Hall of Fame

A lot of people helped to create Vassal40k.

Much work and free time was invested by a lot of people just for the love of Warhammer 40k.

We are still working on this page, so dont be mad if you contributet something and are not *yet* mentioned.

Here are the former Teamleaders

  • xhrit – Ancestor of Vassal40k, created a raw 2nd Edition module
  • RimCiv – began the step into the 3rd Edition
  • Caluin – Took over from RimCiv helped to find team members, while expanding the module.
  • Dark Scipio – Created the first real playable module with totally overhauled graphics. Lead the team through several new versions, steady expanding the module to near complete status.
  • Dezartfox – Done another complete graphical overhaul with the awesome graphic done by him. Most if not all graphics are from him or just his graphics modified by others. Stopped after beeing forced by Games Workshop
  • The current team – Still working on it.

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