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Version 6 and Forum

Posted in Events, Vassal40k with tags on March 10, 2013 by vassal40k

Again, my extreme workload and the fact that I didnt had Internet at home after my return for some months had me forget about updating the site.

Even better that the team consisted great people that just took over.

Here you can find the Next Version 6

and a brand new Vassal40k forum:

Perhaps we can remerge the sites again.

Another delay

Posted in News, Vassal40k on March 8, 2011 by vassal40k

Most unfortunally we have another delay, a major data loss corrupted our progreyss. Perhaps the data can be restored, but its more likely, that we have to start all over again.

Hopefully you will see version E including new Dark Eldar, Titans and some fixed bugs this month.


In the meantime enjoy a Skin / Persona for Firefox:

Coming Soon: V40k v5.4-C

Posted in News, Vassal40k on October 14, 2010 by vassal40k

TL;DR Chaos SM Soon. Dark Eldar Soon™. We have missing sprites, need someone to make. We need a Java Programmer, even if they don’t play 40k!

What is V40k v5.4-C?
Read here for a general gist of what this is, read here:

What is going on with v5.4-C?
For release in v5.4-C are the Death Guard, Emperors Children and Iron Warriors. The problem with these armies is, however, they do not have a complete sprite set like the Black Legion of World Eaters did (can you see why they were the first to be updated? :D) which means even a “complete” module will be missing some items, as we have no sprite artists available. So, if you are able to sprite well, please contact us and let us know!

Want a cup of coffee?
One of the most major complains about the V40k module (and rightly so) is how clunky the Dice Rolling Custom java is, and how screwy the dice can be. The major obstical is not extracting and decompling the java code (we have done this already), it’s finding someone who knows how to code in java! If you happen to know anyone, whether they play 40k or not, please send them our way!

Vassal40k v5.4-A released!

Posted in Vassal40k on September 8, 2010 by vassal40k

After lots of sweat, blood and tears (mostly tears), v5.4-A has been finalised!

Note: You may or may not get a “Please Upgrade to the latest version” error when synchronising with other players. Ignore that. That is Vassal being annoying as usual and will be fixed eventually.

Where do I get it?


Does this module connect to the same room as v5.4?
Yes, indeed it does. Remember to tell any friends who might be using the old module (v5.2) to swap over to this one! 🙂 Tell your friends using 5.4 to swap over too, this one has an OMFGBBQ number of fixes and improvements!

Do I have to download it?
Nope, you don’t have to. You can simply download the updated extensions here:
Sendspace Mirror
Mediafire Mirror

You do NOT need to download this if you downloaded the module linked above.

However, upgrading this way this means you will not get the changes to the main module listed in the change-log below (after the cut), so will still have the missing buttons bug.

So, what’s the plan for the future?
Well, at the moment, we simply plan to bring everything up to date with the current standards, similar to how the Eldar, Space Wolves and Blood Angels are done. However, we want to work on the bits that YOU want first, so leave a comment below telling us what it is you would like to be worked on first.

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