the terrain and rollers and the work I sent in and release a 6th ed version then work on the new releases πŸ˜‰

  159. doktor_g Says:

    Yes please! 6th would be rad. My friend and I are separated by 2500 miles and we can try lists out on each other. I would like to contribute but i Don’t know how? I’m a noob at vector graphics but I can give it a shot if it’ll move anything along. I used to code but out of practice now. Would do anything. Thanks for y’all’s work.

  160. Hi guys, yes this is what I intend to do, but still waiting to here from crunch, I can’t put all the work together until I have it.
    Spacehinze is still to finish his work then hopefully he’ll send me that, then as soon as I get the rollers I’ll put the mod up.
    Once it’s all together it will be stored online then if someone leaves we have the work to carry on.
    Sorry guys it still a waiting game.

  161. Anonymous Says:

    Please add a user friendly army list save system.


  162. Hi,
    there is already a way of saving your army list and loading it into an existing game in the tutorial section on the main page of this site. it’s very simple to follow and doesn’t take long once the initial setup of your models has been done. it’s just a matter of loading your logfile and stepping though to get your models on the board.
    Simples (squeak!)

  163. http://z13.invisionfree.com/vassal40k/index.php? heres a new board were going to use for work because I dont think well get to use this blog for new versions. and its somewere for modders and spriters to hang out and talk πŸ™‚

  164. knightyc Says:

    jason could you email me and let me know if your around as ive not seen you on forum or had no email back I sent you last week.

  165. Guys, I think some supervillain is kidnapping all the people who work on mod.
    Maybe he’s building an evil vassal40k in his mountain fortress.

  166. Clockworker Says:

    Smells of… Eldar trickery! Do not trust the aliens!

  167. knightyc Says:

    help us batman lol

  168. Shantzilla Says:

    He’s our only hope? 😦

    Go vassal team go!

  169. hi guys,
    still no word from crunch or spacehinze. i have a week off after next week so i’ll look into doing the dice rollers and the fortresses myself. but if crunch or spacehinze happen to see this i still would like to have their work, the only reason i say i will do it is that i don’t know if you two will ever come back, so i’ll give it a shot. would love for you to send in your work though to vassal40kteam@gmail.com

  170. and remember the forum ive posted my wip stuff on there πŸ˜‰ jason would be great if you would join even just to see my wip

  171. @Nightyc
    i’ve been on to have a look at your wip and it’s looking good mate, i’ll be emailing you later to talk about what needs to be done.

  172. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe add things for Dark Heresy players?

  173. Add somethings for Dark Heresy players to use such as a D100 and D10 to use?

  174. whoops sorry multi post I didn’t realize I had posted already

  175. Sorry I let you uncertain so long. But I am quite impressed about your deduication, I am glad the module has so much and talented helpers now. Thanks for that. I hope with my return we can speed up the progress even more. πŸ™‚

  176. welcome back dude. been a long long time. Will you be back now? are you ok about the forum I thaught itd just help out with the making of sprites and such.

  177. Welcome back, can you send me all the work that you have so far? So there is a backup.

  178. SpaceHeinz Says:

    … hey guys (Jason). My absence is due to a large course I had to participate in. and my new computer had a major breakdown … the only files I could save was: imperial bastion (all weapon system), Sky shield landing pad, Agies Defence Line, Emplacement (Quad cannon, Icarus-pattern lascannon and comms) but not Forstress Of Redemption …
    They are of previous files, but I can be ready before next week. Forstress Of Redemption will take a little longer because I have work up to both my ears…

  179. SpaceHeinz Says:

    I am of course still happy to contribute with images. I’am not so busy in my work soon…

  180. Cheers spacehinze, that would be great. Send the work to vassal40kteam@gmail.com then it can be stored for the team to work with.

  181. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Hi Jason
    How do you want the files. Each layer in each file (png) or should I make it all finished in Vassal 40k, and then send it to you (Terrain file)

  182. I usualy send my files as each option as a seperate .png file (named correctly) hope it helps

  183. Png file please mate that would be great.
    P.s. Will you be part of the team for more sprites?

  184. Or if you have a psd file while contain the layers either would be great.

  185. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Tomorrow, Friday (16-11-2012) I send everything I have for Jason. (Vassal40K)
    Only very small changes.
    You can just see what lies in wait:


    Yes, Jason, I would very much like to contribute with more pictures, and help where I can.

    I’ll try to send them in psd file.

  186. SpaceHeinz Says:

    finished …
    Sending it all to Jason

  187. Excellent, they look awesome. Will go through all the posts today and make a list of things to do. Then will mail the team and we can sort out who’s doing what.

  188. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Hi Jason
    You can read XCF files?

  189. Hi Spacehinze, yes i can πŸ™‚

  190. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Images are sent.
    Hope everything is like it should be…

  191. Hey guys.

    is the Tauros and venator being added?

    i would make them but i have no idea where to start lol

  192. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Jason pushed me to make Fortress Of Redemption finished. I found some small pieces around on my hard drive. There is a lot of work ito do, since I only have the full images, no layers. I hope I make before Wednesday, as agreed.

    So far, it looks like this:


    Ye should be free to to comment

  193. looks awesome heinz πŸ™‚

  194. now to work on wall of martyrs lol.

  195. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Oh god, its true…

    found out a few days ago. It is a hoppy, without end … /=0

  196. @ spacehinze there’s no rush mate, think you got wrong end of the stick. I was going to just put what I had in for Wednesday. πŸ˜‰
    But if you have finished then I’ll wait till it’s done.and you’ve sent in

  197. SpaceHeinz Says:

    hehe … I did not mean it seriously … I was just in cheerful mood ….
    I caught only the Wrong end, because I could …

    I have set Wednesday as a personal deadline. I’m probably done before …

    But, it’s always hard to read expressions, or sincere opinion through text …

    but it was just for fun …
    I hurry only because I am looking forward to 6th version …

    space Heinz

  198. SpaceHeinz Says:

    That was it….

    “Fortress Of Redemption”


    To Jason: If anything is missing, please just let me know.
    And if there are projects still, do not be afraid to write. If you will be kind enough to find what is missing – In the entire finished project, At one time or another…


  199. SpaceHeinz Says:

    all images are moved to the official website

  200. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been away for the last 8mns & need someone to link me to the current vassal40k module. Happy Holidays!

  201. Shas'O'Ana Says:

    So lots of people have been mentioning the new dice settings, terrain pieces and such which I second (or third or whatever number is needed).
    Also, as a Tau player, would like for some of the Forgeworld stuff (XV-9 suits, Manta, Heavy Drones, and such) to be put in.

    Also I’d like to know where I can get the .png files so I can apply my own cadre’s paint scheme. Thanks!

  202. Hey if you want to change the scheme all you need to do is use winrar or similar program and unzip the files from the vassal40k mod. Look for one names images. Then go over to the forums and upload your work. That way it can be included in the mod and seen by the people you play against. there is a tutorial on how to do sprites if you would like a go at doing the missing Tau sprites πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps you out.

  203. Shas'O'Ana Says:

    @ Knightyc
    Right, cool, I’ll look into that. Might take me some time as I’m new at this small a scale.

  204. Also, the carbine/pulse rifle doesn’t work for the Tau, It makes overlays them and doesn’t let you go back to it. THanks

  205. SpaceHeinz Says:


  206. Poppa Bear Says:

    So how can we incorporate that terrain into our module?

  207. SpaceHeinz Says:

    Wait it all comes with the 6th version. Most have already been sent to 40KVassal

  208. Within exactly the same time your submitted form will get approved as well as the cash will
    probably be transferred into the bank account inside the short span
    of time on same day. Running for the Google Android operating-system, the product boasts 576MB of RAM
    and 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon so web surfing is as simple as might be.

  209. oh wow now this is getting spammed…..

  210. Anonymous Says:

    Whether development would have progressed How much “Vassal 40k version6”?

  211. were almost up to beta stag check forums

  212. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you very much.

  213. Anonymous Says:

    My terrain module but I can’t see any fortifications. Why ?

  214. have you added the little add on that was put out? check our forums and theres a file with fortifications. Im hopeing that 6th ed will be out maybe next weekend as long as something doesnt go wrong with the beta

  215. frankers555 Says:

    Something that rlly needs to be changed is the vehicle damage chart. because all the damage results have been changed, and also the modifiers have been changed. also add a hullpoints counter to vehicles (like the wounds counter for normal models).

    Also possibly have a points counter sorta thing, so people can play fair.

  216. Poppa Bear Says:

    I keep recieving this message This game was saved with extension ‘Java’ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Vassal 40k 5.4F\Vassal40k 5.4F_ext’ folder to load it folled by – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Rubble_2.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Rubble_1.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found terrain_ruin_wall_6.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found crater_3.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found terrain_ruin_wall_3.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire7.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire8.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Wire4.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found barrels.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found objinfo4.png
    – Bad Data in Module: Image not found Warpcharge.png

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to correct this?

  217. update your java

  218. Poppa Bear Says:

    Yep, I actually installed 6.0 then got nothing but error messages so I updated my Java & everything works fine now.

  219. mastertugunegb Says:

    Base/model resize for Boss Snikrot (Kommandos upgrade character) needs to be bigger. He’s on a standard 20mm round base rather than the 40mm one. Just needs his .png file’s image sizes to be made bigger.

    Maybe a boltgun option and cape for Space Marine leader types?

    Would love to see Horus Heresy Betrayal options, but 6th ed work should probably take precedence.

  220. Lots of questions pop in your head that need accurate answers.

    In 2007, Vampire Weekend’s song “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” was ranked 67th on Rolling Stone’s list of the ‘100 Best Songs of the Year’.
    Contra proves that Vampire Weekend weren’t a fluke the first time around.

  221. Anonymous Says:

    In pags 81, 85 and 88 of new eldar codex there are perfects pics for new totems for prims and planes

  222. Poppa Bear Says:

    So when can we see an update to the Chaos Daemons? Mostly base sizes but definitely n3eds an update before Space Marine’s

  223. I only just found this program.And I got to say thanks for allowing me to play the game I love.where I live there is no games workshop within 800k’s or even other people that play so this is just fantastic again a massive thanks.

  224. After series of bloke oogkas.cremes.frl interviews and a plight of look into the products review exchange, we be subjected to upon mission up with the fundamental headman massagers in the industry.

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