Posting dead.


just wanted to report back. I got a new job and got sent abroad from one week to another.

I am finally at home again. However my new job (about I am very happy) is a 60h/week job (I am writing that in my break, because I dont have internet access at home again), so beside some hours with my husband and children there is not so much free time left. I am sorry I couldnt report in sooner, but I had some really busy times. I hope I can work a bit on Vassal on the weekends, but as I said I have a lot less free time now, but I can see that the other team members were very busy and only inhibited to do more because my sudden disapperance.

42 Responses to “Posting dead.”

  1. It’s good to see you didn’t drop off the planet entirely. Perhaps it’s time to let others take up this burden.

    Glad to hear you’re doing well, though!

  2. well do all the work you put it together lol sorted a lot of the burden sorted πŸ™‚

  3. The Mighty Zugg Says:

    Thank you for vassal 40k! Has anyone got the vassal bowl module or any of the other modules like mordheim and mighty empires?

  4. i’ve put together the new terrain that spacehinze kindly sent in and is on it’s way to the testers. hopefully i’ll get feedback quick enough to get it uploaded for the weekend.
    i’ll also look through the stuff from Jimmy Earl Jones and add some of that terrain. also adding text to the Objective so that you can label them for mysterious objective. but that will be in another update soon.
    i’m hoping that crunch gets in touch for the rollers as i didn’t get chance to look at it when i was off work. still, i’ll have a look anyway so that i know how to do them for the future.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Jimmy Earl Jones’ set has some good stuff in it. The buildings, the mud/adobe ones in particular, and the ruins/debris would really help make some better, more unique tables

  6. hi guys,
    new fortresses are in, also some more trees and area terrain. a big thanks to spacehinze for the amazing new terrain.
    also the new chaos stuff is being worked on by Knightyc so a big thanks to him too, but that will be in another update.
    the link to the new ext is below:
    just download and unzip then replace the existing terrain ext with the one downloaded and bob’s your uncle.
    hope to be back with another update soon.

  7. remember to post on forum i did email you the password for admin :p

  8. ermm ok how to i get this working.. lol

  9. is anyone else having trouble???
    should be just a matter of replacing the old with the new and it should work, fortresses are at the bottom of the terrain section, click on objects and it’s there at the bottom.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Same problem. Maybe walk through it exactly?

  11. ok here is the way to install.
    1: download the rar file from the link above.
    2: extract the terrain ext from the rar file.
    3: take the terrain ext you just unzipped and place that in the ext folder in the vassal folder on you hard drive or where ever you have placed the ext folder. this is the folder that has all the ext in it including Space marines, Eldar, Necrons ect ect.
    you should be asked there is a file with that name already do you want to replace? click yes.
    4: open up vassal and load in the 40k mod.
    5: open the models button and look for the terrain dropdown menu, in there click the objects dropdown menu and scroll to the bottom where you will find fortifications. click this and anther dropdown menu will display with the new terrain.
    other terrain in there relevant sections. i.e trees in trees πŸ™‚
    hope this helps.
    any more probs just shout.

  12. Do both players have to be running the same version? For example, if I use the new fortresses can a player with the old version see them?

  13. I found out, it won’t work unless both players have the same version. Can you please release this into the main download? The new fortifications would be really helpful.

  14. @ Matt,
    the reason this was just the terrain ext is that we still need to get the dice roller sorted and at least people could use the new terrain and make do with the current dice.
    I have emailed vassal40k about getting permission to take over this website as I can only reply to posts and not add new content.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Predicted release date – February 25 2013

  16. Release for what?

  17. Think it means the 6th ed version…

  18. Jeremy Gapper Says:

    Just out of curiosity what was this game programmed in? I made a game in games maker 8.1 and made some very similar buildings, units and terrain. Wondered if you needed any graphics assistance πŸ™‚

  19. it uses the vassal engine. we could always do with help with the sprites check forum for stuff needed and being worked on πŸ™‚

  20. Jason are you around we need you on forums πŸ™‚ is val around anymore been a long time hope your both ok.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    any word on telsa being incorporated into it?

  22. knightyc Says:

    Do you mean tesla? As in necron weapon check out the forum and see the guy doing the new dice rolls

  23. Shantzilla Says:

    Eagerly awaiting Feb 25th! πŸ™‚

  24. I’ve Posted a news letter on the forum under News (vassal40k news letter).
    will hope to keep things updated with a news letter twice a month to let you know what is being worked on.

  25. Thanks for your job guys!
    Here, in Spain we can play with Vassal because of you, and you have all my gratitude for that. We are a group of 20 maybe 25 in a month, and we are setting a Vassal40k Tournament, its very amateur, but we are happy with that.
    One more time, thanks.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Can any one please re-upload the old Epic Armegeddon Module? Or Give me another link to download it?

  27. So is this site dead or what? Should I start following Vassal someplace different?

  28. Development is ongoing in the forums, but the maintainer of this site is MIA.

  29. new versions are uploaded check out the forum for info on how to get it.

  30. Firstly I’d like to put out a big shout out to you, Magnus, Knighty and Space Heinz and any others, for all the work you have done on getting vassal sorted for 6th.

    Secondly, perhaps you could make it a bit clearer on the forums where to go to find and download the new version. I lurk on the forum regularly but it’s not clear even to me where people should go to get the new full version. I.E. is it the version linked to from Magnus’ button thread or is that just part of it.

  31. My thread (on buttons) is specifically about my work on the mod – not the actual download.
    The latest download is available in “Latest version” forum.

    Appreciate the shout! πŸ™‚

  32. New stuff looks great. Thanks for keeping up with this!

  33. why would you do that with the buttons it looks awful

  34. I got board of the text one’s, so I decided to change them. But it seems that people dont like them and that’s fair enough, which is why there is a basic version of the mod you can download.
    Check the forum.
    Is it because they are poorly done or is it just you dont want icons at all?
    P.s. no one likes to be told there work is awful no matter if it’s true or not. 😦

  35. I don’t mind the images but it’d be better if there were text layered on the bottom of them or something as we don’t immediately make the connection, but images with text will enhance the memory of what is what. My two cents. I was confused by the layout at first but was able to memorize the buttons as I’m a fairly decent visual learner, but I wouldn’t expect everybody to do the same. The interface and additional functions are stellar though so *thumbs up*

  36. I mean, obviously you can hover the mouse over each button to read the text of their functions, but…we’re lazy lol

    Seriously, I love the work. Just making suggestions to be considered.

  37. the old ones were fine theres no reason for them. plus the ones on the map screen are mostly just the old ones but oversized and ugly.

  38. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. There’s a reason the old buttons were never changed – it’s a minimalist approach that allows easy stylistic cohesion of the whole module. Nothing is improved by adding tiny pictures to the buttons you can’t even see. Look at the little dice next to the rollers in the old version – if you’re going to do something like that, it has to be SMALL and SIMPLE.

    Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but even in the “basic” version, all of the buttons on the map screen, as well as the buttons for Surrender, Map, and the turn counter, still have the pictures.

  39. I’ve changed all the buttons now back to their defaults in the basic version. I was only trying to freshen up the look of the mod, but it seems that people aren’t bothered about how the mod looks. I’ll know not to bother about esthetics in future updates. looks like I’ll just scrap the skins too. No worries. πŸ™‚
    there is only one version available now.
    check out the forum and website for the new link.

  40. Canjul Says:

    Hey guys. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but where’s the version 6 download link? I can’t find it anywhere on the forum.
    Definitely excited to have the new Vassal40k arrive though. πŸ™‚

  41. Canjul Says:

    Thanks knightyc. And to the devs for all your hard work.

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