How to save armies in Vassal40k

Thank you to the Vassal user who sent this in!

The following is an easy to follow guide on how to save and load pre-set model lists in Vassal. While the example given uses Vassal 40k, it can be applied to any game played with the Vassal engine. The following method can be used even when online and even allows both players to quick load their armies.

Step 1) Begin a new game offline.

Step 2) Select a Setup. It doesn’t matter which one it is.

Step 3) Join the game as Player 1 (or as an Observer, it doesn’t matter).

Step 4) The Game is now loaded!

Step 5) Open up the “Models” tab and the “Player 1” tab.

Step 6) Drag your models into Player 1’s tray.

Step 7) Click “File > Begin Logfile”.

Step 8) Save your logfile. You can call it anything you want. However, I recommend the format of “Army Race – Army Name – Points Value – Player #”, especially the player number as you will be later saving a logfile that loads the army into the Player 2 tray, as you will not always be Player 1.

Step 9) Just Click OK.

Step 10) With the logfile now logging, select all of your models, right click any model and select “Clone”. You can, of course, press “Control + C” instead.

Step 11)Your army is now Cloned!

Step 12) Click “File > End Logfile”.

Step 13) Close the game, and begin a new game offline, this time, however, join the game as Player 2 (or as an Observer, it doesn’t matter). Now you will create a Second Logfile which will instead load your army into the Player 2 tray.

Step 14) Click “File > Load Continuation” and select your saved Logfile.

Step 15) Click the “Step Forward through logfile” (the second button) or press “Page Down”.

Step 16) The Logfile has now loaded your army! Click No (or better yet “Don’t Prompt Again”, as it is really annoying) to continue.

Step 17) Open up the Player 2 Tray and move all your models into it.

Step 18) Repeat steps 7 – 12 above. You have now saved a Logfile which will load your armylist into the Player 2 tray.

Step 19) To load your army when playing a game online, simply click “File > Load Continuation”, select the correct file (Player 1 or Player 2) then click the “Step Forward through logfile” button and Voilà! Instant models! Just remember to take it in turns to load your logfiles to prevent wackyness or crashes.

9 Responses to “How to save armies in Vassal40k”

  1. Waterminotaure Says:

    Good tutorial, thanks, I was wondering how to do it !

    But what are those Mission and Deployment buttons on the screenshots ? I don’t have them in the 5.4-A interface, have I got a buggy version ?

  2. @Waterminotaure: This guide was written with the v5.2 module. In 5.4 the Mission and Deployment buttons were moved to the Dice menu. 🙂

  3. This tutorial is very helpful. I’ve been using it myself since I heard about it on another site.

    Note that it can also be used to save maps. Just perform the exact same steps on the map elements and you can build full terrain with the push of a button. Although, not every set of terrain will look normal with every “floor” texture.

  4. All, good, seems I was doing everything right except the ‘step forward through logfile’ I still cant see a button for that but page down works so iz all gravy :o)

    Thanks for the tut


  5. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for all the great work with this. Anyone know if there is a fantasy module out there?

  6. I am just getting the hang of this. I have figured out have to save models, but how do you save Army Lists to take into online play?

  7. You just need to save the army list as a text file, then put them into the “Delayed” notes tab.

  8. mcandre Says:

    That’s incredibly useful information! Could the developers add a game mode for tweaking armies?

  9. mcandre Says:

    Also, developers should ensure file streams are really closed when the file menu options are used. I tried moving vlog files, they wouldn’t move until I fully closed the whole Vassal40K module.

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