Vassal 40k Banner

Posted in Fancy on February 25, 2012 by vassal40k

Thanks for sending us a Vassal40k Banner.

If anyone else would like to use it:

slightly smaller:

even smaller:

Not dead.

Posted in News on February 22, 2012 by vassal40k

Just to let you know: We are not dead. However I have no time for the module until Mid-March just because work is loading me with more work than I can handle and have only few hours a day for my family.

We still need more Necrons Sprites, especially the vehicles and characters. Many, many thanks to Carnage and Jason for their sprites so far.

For your patience some other new sprites for the next version:

Mek Boss Buzzgob and Korvydae from IA 8 and another two of the long missing Guard characters:

Small Version F Preview: Kubrik Chenkonv and a Rapier.

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Here is a small teaser for some new sprites made for Version F.

We already have nearly all Imperial Guard Special Characters including the one from Imperial Armour.

Here is Kubrik Chenkonv

And with the new Rapier we quickly sprited one too:


More to come.

Battlereport: Templars vs. Thousand Sons

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Dark Scipio sent us a link to his Vassal40k battlereport on Bolter & Chainsword :

Perhaps you enjoy it.



Battlefinder V1.0 online

Posted in News, Tools on November 18, 2011 by vassal40k

The battlefinder is – thanks to Jason – online. It the first version and  we hope to find the time to introduce more features soon.



Hope that helps find Vassal games.

Need Spriters: New Necrons

Posted in Requests on October 15, 2011 by vassal40k

Anybody got a bit of talent and time to waste on the new Necrons as we already got pictures of some?

If we start early with the sprites, we can put out the new version for fresh Codex and Armylist testing quick after the codex comes out.


Vassal 40K Battle Finder.

Posted in News, Tools on October 3, 2011 by vassal40k

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on a battle finder and is now in the BETA testing stage, I’ve got some work to do on making it look good but should be ok for the start of November. This will only run for 1 month trial to see how many people use it and how much it costs to run as i have limited funds and cant afford to keep it running if it gets too much. Every free web hosting site I’ve tried doesn’t like the E-mail process and the emails are never received due to spam blocking on the mail servers e.g GMAIL HOTMAIL ect.

If anyone knows of a hosting site that uses PHP MySQL and can send email without it being blocked that would be great. in the mean time lets see in November how things go. any comments will be very welcome.