Version 6 and Forum

Again, my extreme workload and the fact that I didnt had Internet at home after my return for some months had me forget about updating the site.

Even better that the team consisted great people that just took over.

Here you can find the Next Version 6

and a brand new Vassal40k forum:

Perhaps we can remerge the sites again.

4 Responses to “Version 6 and Forum”

  1. Really nice work, hope tau soon. 🙂

  2. dnanoodle Says:

    Is Vassal 6 updated for the new Eldar codex?

    Also thanks for all your hard work! =)

  3. You can try moreforum forum, pretty easy to use and its free.

  4. Hate to break this too you, but when I tried downloading 6.0 via Mediafire, my virus protection went into a screaming tizzy. I think y’all might have a virus mixed in with your Vassal.

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