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Battlefinder down

Posted in Tools on March 17, 2012 by vassal40k

V40K Battle Finder has been Taken Down Due to insufficent members using the tool.

There was over 200 members signed up but only a hand full of people were registering for battles and noone actually confirming a battle.

Maybe this is due to lack of instructions on how to use the site, i dont know, becuase there is a help link on how to use the site under Help. So unless there is a demand for this to be put back up, which you can request in the comments or post what you thought was wrong with the site, battlefinder will be no more.

Thank you for your support.

Battlefinder V1.0 online

Posted in News, Tools on November 18, 2011 by vassal40k

The battlefinder is – thanks to Jason – online. It the first version and  we hope to find the time to introduce more features soon.



Hope that helps find Vassal games.

Vassal 40K Battle Finder.

Posted in News, Tools on October 3, 2011 by vassal40k

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on a battle finder and is now in the BETA testing stage, I’ve got some work to do on making it look good but should be ok for the start of November. This will only run for 1 month trial to see how many people use it and how much it costs to run as i have limited funds and cant afford to keep it running if it gets too much. Every free web hosting site I’ve tried doesn’t like the E-mail process and the emails are never received due to spam blocking on the mail servers e.g GMAIL HOTMAIL ect.

If anyone knows of a hosting site that uses PHP MySQL and can send email without it being blocked that would be great. in the mean time lets see in November how things go. any comments will be very welcome.